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  • Therapy Dogs: A Career As A Therapy Dog

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    creature. This time we will learn about them as therapy dogs and what the job is all about. A therapy dog is a dog trained to provide affection and comfort to people. Places where we can find this therapy are hospitals, retirement homes, nursing homes, schools, hospices, and disaster areas. The therapy dog have been shown to lower blood pressure, improve recovery from heart disease, and even reduce rates of asthma and allergy in children. This therapy can also help treating some conditions like autism

  • Equine Therapy

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    provide healing for individuals with special needs. Therapy dogs emerged, and gave comfort to people in hospitals, confidence to children with autism, and companionship for the lonely. In recent times, another animal is starting to be recognized for their healing powers. Horses, through the ages, have always been man’s noble partner. Today, these noble partners are starting to be used as a therapy method for children with disabilities. Equine therapy, as it is called has been

  • Physical Therapy

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    Virtual Reality in Physical Therapy The recent utilization of virtual reality simulations and gaming in physical therapy has not only caused the ability for brain damage and stroke patients to be treated in a fun way, but is also cause for increased responsiveness and decreased recovery time because of more stimulated and interactive therapy programs. Virtual reality is a very modern technology. As its name implies, virtual reality is the man made creation of a false reality in which

  • Rogerian Therapy

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    Client-centered, non-directive, or Rogerian therapy, which are all referred to as Person-centered therapy (PCT), is an approach to counseling and psychotherapy that requires the therapist to take a non directive role, while placing almost the entirety of the responsibility for the counseling and treatment process on the client. Some of the related changes that this form of therapy seeks to foster in clients include closer agreement between the client’s idealized and actual selves; better self-understanding;

  • Art Therapy

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    objective of this therapy is to shape the behaviour of the individual with Autism using the reward and consequence system. However with an advancement in research about Autism new and more effective things are also available and one such thing is the art therapy. As the term is pretty self explanatory, Art therapy uses art to help the emotional as well as the mental growth of the patient. The art therapy is a little bit different than the art instruction. The goal behind art therapy is to help patient

  • Adlerian Therapy

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    victim of the client when client accuses the therapist of not caring enough. There must be no power differential between clients and counselors to enhance the therapeutic relationship. I often help my client feel secure and comfortable with me and the therapy process with small feedback phrases such as “I hear you, I understand, I believe

  • Compare And Contrast Occupational Therapy Vs Physical Therapy

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    is where therapy comes into the picture. There are many different types of therapy, two of which are occupational therapy and physical therapy. These two branches of rehabilitation are very similar and frequently confused, but they are not the same. Physical and occupational therapies often work together and overlap on their treatments. Even though they intersect the therapists are usually looking for a different outcome. The difference in outcome is what makes these two types of therapy crucial to

  • Physical Therapy: The Benefits Of Physical Therapy

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    Physical Therapist Throughout every passing year, millions of citizens seek the help of physical therapists. Physical therapy is also known as, physiotherapy, where mechanical force and movements are used to your capability with assistance. (Jensen 1) Physical therapy isn’t just for severe injuries it can also help dizziness, headaches, concussions and jaw pain. Have you or someone you know ever needed to pursue help from a physical therapist? If you’re ever in a situation where you need a physical

  • Therapy Vs Adlerian Therapy

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    Cognitive-Behavior Therapy, Adlerian Therapy, and Person-Centered Therapy Therapy can take many forms. There is numerous therapies out there and many different people who have contributed to the development of each theory and form of therapy. The goal of therapy is to help people get through any problems they may be facing. Therapy is used as a form of support, stress relief, and a way to make people happy and overall healthier. As a therapist it is important to know the different types of therapy and choose

  • Comparing Massage Therapy And Physical Therapy

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    Physical Therapy Massage therapy and physical therapy go hand in hand. There are many common elements in the two, and some of the school textbooks can even be used for both. Many physical therapy centers hire massage therapists. Physical therapists, sometimes called physiotherapists, and massage therapists work together to achieve the same goal: helping their clients. What Does a Physical Therapist Do? A Physical Therapist (PT) has many responsibilities. Some of these include: • easing patient

  • Essay On Music Therapy

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    Those who discredit music therapy often do so based on limited knowledge on the subject. Often, music therapy is confused with music intervention. Music intervention is the private use of music to help channel emotions and destress. Examples of this would be if someone were to listen to relaxing music after a tiring day, to help re-focus on work and avoid distractions, or students performing music for a nursing home. However, where music intervention and musical therapy differ, is that music intervention

  • Family Therapy Essay

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    The counselor is not to accept nor approve of the values of a client who is in therapy. Having disagreement or not accepting the client’s values should not affect if the client is accepted as a person. The client’s values and how the issues associated with their values establish an issue in counseling the families of others. In family therapy as well as any other type of therapy session, the counselor should remain neutral. As therapist we should not impose our value systems on clients. We should

  • Pros Of Conversion Therapy

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    Imagine sitting in a room, receiving pointless therapy from someone who might not even be a licensed therapist all in the effort to convert you to a different sexuallity. Research shows, ẗhat no one changed...¨(Lila Shapiro), hence the ´pointless therapy´ and that in fact all the therapy has done is, ¨create great harm and devastation in many lives...¨(Lila Shapiro).Conversion therapy is unethical in the sense that it is harmful and neglectful to the fact that it is unsuccessful. It is undoubtable

  • Therapy Dog Benefits

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    Benefits of Therapy Dogs By Ruthie Reed Do you love and enjoy the presence of having a dog or playing with one? Most people do but do not realize the benefits of doing it. Although this is unknown to many, including a dog in a therapy session can improve one's health just by petting it. The use of therapy dogs has many benefits for physical health, mental health, and the development of social skills. First of all, therapy dogs can help improve people's physical health in many ways.(1,2,3) One way

  • Expressive Art Therapy

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    Drama Therapy (DT) is an expressive art therapy that uses storytelling, role-play, and improve to encourage self-expression and social growth for its clients (North American Drama Therapy). Studies show that Drama Therapy reduces feelings of isolation, promotes development of coping skills, and promotes self-expression (Paris 2013). Although this method of Expressive Art Therapy (EAT) can be implemented in many different populations it is grossly understudied concerning children younger than twelve

  • Physical Therapy Definition

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    Definition of Key Terms Exercise Therapy. Any exercise planned and performed to attain a specific physical benefit, such as maintenance of the range of motion, strengthening of weakened muscles, increased joint flexibility, or improved cardiovascular and respiratory function (“Therapeutic exercise”, 2009). Goniometer. An instrument for measuring angles (Merriam-Webster, 2015) Joint. The point of contact between bones whether they are movable or rigidly fixed together with the surrounding and supporting

  • Massage Therapy In Canada

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    care in Canada. All practitioners within the health care system, including registered massage therapists (RMTs), play an instrumental role in helping to realize this mandate. Further research on the state of the Massage Therapy profession in Canada led me to the “Massage Therapy and Canadians’ Health Care Needs 2020: Proceedings of a National Research Priority Setting Summit”. This research states that: - “Tremendous progress has been made in the field of MT research; however, researchers suggest

  • Creative Arts Therapy

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    Towards a Definition of Creative Arts Therapy As Storr (1972) observed, creativity offers a means of “coming to term with, or finding symbolic solutions for, the internal tensions and dissociations from which all human beings suffer in varying degree”. Numerous and often conflicting definitions of creative arts therapy have been advanced since the term first emerged in the late 1940s (Waller and Gilroy, 1978). According Naumburg model described the therapy as the release of unconscious through

  • Essay On Equine Therapy

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    being around horses, but what may not be known by everyone is that it is beneficial to those who may need a little extra. The reason equine therapy is so effective is because no person is indifferent to horses. It has been shown that veterans and children with autism benefit greatly from hippotherapy. Even though there are other forms of animal-assisted therapy, equines seem to have a greater impact in the lives of those suffering from PTSD and of those on the autism spectrum. People are beginning

  • Physical Therapy Essay

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    Physical therapists are professionals that have the skills and knowledge in structuring an individualized exercise program for wellness. It is the role of physical therapists to educate their clients about the importance and benefits of having regular physical activity. The duties of a physical therapist involves providing appropriate evaluation, assessment and treatment interventions to their clients to prevent the occurrence of diseases and to improve their over all health related quality of life