The Substitute Essays

  • Personal Narrative Essay: The Value Of A Fitness School

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    It was a Thursday morning, in 9th grade. I was going to my health class and noticed a lot of my classmates were staying around outside. Usually this means we have a substitute. I asked my friend Gabe if we had a substitute, he replied “Yes.” After chatting with of my friends DeAndre,Vernon,Gabe, and Jessie, who were also standing outside. We decided to skip health class and go to gym with the other classes to play basketball. I have seen my friends skip health class before and get away with it;

  • Multiple Literary Devices In Short Story: Jesus Shaves By David Sedaris

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    David Sedaris’s short story entitled “Jesus Shaves” is a very interesting tale of a man and his fellow classmates in a French class trying to learn about important holidays. Sedaris uses multiple literary devices in his short story that drives the point towards learning about what Easter really stands for. In the early part of the story the teacher of the French class states, “And what does one do Easter? Would anyone like to tell us?” (435). This quickly deboogles the minds of the students in the

  • The Importance Of Vaping In Schools

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    Currently in my school vaping is a problem that is taking over the minds of students and making them into brainless zombies that can only think about when they're next smoke can be. Despite what most of the school thinks I think that vaping should become illegal so everyone feels safe and can live a fulfilling and safe life which people can not achieve when the people around them is peer pressured into it. If vapes are illegal, teens will have a smaller chance of getting a disease. It is proven that

  • Substitute Decision-Making Case Study

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    It is always possible to apply to a court for an order by the hospital to show cause as to why a specific treatment should not be instituted and Substitute decision-making document is not submitted (Johnson, 2011). How to prevent this painful scenario

  • Charles Baxter Cathedral Analysis

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    home her blind friend to stay the night, but the narrator doesn’t like the idea. The narrator changes near the end, once he is finishes drawing a cathedral and feels it with his eyes closed. In “Gryphon” by Charles Baxter, the narrator gets an odd substitute teacher with wonderful stories. She eventually leaves because of a student telling the principal what is happening, and the narrator is sad by this because he is forced to return to the uneventful lifestyle he had before. The narrators in “Cathedral”

  • Bill Gates Rhetorical Analysis Essay

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    Rhetorical Analysis of Leader Language In my point of view, I found Bill Gates as the most promising leader throughout the globe. Bill Gates was the youngest, wealthiest CEO of all time, but this success was not only achieved by luck. His inspiring charming personality and effective communication skills made him the real “BILL GATES”. One of his talks on the teacher’s feedback is much of an importance. The name of the presentation is “Bill Gates: Teachers need real feedback” and the target audience

  • The Pros And Cons Of Chewing Gum In School

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    Chewing gum has always been against school rule ,but it is time for that to change. Schools should give students the right to chew gum and this project will provide concepts as to why. It is actually proven to help children academically. The infinite amount of individuals who are oblivious to the advantages of gum is nonsense. Chewing gum has been a controversial issue ever since it was invented in 1848, because people do not know the benefits of it. There are far more pros than cons to chewing gum

  • Personal Narrative: Stoller Middle School

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    After I had used the restroom, I stepped out of the bathroom and made sure to look behind my back, to make sure the substitute teacher wasn’t following me. I went down the hallway, which felt longer than usual. I had a weird voice in the back of my head saying “ I don’t think this is an exquisite idea.” Like I usually do I ignored it because I like to live in the moment

  • Swot Analysis Of Smoothie

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    PORTER’S ANALYSIS New Entrants: In general, there are few barriers to entry in the smoothie industry, which would make this force very strong. • Economies of Scale: There are no considerable decreases in average costs as output increases. Smoothies are generally high margin products, which means that new companies could be profitable without having to sell too many products. • Capital Requirements: In the smoothie industry, there are few fixed assets that would need to be purchased in order to operate

  • Ice Fili Case Summary

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    The strategy recommended would match both external and internal fit that help Ice-Fili to increase its current market share (5%), maximise its long term profits and to achieve a sustainable competitive advantage. To dominate the Russian ice cream market and maintain its market leader position, it has to brand itself as the top historical Russian ice cream producer and strengthen its core product in the impulse segment. Due to little product differentiation, there is low brand loyalty for consumers

  • Informative Speech On Soda Essay

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    All of you know soda isn't exactly the best for your health—but at the same time, it can be difficult to resist. It often seems like just what you need to finish lunch, get through 7th and 8th period, or quench your thirst at home. But the more soda you consume, regular or diet, the more dangerous your seemingly innocent habit can become. Whether you're a two-can-a-day drinker or an occasional soft-drink sipper, cutting back can have enormous benefits for your overall health, happiness, and future

  • Business Case Study: Calyx And Corolla

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    Name - Mayank Saxena Case write up: Calyx & Corolla Executive Summary: Calyx & Corolla novel approach of selling fresh flowers by mail to consumer has worked wonders not only for them but also for growers and consumers. Ruth Owades provident approach for its business by keeping only three main pillars i.e. growers, Federal Express and Consumers has provided a new vision to the flower industry which benefits everyone and have made Calyx & Corolla one of the most competitive players in the

  • Pet Safe Ant Killer Research Paper

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    Why using natural pet safe ant killer can be advantageous? Description: to get rid of the pesky ants you can use both chemical ant killers and natural pet safe ant killer products. But the advantages that you can get from using the latter one cannot be gained from the former one. Whenever you think about getting rid of the ants from your home two things may come in your mind. There are mainly two ways by which you can tackle the problem effectively if the first one is using the chemicals then the

  • Reflective Essay On Teaching Experience

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    I love that this class gives me the opportunity to write about what I’m most passionate about: differentiating socially, emotionally, and behaviorally. I try to be a very innovative and understanding teacher, although I know I often fall short. To properly address this topic, I think I will just share a story. It’s a long story full of ups and downs, but it is an important story. It is my story. It’s the story of my first three years of teaching. It feels like I’ve spent much of the master’s program

  • Life As We Knew It Analysis

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    Expository Essay “Life As We Knew It” The book Life As We Knew It by Susan Beth Pfeffer is a realistic fiction novel, written as a diary, belonging to Miranda Evans. Protagonist Miranda is a normal 16 year old who lives in Pennsylvania with her two brothers and her mom. Until one day, scientist predicted an asteroid will hit the moon, and when it did, Miranda’s life shattered. Tsunamis, floods, volcanoes, and a huge snowstorm occured, and instantly many people died. As things get worse, Miranda

  • Professional Commitment In Effective Teaching

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    PROFESSIONAL COMMITMENT Commitment plays a decisive role in effective teaching. Commitment refers to socio psychological bonding of an individual to his profession, its values, and goals. The extent to which the individual behave in an expected manner can be reflected in their commitment to the profession. According to Randall (1985) Commitment was defined as (i) A strong belief in and acceptance of the goals and values of the profession. (ii) A willingness to exert considerable effort on behalf

  • Characteristics Of National Honor Society

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    An ideal member of the National Honor Society must demonstrate the following characteristics: Leadership, Service, and Character. To qualify for such a prestigious organization, one must qualify with a GPA of at least 3.5. Academically, I have been able to do so, maintaining a cumulative GPA of 4.11 and yet to receive an overall grade below A- in these past three semesters of High School. Moreover, I have been taking two languages, Malay and French, as well as juggling advanced classes such as Integrated

  • Coffee Sweet Nectar Of The God Essay

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    Coffee, sweet nectar of the Gods. Always so delicious, so empowering, and once illegal?I'll be telling you some incredible things you never knew about that morning cup of coffee. Like for example, how in it became outlawed in England. when King Charles the second became worried that coffee shops were where people were conspiring against him. In addition to royal paranoia, the brew that we all love has a huge number of amazing facts that you need to hear to believe. Add cream and sugar if needed

  • Rolly-Polly Experiment

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    Rolly-polly Research Paper Terrestrial isopods are also known as sow bugs or pill bugs. Pill bugs are related to lobster, crabs, and shrimp. Pill bugs are found in moist areas like under rocks; also they are different from sow bugs. Pill bugs curl into a ball when they feel threatened, as to sow bugs when they feel threatened, they run away.Today, for my experiment, I will need some soaked and dried paper towels. Therefore, one paper towel will be soaked with baking soda, and the other towel will

  • Social Responsibility In Tesco

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    In the recent years more and more companies in the retail and food industry are concerned about the environmental consequences of their action and also the social ethics for the people involved in the production process. This is a shift from the philanthropic actions companies used to take in 1970’s and by following basic international standards to a ‘business case’ perspective of CSR (Customer Social Responsibility). According to the World Business Council for Sustainability Develpoment ( WBCSD)