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  • Woman Warrior Character Analysis

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    In contrast, chinese culture, tends to encourage shying away from speaking up, or speaking in general. In China there is strict, and concise agreement between people to keep personal information to oneself. In Maxine Hong Kingston’s memoir Woman Warrior, Maxine must learn that In a world that values outspoken people, those with different cultural values tend to shy away from others in a negative way, ultimately alienating them from both the community and people around them. Although Maxine is

  • Comparing The Woman Warrior: Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among Ghosts

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    The importance of Story-telling and embracing your culture There are numerous novels that focus on the immigration of people to The United States. The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, by Maxine Hong Kingston is an example of one of the numerous novels that touch on the experiences that these people have been through. Ceremony, by Leslie Marmon Silko is an example a little different where it shows that the people are sort of being pushed out of their land. Maxine Hong Kingston

  • Woman Warrior Reflection

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    In the novel The Woman Warrior written by Maxine Hong Kingston, we are being told about the stories of five women and their lives. Throughout the novel there is a story told for each of these women. Kingston writes throughout the novel almost exclusively of her own family. Her main focus is on her own mother, Brave Orchid. Kingston originally learnt the tradition of talk story from her mother and she spends most of her time judging the dynamics of each female role in her family. Each story and thoughts

  • The Warrior Woman Analysis

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    The chapter “White Tigers” from the book The Warrior Woman, by Maxine Hong Kingston, has long been seen as a story from a very cultured point of view. Indeed, it’s easy to say that people who are not Chinese don't really have a connection with this story because these experiences only happen in their culture. 2. And yet, although it seems like White Tigers is only for a specific culture, somehow I can relate to White Tigers. It seems odd then that I can relate to the character, and the tale she

  • Ghosts In The Woman Warrior

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    The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood among Ghosts by Maxine Hong Kingston, is a story of an American daughter of Chinese immigrants. The story in this book reflects on Kingston’s childhood memory of growing up among the ghosts that her mother tells her during her talk-story. There are many stories of ghosts that appear in several forms, both literally and figuratively, in each chapter. There are three primary ghosts that reflect Maxine’s struggle to find her identity while growing up in two

  • Symbolism In The Woman Warrior

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    The woman warrior was an interesting novel of memoirs that gave her audience a new perspective on feminine values, and while there might have been various themes throughout this book, the main focus revolved around Kingston's femininity and struggles of finding one's own, personal voice. Throughout its five chapters there are numerous references to her everyday emotional and physical struggles of growing up as a chinese woman. Kingston's implementation of literary devices, such characterization

  • The Woman Warrior: White Tigers By Maxine Hong Kingston

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    lifestyle filled with myth and magic to exhibit what she was taught a woman warrior was to be. It created a sense of reality for Kingston even though she wasn’t Fa Mu Lan. The mythical language and aspects used by Kingston allowed me to understand her reality; I was going through her journey WITH her as opposed to just reading the text. Kingston’s role as Fa Mu Lan challenged the Chinese culture. So far in The Woman Warrior: Memoirs

  • Declarative Sentences In The Woman Warrior

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    portray this struggle through a series of carefully interwoven stories, blurs the line between both fictional and nonfictional struggles in The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts. Kingston’s use of declarative sentences, active voice, and effective variation of speech successfully manages to continuously engage the reader in The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts, while adding a personal touch throughout the story. Kingston’s use of declarative sentences highlights the

  • Power Relations In The Woman Warrior

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    Another scene where the power relation between silence (inferiority) and voice (superiority) is involved can be found in the final chapter of The Woman Warrior. When Kingston finds her schoolmate’s sister who hardly talks standing alone in front of the school, she lures the silent girl to the lavatory and tortures her until she would break the silence. Kingston told her: “You’re going to talk, […] I am going to make you talk, you sissy-girl [emphasis added]” (Kingston 175). Here, Kingston chooses

  • Gender Roles In The Woman Warrior

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    Maxine Hong Kingston's use of talk stories in The Woman Warrior emphasizes that individuals will find a more fulfilling life if they defy the traditional gender norms place on them by society. While contemplating beauty standards in Chinese society in “No Name Woman” Maxine Kingston thinks, “Sister used to sit on their beds and cry together… as their mothers or their slaves removed the bandages for a few minutes each night and let the blood gush back into their veins” (9). From a young age girls

  • Kingston's Struggle In The Woman Warrior

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    In The Woman Warrior, Kingston develops the theme seed of strength and how Mulan demonstrates it to lead an army against the emperor in order to illustrate why Kingston looks up to Mulan for finding her motivation to go against the Chinese norms that follow her family to Chinatown. When Kingston enters the world in America, her mother immediately puts regulations on her so she will not be able to follow her dreams. At an older age mother repeatedly tells Kingston her future occupation when she gets

  • Maxine Hong-Kingston's The Woman Warrior

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    The Woman Warrior Survival In 20th Century Maxine Hong-Kingston’s novel/autobiography The Woman Warrior uses fictional female characters that depict her own struggles. Many of these women are empowered and give Kingston confidence that she can succeed in the male dominant world she lives in. The less powerful women give her a chance to learn from their mistakes. Both groups of women enable Kingston to what traits to value and mistakes to avoid when growing up in America. Kingston uses the character

  • The Woman Warrior Henrik Ibsen Analysis

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    A Comparison of A Doll’s House and The Woman Warrior There are numerous works that have inspired women to change the world around them as they knew it. A Doll’s House by Henrik Ibsen and The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston have both impacted women’s perspectives all over the world. The challenges that female protagonists took throughout both piece is immaculate, and their changes are significant to their plots. The struggle for the equality of women amongst men is depicted with details in

  • Analysis Of The Woman Warrior By Maxine Hong Kingston

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    The Woman Warrior by Maxine Hong Kingston addresses prevalent topics faced in America today. How should women act? Should women be treated differently from men? In her memoir, Kingston faces many obstacles with her Chinese-American identity such as finding her voice as a young woman. In “White Tigers,” Kingston tells her own version of a popular Chinese ballad, “Fa Mu Lan,” while incorporating her own reality back into the section. In her literary criticism, “Empowerment Through Mythological Imaginings

  • Summary Of Maxine Hong Kingston's The Woman Warrior

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    Silence and storytelling are pivotal themes that run throughout in Maxine Hong Kingston’s ‘The Woman Warrior.’ They are themes that coincide with each other in a major impactful way on both Maxine as the author, the characters she writes about and the audience who reads her stories. Kingston shows the important consequences of being silent in society and how telling stories can break through these moulds that patriarchal societies once set up for women not only in Chinese culture but relating all

  • Analysis Of The Woman Warrior: Memoirs Of A Girlhood Among Ghosts

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    that person to benefit from them as the situation develops. This is very common in most ethnicities, however in the Chinese tradition it is important to listen and follow these talk-stories as their elders are telling them. In the memoir, The Woman Warrior: Memoirs of a Girlhood Among Ghosts by Maxine Hong Kingston, Kingston establishes a relationship between silence and finding ones voice through the talk-stories and Chinese traditions she encounters that truly forms her perspective on finding her

  • The Woman Warrior Summary

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    a tightly closed mindset about topics like sexuality, especially when applied to women. In such patriarchal society, oppression and punishment towards women are used to regulate social order. In “No Name Woman”, the introductory chapter from Maxine Hong Kingston’s book called “The Woman Warrior”, a mother’s storytelling to her daughter is much more than a simple bedtime fairytale. It is a tragic story about the no name aunt who took her own life away for being impregnated by a man who is not her

  • Silence In The Woman Warrior

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    Hsiu-chuan Lee discusses the criticism of The Woman Warrior by Maxine Kingston about the use of discursive community crossing the boundaries of genres/disciplines. Lee explains the different genre shifts in the novel to show how the different chapters contains myth, story, and memory as a way to develop different meaning. By analyzing the motif of silence, Lee reveals the Kingston’s intention of breaking the silence imposed by her mother through the various stories and how the silence emphasizes

  • Dichotomy In The Woman Warrior

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    The Woman Warrior is a “memoir of a girlhood among ghosts” in which Maxine Hong Kingston recounts her experiences as a second generation immigrant. She tells the story of her childhood by intertwining Chinese talk-story and personal experience, filling in the gaps in her memory with assumptions. The Woman Warrior dismantles the archetype of the typical mother-daughter relationship by suggesting that diaspora redefines archetypes by combining conflicting societal norms. A mother’s typical role

  • The Woman Warrior Analysis

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    Neel Khanna Mrs. Meahl IB English III August 11, 2014 Beginnings in The Woman Warrior The Woman Warrior is a collection of memoirs in which Maxine Hong Kingston writes about the people and events which help shape her thinking and her girlhood growing up as a Chinese-American. Kingston discusses these most salient events and idols in five separate chapters, including the first chapter in which Kingston reveals the fate of her father’s sister to place the reader in the midst of things, effectively