Touring car racing Essays

  • Descriptive Essay On Sports Cars

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    year. I went to the car show with a friend and saw the design for a car called Audi TTS. That was awesome. Then the exterior look for Porsche 911 was on track. When they extricated car from the hood, I had never seen an entire crowd, so excited about the speed of a car in my entire life. The primary characteristic of a car should be the fun factor. What made it so much more interesting than the car is simple: a great fun factor concept. When there is a unique fun factor, the car is ultimately better

  • Mercedes Marketing Strategy

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    marketing strategies of Mercedes I have understood the various things and facts about Mercedes and its marketing strategies. I came to know that Mercedes was originally founded by Karl Benz in the year 1886 when he invented the first petrol powered car motorwagen. But the Mercedes was first marketed in the year 1901 by the Daimler. In the first motors auto race the Mercedes motor vehicle has won the race which increases its value in the market. During the period Mercedes has change its several logos

  • Descriptive Essay About Tianmen Mountain

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    There are two ways to reach the Tianmen Mountain: By cable car: The City Garden Cableway built in the center of Zhangjiajie is the most convenient way to experience all interesting things of Tianmen Mountain. By bus: With only ¥1 per person, Line 5 will drop you off at the foot of mount Tianzi. The bus departs every 5 minutes. Reaching the top by the longest cable car in the world Tianmen Mountain’s cable car is known as the longest cable car in the world with the spectacular length of 7 kilometers

  • Personal Narrative: The Joys Of Skiing

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    Since I was in about 1st grade, I have been skiing with my family. I have been to many different places to go skiing, such as resorts in Colorado, Wisconsin, and Michigan. One particular story takes place at a resort in Colorado called Vail, when I was about 11 years old. My family and my friends family were driving three hours from the airport to the resort through the cold, snowy weather. We finally got to the house we stayed at and went to sleep. Over the night, it had snowed about one and a half

  • Reflective Essay: Life Was Good On Aspen Mountain

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    Once, I was a little snowflake on top of a mountain. Life was good on Aspen Mountain with the exception of being trampled by skiers. Until one day when a skier wipes out on top of me. As he was falling, Me and my brothers were swept into the man's jacket. Most of my brothers tumbled out as the man stumbled for his Ski poles but I was stuck. I was consumed With panic, praying somehow, someway I would get out before I melt. As the man started to ski down the mountain again, I started to feel the heat

  • Narrative Essay On Skiing Research Paper

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    Skiing has always put me at ease, I loved the feeling of zooming past trees while the cold, Colorado air hit my face. I have been skiing since I was nine years old, and it has since then become an annual trip. The third skiing trip my family took was when I was eleven, in Telluride, Colorado. On the second day of skiing, my older brother, Neill, and I took the ski lift near the top of the mountain and decided to ski all the way down. Neither of us were excellent skiers so we had stuck to green

  • Birthday Party Persuasive Speech

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    More challenging than organizing a huge event for adults is planning a birthday party for kids. You don't just have to make sure that the celebrant and the guests have fun. The safety of the children attending must also be ensured. It is common knowledge that some unfortunate situations may arise whenever kids, especially toddlers, come together and play. For instance, someone who's running around will trip over and scrape his or her knees. If you're hosting an event for kids, you need to do everything

  • Personal Narrative Essay: Where Is The Mountain

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    It is a moody colorless day as i’m marching with my adjustable ski poles through the green steep Rila mountain on a desolate steep dirt trail, accompanied by my mother. Birds are flying, migrating to the southern hemisphere as it is turning chilly. Tree leaves are falling on the ground. I feel my legs were sore, my hands are dark red and my face is turning violet. I ask myself, “Where is the hill? I can’t see it, is it far away? “Mom, i’m very fatigued. Let’s turn back immediately!” I exclaim. “Son

  • Essay On Snowboarding

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    The day I went across the country to snowboard in the Rocky Mountains for the first one is one I will never forget. I can recall the cool winds blowing at the mountain’s peak; the tranquil sound of my board slicing through the snow, and the exhilarating rush of adrenaline that coursed through my veins as I glided along the Canyons’ slopes. I can vividly remember the most memorable day of my life. It all started on a cool January morning in Park City, Utah. I woke up that morning and pulled back the

  • Snowboarders Should Wear Helmets Research Paper

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    Safety of Skiers and Snowboarders Ski helmets are definitely better to be worn than not to be worn or to say it's better to safe rather than sorry. Helmets have saved lives of bicyclists, skateboarders, skaters and others because they are required to be worn. People who have gotten in accidents while wearing helmets were most likely very thankful that they were wearing a helmet. Although these type of accidents do not necessarily happen to you, they do happen on a daily basis and come very unexpectedly

  • I Love Skiing Research Paper

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    Austin Rygh Stewart English 101 Sexton Hall Room # 3003 The Wonders of Skiing Skiing is my favorite sport due to the intense workout it gives me, the social aspect of it, and how it brings people out in nature during the winter months. I grew up skiing in the mountains of McCall, Idaho. Skiing has always been second nature for me and whenever I am shredding down the slopes I feel at home. I have been able to stay in shape throughout the year due to my love of skiing. I stand at the top of

  • Ski Photography Research Paper

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    Record the charm of extreme sports from a different perspective. The traditional ski photography is generally photographed from the lower elevation angle or the side, if change the camera 's angle and photograph the skiers back from another angle, you will often get impressive photos. Adventure sports photographer Christian Pondella photographg this photo for the professional skierArne Backstrom in France Chamonix town. Christian said, " In order to take the photo of this snow ditch, we had to slide

  • Informative Essay On Slopestyle Snowboarder

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    Slopestyle Snowboarding. Ever heard of it? Yeah probably not, I’m sure you’ve heard of snowboarding though right? Although average snowboarding is quite amusing itself, slopestyle takes it to a whole new level! Slopestyle is a snowboarding course with a wide variety of obstacles ranging from rails, terrains, and slopes of course. (“Breaking down the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Slopestyle Course.”)I would love to tell you all about slopestyle but I figured that would get a little too lengthy. So I have

  • Washington And Whistler Case Study

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    Introduction Mount Washington and Whistler represents two popular tourism destination for snowing sports in BC.Mount Washington receives the majority tourists from Vancouver Island due to the small size and low recognition,while Whistler on the other side,represents one of the highest level of a ski resort.The field school allocated a full day in Mount Washington where I get a opportunity to observe and compare the snow tour .Based on personal experience and literature review,this article

  • Narrative Essay About Snowboarding

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    Snowboarding I am on the slope of the first snowboarding run of my life, my snowboard in one hand, gloves in the other, as I watch people do tricks at the bottom of the hill. I strap on my snowboard and slip on my gloves. I have been preparing for this the whole week. I am ready. I get up and ease down the mountain, going slowly at first, then faster. I fall one or two times and skate to the middle of the ski run, so I do not crash into any trees. As I reach the middle of the mountain, I start

  • Personal Narrative: Snowboarding

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    The adrenaline rushed through my body, I could feel every heartbeat pounding in my head, people were screaming everywhere like someone got hurt or something. A tear of fear began to fall from my right eye. --- January 25th, 2016 I started a new adventure snowboarding. Haily and I arrived at Chicopee around 4:30, we placed our snowboards on the rack and went inside to buy our lift tickets. Once we opened the door to the building

  • Persuasive Essay On Snow Skiing

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    When you are having a day with friends in Colorado, Montana, or Canada and go skiing, you probably want to race. Racing against friends is so fun because competing with them is so pleasurable.. Also, doing big jumps, rails, or the halfpipe gets you so pumped (but nervous!). When I go to the terrain park, I always get so pumped because everyone is doing these awesome

  • Argumentative Essay On Modern Cars

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    Now the cars have more technologies than the ole models. The modern vehicles embedeed with marvellous engineering, but the people might be worried about driving the cars by understanding all of its modern features. The too much techology in new cars can result to be a bad scenario. According to the recent analysis, many people share their opinion that the maodern cars are becoming too much complicated and making it more annoying in different ways. But the goal is, when you're in a car, you still

  • Analysis Of The Film Sunrise: A Song Of Two Humans

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    During the 1920s, American society began to adopt values that threatened the traditional values that remained from the 1800s. Many of these changes were a direct result of the youth culture of the time and how their uncertainty of who they were helped contribute to these changes in values. Throughout the decade, the struggle between modern and anti-modern values was exemplified in literature, drama and silent film of the American culture. “Sunrise: A Song of Two Humans” represents the conflicting

  • Exemplification Essay: Driverless Cars Will Change The World

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    Have you ever thought of how driverless cars would change the world. Or maybe you thought that driverless cars would be good for people in the world. Driverless cars would be great for pedestrians and disabled people. But if you are going to use driverless cars so you can read your kindle or watch something on your ipad instead of taking yourself to your destination, then you’re just being lazy. Being lazy is not a good thing because life is supposed to be filled with challenges and the goal in life