The Strike Essays

  • Arizona Copper Miner Strike Case Study

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    Introduction The Arizona Copper Miner strike of 1983 began on July 1 when negotiations failed between labor unions and the Phelps Dodge Corporation. Shortly after the strike began, Phelps Dodge was granted an injunction restricting Strikers presence on and up to the line. The result of this was the presence of women on the line. These women became the face of the great strike. For purposes of this essay, I will examine the conflict at the root of the strike. I will share the perspective of the women

  • Newsboys Strike

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    In 1899, a large number of New York newsboys’ took a stand against two powerful newspaper publishers and their unfair costs for newspapers. This youth-led campaign has become known as The Newsboys’ Strike of 1899. Due to this stand in history, future strikes were inspired and attention was drawn to the harsh practice of child labor. “Extra! Extra! Read all about it!” It is 1899; the voices of newsboys fill the New York City streets. Since newspapers were the only type of media, the demand for them

  • Pullman Strike Dbq Outline

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    On May 11, 1894 a widespread strike lead by railroad workers brought business to a complete cessation; only willing to discontinue until the federal government took unprecedented action to end the strike. The Pullman Strike began “as a peaceful labor protest against a single Chicago employer (54)”, and later ended up “into a national labor boycott of more than twenty railroads and then into a violent confrontation between the federal government, the railroad companies, and American workers (55.)”

  • Railroad Strike Dbq

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    Railroad Strike of 1877 1877 In the late nineteenth century, the railroad industry was booming. But it’s growth was followed by labor arguments, including the Great Railroad Strike of 1877. This strike was the first major rail strike, and it was disputed with enough violence to bring in various state militias. The Strike began when northern railroads cut salaries and wages because they still felt the impact of the Panic of 1873. The cuts were met with strikes and violence, but the railroads fought

  • Seattle General Strike Essay

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    -Seattle General Strike The Seattle General Strike, which occurred in February of 1919, was considerably one of the largest American union strikes of all time that ultimately shut down the city. The strike started by shipyard workers was a “protest against continuing wartime controls on production and wages imposed by local yard owners…”(Lecture B, Week 2). Even though this strike was started by the shipyard workers many other unions chimed in with “At least 25,000 union members…”(Lecture B, Week

  • 'Coal Strikes In The Film Matewan'

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    Matewan is the story of mine strikes in the West Virginia town of Matewan during the 1920’s. Matewan lies in the heart of Appalachia, and lies atop ground that is rich with coal. The town is primarily company owned, which includes the houses and stores. Unions are the centerpiece in the movie. The Industrial Revolution, starting in the 1880s, had brought out the emergence of a middle and working class in America, which hadn’t really existed before. As this was a new group, they had no true representation

  • Work Force Strike Of Verizon

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    another huge work force strike. Recently, 36,000 Verizon workers have walked out after failing to reach a labor agreement that involves employees in the United States. The largest recorded strike in the United States also came from Verizon workers. That was back in 2011 where it involved 45,000 employees, according to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics. Because of the strike, the company’s FiOS broadband service and landline businesses are affected. The strike came about after the workers

  • Essay On Strikes In The 19th Century

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    century riots and strikes played an essential role in increasing the amount of positive labor standards for workers, decreasing the profit of industry owners and the national economy, and the rise of consumerism and the middle class. The strikes were very violent; this scared the middle class, which led to their demand for labor laws. Along with this many of the strikes resulted in workers getting a raise in pay, which ultimately led to the growth of the middle class. Although the strikes had a positive

  • Pullman Strike Research Paper

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    *Pullman Strike *The Pullman Strike was widespread by the United States railroad workers, approximately a quarter-million worker were on strike at the peak and it impacted the expedition the railroad system across the states. The strike between the American Railway Union and George Pullman changed the course of future strikes when President Grover Cleveland ordered federal troops to break up the strikers; its influenced how the federal government and the court system would handle labor issues. The

  • General Textile Strike Thesis

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    the nationwide effort in the General Textile Strike overall was not a success, it did set a precedent for laws to be passed to forever change the workforce that are still enforced in today’s society. In 1929, when the United States entered the war, there was a significant decrease of

  • Three-Strikes Law

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    Three-Strikes Law It is my intention to establish a relationship between the three strikes law and retention rates of prisoners incarcerated for low level offenses. Before I begin to discuss the three-strikes law, it is imperative that I give some background information on sentencing guidelines. During the 1970 's the incarceration sentences imposed were indeterminate, meaning the judge had the discretion to sentence an offender on a case by case basis and sentencing a person to state prison or

  • Jane Addams And Pullman Strike Essay

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    of the Pullman Strike had large implications on the fields of social work, philosophy, education, and on one man in particular, John Dewey. After founding the Hull House in 1889, she realized that the top down approach to uplift the community of Chicago was not effective. She soon learned that the Hull House would best serve through advocacy. Addams’ belief that “antagonism was always unnecessary” changed Dewey’s perspective forever. It was soon clear that, for her, the Pullman strike had the potential

  • The 1970 Postal Strike In The 1970's

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    The 1970 Postal Strike In 1970 the postal strike was an action that crippled America’s mail delivery system. When the postal workers initiated the strike it hindered communication on a number of levels and impacted more than the angered post-office employees. The postal stoppage made history and placed a monumental strain on daily operations for society. During this time the mail delivery function was a key component of communication for the entire nation. At this time there were limited resources

  • Summary: The Rise Of Labor Unions And Strikes

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    Rise of Labor Unions and Strikes Labor Unions were never made up of more than two percent of total labor force, or more than ten percent of industrial workers. The workers viewed Unions in a radical and foreign way because they were new in America. Once the employees started to revive harsh treatment from the Unions, they began opposing them. The early unions often represented skilled workers in local areas but as time went on that changed. In 1866, William H. Sylvis, a Pennsylvania

  • The Goulburn Strike

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    This report aims to investigate an important event in Australian church history - The Goulburn Strike. This report will state the needs and challenges of the people during the time of the Goulburn Strike, explaining the positive and negative aspects of the event chosen and lastly a judgement will be made on the event’s impact on the Catholic Church in Australia. Paragraph 1 Prior to the initial strike it all started over a toilet block. Throughout the 1960s especially there was an evident distinction

  • Employment Contract Vs Minor Breach

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    What is an employment contract? An employment contract is a written legal document that lays out binding terms and conditions of an employment relationship between an employee and an employer. Differences exist in private and public sector employment contracts because the goals of an employment contract are different in each sector. Why have an employment contract? For the employer, an employment contract gives him/her security that the employee knows what is expected of him/her as well as of

  • America In The 19th Century Essay

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    America was a rural and agricultural country that transitioned into a country filled with industry and large cities. Michael Roark who wrote The American Promise says "The last three decades of the nineteenth century witnessed an urban explosion."(485). America would not have become the industrial giant it was at the end of the 19th century if it had not been for the huge influx of immigrant workers willing to take low wages for hard work, despite this the middle class still viewed these people as

  • Pullman Strike Thesis

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    source of transportation at that time, came to a halt after a strike called the Pullman Strike. A severe depression had hit the United States in 1893. This hit a railroad manufacturing company called the Pullman company hard. The Pullman Strike occurred a year later, as an effect of the depression. It had a huge impact on working hours, wages, people losing jobs, as well as transportation for people and goods. The Pullman Strike also was an influential turning point for labor movement and laws

  • Three Strike Laws

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    All across America, two and three strikes laws have been part of the Justice Department’s Strategy for Anti-Violence. These kinds of policies make a few requirements. One of the requirements is that if an individual has been found guilty of committing a felony that was violent, and also has two convictions on their record, they will serve a life sentence automatically. The two strike and three strike laws main focal point is to highly increase the punishments of the individuals that are convicted

  • The Three Strikes Law

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    prison 3 times will get a harsher punishment going from whatever they 're consequence is to life in prison. I am against this law, for reasons I will talk about later. The origin of the three strikes law came from article 2 section 28 of the Montana constitution in 1998, which states the three strikes law. At first Montana just picked up the law to see if that would help the crime rate in local neighborhoods. The crime rate went down by