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  • Tourism And Tourism In Hawaii

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    Introduction Tourism in Hawaii has expanded widely throughout the years and has affected Native Hawaiians and their culture in many ways. According to Business Insider, Hawaii is number ten on their most popular states to visit list. It also ranks as sixth in the world in tourist visits according to the Environmental Justice Atlas on their topic of “Tourism and Indigenous”. However, there have been reports from Native Hawaiians that Hawaii is not the paradise state many tourists claim it to

  • Essay On Film Tourism

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    Film tourism is defined as the visitation of locations featured in films due to their appeal to the audience, who will then be known as film tourists, as a form of escapism and connection to the narrative (Blower, 2011; O’Connor, 2010; Papathanassis, 2011). The development of film tourism depends significantly on how well the locations in films are presented and marketed to the audience. According to O’Connor (2010), its visual and vocal depictions are factors of consideration. For example, Hollywood

  • Importance Of Tourism Behaviour

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    “Tourism Behaviour understanding includes the idea and knowledge of the different factors which are by no other means very obvious because the effects which do shape the activities and tastes of tourism are often highly embedded in the cultural and the personal biography of the individual that the whole of subject is not known of how actually they were made.” (Seaton, 1996). Figure.1. The tourism system. The above description do set the scene part for this essay on the tourist behaviour and it

  • Tourism And Leisure Time

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    1. The Tourism industry and Leisure time The time is a very valuable asset, that anyone can ever posses. The time people spend for something is unconsciously defining what is valuable and valueless for them. Few of the main areas, human beings spend time for are leisure and tourism. (reference, some psychology book and leisure) There are different definitions for leisure time, but in simple terms, leisure is anything on which people spend their free time and income. In order to understand how people

  • Texas Tourism Essay

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    Tourism can bring a great deal of revenue to a country or state. This is why it is important that the proper research is conducting in order to continue generating the public’s interest. The study of economics involves meeting people needs and wants however, it is up to marking to acquire customers and maintain a relationship with them. This is why conducting interviews for Texas tourism bureau is extremely important in order to meet tourist needs and wants while also marketing to them. To meet

  • The Importance Of Tourism In The Tourism Industry

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    The main concept is to provide number of quality services to the tourists, who planned their trip through a travel and tourism firm. There are number of services that tourists are eligible and bound to receive as they had spend money while travelling from one place to another. Tourism is the industry in which passenger contacts their tour operator to get what he/she dreams of for their holiday. Travelers at the end of the day go on a vacation to relax and to have a good time. Every airline, railway

  • Evolution Of Tourism

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    Tourism can be considered one of the most significant economic and social phenomena of the twentieth and twenty-first century. The evolving of the tourist’s behavior has triggered a series of changes in the way of operating the tourism businesses. From traditional travel agencies, hotels and airlines up to the online tour operators. All tour operators have had to adapt to the changes of the individual as a traveler and this has led to continuous development of strategies by the agents. FROM THE

  • Impact Of Tourism In The United States

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    The first video was of President Barack Obama explaining the how tourism impacts the United States. He explained that tourism is the number one service that the U.S. exports. People, domestic and foreign, travel around the U.S., stay in our hotels and eat at restaurants. This is good for local businesses and economies. America is “open for business”. Obama listed four specific ways to improve tourism in the United States. First he wants to have more Pre-TSA lines at all airports and pre clearance

  • The Importance Of Tourism

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    In this paper I will demonstrate that ethical tourism is the better option that guarantees a stable economic growth while keeping cultural integrity and environmental protection. Even though mass tourism accounts for the rise in employment and gross national product, its economic benefits become marginal as social and environmental costs increase. I will show that ecotourism and pro-poor tourism, as forms of ethical and responsible tourism, contribute to the conservation of the wildlife heritage

  • Tourism In Hawaii

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    Tourism in Hawaii: An Environmental Perspective The state of Hawaii is iconic for its tropical atmosphere, endemic flora and fauna, and many recreational activities. These environmental facets help rank it as one of the top travel destinations in the world, and the tourism industry has completely revolutionized the cluster of islands. However, with an influx of over 8 million people annually (Malizia), a darker side of tourism is emerging. Human activities and urbanization are putting Hawaii’s environment

  • Tourism In Dubai

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    General introduction Located on the Persian Gulf, Dubai is one of the seven states of the United Arab Emirates, and tourism is of utmost importance to land’s rapidly growing economy. Tourism as an industry contributes to various aspects of the economy, examples include various service industries including, but not limited to: transportation services, like airlines, cruise lines, and taxis, as well as accommodation services, like hotels or resorts, and finally entertainment services, like stadiums

  • The Importance Of MICE In Travel And Tourism

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    The expression "MICE" in travel and Tourism is for Meetings, Motivators, Conferences and Exhibitions. It alludes to a specific tourism devoted to arranging, booking and encouraging meetings, workshops and different occasions. Some of the time the gatherings or occasions industry, MICE travel includes a number of parts. They incorporate corporate gatherings and tradition divisions of lodgings, nourishment and drink administrators; meeting focuses or voyage ships; coordinations firms;

  • Tourism: The Four Different Perspectives Of Tourism

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    The definition of the word “Tourism” is different source by source, person by person. There is no specific definition for it. Each institution defines “Tourism” in a varied way. Firstly, tourism is related to several groups which involving in or are affected by tourism industry. Their perceptions are crucial to the development for the definition of tourism. Therefore, tourism may be defined as the activities, processes and outcomes by the relationship and interaction among the tourist, government

  • Global Tourism Essay

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    Tourism is a growth industry very rapidly now. With the rapid development of technology that also acts as a support person easily reach the distance around the world in shorter lead times and relatively safer. The most rapid growth in the global tourism industry provides benefits as well as challenges for the state government. Expressed simply, sustainable tourism can be defined as: "Tourism that takes full account of its current and future economic, social and environmental impacts, addressing the

  • Dominican Republic Tourism

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    1. Roles of State in Tourism Development for Dominican Republic 1.1. Marketing and Promotion of Destination As the government is a strong supporter of growth in tourism in the Dominican Republic, there was a 7% growth in tourism arrivals, reaching over five million visitors in year 2012. An increased budget of the Ministry of Tourism was increased by Do$2.5 billion in year 2012. The president of Dominican Republic, Danilo Medina, had a vision of achieving 10 million tourists in the next 10 years

  • Essay On Impact Of Tourism

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    Tourism is the income of people from one place to another place for vacation, but it can also be for business or entertainment. Tourism can either be international or domestic. Tourism has an influence on any country, either it’s for a positive impact or a negative impact. An example one might consider includes that the tourism in that individual country could possibly increase the income and positively improve the economic aspect of the country, but tourism can also negatively impact the environment

  • The Global Tourism Industry

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    The tourism industry contributes significantly to the worldwide economy, employing 200 million people and representing 10% of global GDP (Socci, 2016). International tourism is defined as a person or group of people temporarily visiting a foreign country and the activities they partake in while abroad (Filiposki, 2014). Socci expands on the definition by identifying ten primary sub-industries that combine to form a more aptly named tourism “cluster.” These sub-industries include: accommodation services;

  • Importance Of Tourism Promotion

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    The field of tourism promotion deals with marketing tourism services using various promotional tools. A tourism degree program combines the marketing disciplines, business and personnel management pertaining to managing tourism businesses. Some degree programs and specialisations offer training specifically in tourism promotions. Tourism is travel for business or leisure purposes. A tourist is a person who travels outside his city, state or country for business or leisure purposes for more than 24

  • Importance Of Tourism Spots In Cebu

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    Cebu City is one of the finest travel destinations in the Philippines. It is the main center of commerce and industry in Visayas. Goods are cheap in Cebu that the reason for vistors stay in this place. Basilica De Santo Niño Cebu is one of the best tourist spots in Cebu City and one of the oldest churches in the Philippines. The location where the Santo Niño was found is where Basilica De Santo Niño is standing today. Fort San Pedro, one of the known tourist spots in Cebu, is a Spanish camp built

  • The Importance Of Tourism In Belize

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    decades, tourism has experienced continued growth and deepening ‎diversification to become one of the fastest growing economic sectors in the world.” In Belize, tourism is one of the growing industries that has to a large extent, a great influence on the economy. The tourism industry has demonstrated success and commitment to maintain the authenticity of its attractions fostering attractive platforms for investors looking to cater the growing number experience-Based tourist. Yet tourism is not the