The Other Side Essays

  • Personal Narrative-Taught In High School

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    This numbness is calm. My feet carry me, and he behind me, down a steep incline after four years of the slow and painful hike up the other side. The destination lies behind a glass door. Eyes turn, the door opens, we enter. Seperately. We are not companions in this January heat. Authority waits for my footsteps, with cautious eyes and lips forming around punishing words: the number that

  • Personal Narrative: Growing Up Without A Home

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    At the beginning, I was a little kid, and my parents got divorced. when I was a baby, I had to go to live in Ukraine with my grandpa and grandma. I just wanted to get that out of the way.I don't know much about that, but I know enough. This event has changed my life forever because I was growing up without a father and I feel like if my parents didn't get divorced than my life would be at a different point. I feel like that If my father was with me and my mom than we would be doing better than before

  • Personal Narrative: The Color Line

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    Human history offers people from all walks of life the privilege of understanding the conception of bridging the racial gap. No one could have ever imagined that The Color Line could be infiltrated by way of an All-American Sport. If I had a chance to speak to anyone, dead or alive, it would be an honor to sit and speak with Jackie Robinson. Robinson was 28 years old when he broke down color barriers in baseball. Although he was barely older than the age of the typical college graduate during

  • Personal Narrative: The Most Important Moments In My Life

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    In school people have many moments that are very unique to them. Some moments are life changing while also being developmental, but others stay with us and improves our skills in certain areas rather it be in English, Math or Science. We all learn new things but even when we learn new things we still must remember the things that we learned and sometimes its helpful when you have a helping hand or a lasting effect on you. It was the beginning of August, school was just starting to roll around. What

  • Sartoris Snopes In Barn Burning

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    yourself.” Behr’s quote relates to Williams Faulkner’s story, Barn Burning because Sartoris, who starts as a skinny and hungry boy, ends as a courageous, independent, and hungry boy. Sartoris Snopes is a son of Abner and Lennie, who also has three other children. Sartoris is two out of the four siblings that Abner takes on his felonies and court rearrangements. At the beginning of the story, Abner is on trial for being accused of burning Mr. Harris’s barn; Sartoris is called to the stand. Abner and

  • Social Issues In Shakespeare's The Tempest

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    Many social problems existed back then. A social issue refers to an issue that influences and is opposed by a considerable number of individuals within a society. It is often created by others and is something out of an individual's. Shakespeare use his play The Tempest to comment on social issues that were present in his time. Shakespeare does so by implementing these problems into the play. The Tempest is a play where a man named, Prospero, was a former duke of a land. He was exiled to an island

  • Prospero's Influence In The Tempest

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    In William Shakespeare’s The Tempest, his own brother deceived the character Prospero and had his dukedom stolen from him. Prospero was the Duke of Milan but got distracted from his priorities; he showed more interests towards books and education, giving his brother Antonio the benefit to work behind his back. Antonio was able to get help from the King of Naples, in exchange for money and respect to get rid of Prospero. Prospero was kicked out of Milan one night with his daughter and landed in an

  • The Other Side Character Analysis

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    It might seem like “Wonder” and “The Other Side” our very different kinds of stories. One takes place in the past and the other takes place in the present. But if you look closer, you will see that both stories actually share a common theme. In both stories the authors teach us that just because you our different you can still be friends with whoever you want. In “Wonder,” the author shows us that know matter what you look like you can still be friends with whoever you want. In the being of the

  • The Other Side Of The River Analysis

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    The Other Side of The River tells a story of two towns: One by the name of St. Joseph and one by the name of Benton Harbor, which are 95 percent white and 92 percent black respectively. Although these two towns are geographically close, they are socially separated by class, race, and virtue. After the death of Eric McGinnis, a black teenage boy from the town of Benton Harbor, tensions grew between the two towns. The story of McGinnis’ death had several versions to it and the one you believed in was

  • The Other Side Of The Sky Analysis

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    The Other Side of the Sky It’s crazy how different cultures are when we all live on the same planet. It’s also crazy how similar cultures are when we live so far away from others. That is what makes our world and our people so diverse. In The Other Side of the Sky by Farah Ahmedi and Tamim Ansary there were many events that showed great amounts of cultural differences, and similarities. California and Afghanistan are very different yet very similar. California is different in the fact

  • Meaning In The Other Side Of The River

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    (how something is described; no judgement) or normative (how something is implied as being negative or positive; opinion based). In the Other Side of the River, different meanings were constructed between the groups involved because meaning can vary based on the experiences and circumstances one has. The experiences one has can play a vital role in how they view other situations because that previous experience can appear to be similar to the present situation. For instance, by the St. Joseph police

  • Symbolism In 'The Other Side Of The Sky'

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    Farah needed to escape from Afghanistan for a better life in “The Other Side of the Sky” . John wanted to train his unbridled dog in “Marley and Me “. And Angus,from “Wandering Angus”, wanted to find the "love of his life", the glimmering girl.However, these three were all determined to pursue their goal in order to improve their lives. Farah Ahmedi was in the middle of afghanistan, stranded in the desert. She was willing to do almost anything to improve her life. In the story it states,“There

  • The Other Side The Sky Analysis

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    Refugees are people flee their home countries to another country for better life due to the war in their home counties. The story of The Other Side the Sky by Farah Ahmedi is about an Afghanistan girl who had a physical disability tries to flee to the United States with her only family for better life. More than 75 years ago, a group of refugees were trying to flee Europe before World War II. They were Jews. Anne Frank, the author of The Diary of a Young Girl. Is about a Jewish had hidden in her

  • The Theme Of Segregation In Teammates And The Other Side

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    Have you ever heard of segregation? In the books Teammates and The Other Side were about segregation. While reading these books, I noticed that these books had similarities and differences on how these books approached the theme “color doesn 't matter”. I hope you agree with my theme. While reading, I noticed that there were similarities in how these books approach their theme. The main characters in the books were accepted by a white. Jackie Robinson was accepted by Pee Wee Reese, and Clover was

  • The Other Side Of The Sky Character Analysis

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    Walt Masters and Farah Ahmedi they show their compassion by helping others and fleeing off to find safety, and other people are thankful for those acts. Masters demonstrates bravery when he made it to Dawson with Loren Hall to save Loren Hall's claim. Farah Ahmedi shows compassion because she had the courage to find a person to help her on her journey. She lasted the long walk and the terrible circumstances like her prosthetic leg, to escape Afghanistan. These two characters share compassion, bravery

  • The Other Side Clover Character Traits

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    People always look up to good people. Being a good person is about being brave, friendly, and positive. The character Clover from, “The Other Side” by Jacqueline Woodson,shows all of these characteristics. Clover is a girl trying to find her way in a world where skin color determines everything. Clover is a good person because she is brave, she is friendly, and above all she is positive. The first reason why Clover is a good person is because she is brave. She is brave in a bunch of different ways

  • Plot Analysis Of 'The Other Side Of Midnight'

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    Chapter 2- Plot Analysis of "The Other Side of Midnight Noelle is a pretty girl born to a poor family. Because of her beauty, her father continuously calls her a princess. One day, her father arranges her to become the mistress of Auguste Lanchon, a rich boutique owner. Noelle is forced to sleep with Lanchon. During the intercourse, she realizes that she can control men. She influence Lanchon to give her a sum of money, and then escapes to Paris. There, she fell in love with American RAF pilot Lawrence

  • How To Judge Clover In The Other Side Essay

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    All around the world, people can be wonderful, and friendly. But when you judge other people, people aren’t going to be friendly. In “The Other Side,” by Jacqueline Woodson, a kind girl named Clover lives in a time where people from the other side of the fence judge the other side. Accept one girl named Annie who then becomes friends with Clover. Clover learns that many people judge because of their skin color. Clover also learns, that when you judge people you won’t be able to find the kindness

  • Comparing War And Dawesy's The Other Side Of War

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    The Other Side of War In The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society authors, Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows paint a story of perseverance despite the tragedy from World War II. Set in Guernsey, a small island in the English Channel, the authors weave in historical facts without slowing the pace of the novel. Through character development, interaction, humor, and numerous themes, the authors transform The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society from a slow-paced historical fiction

  • Character Analysis Of Farah Ahmedi In The Other Side Of The Sky

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    Farah Ahmedi lived in Afghanistan while a war was going on. She nor her mother or anyone else in Afghanistan were safe. In the story The Other Side of the Sky Ahmedi describes how she got across the border of Afghanistan to Pakistan. During Ahmedi’s Journey, she learns lots of positive things that taught her many important things today. For instance, one of the things she learned was that people were kind and forgiving when you really need it. “You never know when and where you will find a spot