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  • The Trojan War: The Trojan War Discuss

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    The Trojan War, written by Barry Strauss, discusses the series of events that took place during The Trojan War. Barry Strauss puts forth a variety of different evidence to present the idea that The Trojan War did exist and that Troy is real. In the introduction we learn about the evidence that was found throughout Troy by archaeologists. Strauss lays out evidence supporting the existence of Troy and proves that it was in fact a powerful place that posed a serious threat to Greece. Later on we learn

  • Anachronism In The Trojan War: An Analysis

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    According to Greek mythology and history, the Trojan War was the greatest war ever fought. Scholars still read of this story in Homer’s Iliad, an epic poem denoting the events that occurred during the tenth and final year of the conflict. However, this story was not immediately written down, but was told orally for several hundred years until the Greek reinvention of writing in 750 BCE. Some modern-day scholars argue that the gap of time between the events depicted in the book and the time in which

  • Why Was The Trojan War Important

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    The Trojan War, part of Greek history, was a war between Greek soldiers and the Trojans. This war took place after Paris, King of Troy abducted Helen, the wife of the Spartan ruler, Menelaus. The ruler and his Greek citizens demanded the return of Helen, yet the abductor refused. Greek troops gathered and went to war against Troy. After nine years of fighting and war, the Greeks who were led by Odysseus finally conquered Troy. The history of the Trojan War is important, but why? The history of the

  • Characteristics And Characters Of Achilles In The Trojan War

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    1. Though the Greek Army was strong, the Trojans were strong as well for Priam, the King of Troy, and Hecuba, his queen, had twenty courageous sons to defend their city and lead the war. Hector, of all his siblings, was the most valorous and righteous man. Hector’s brother, another son of the Queen and King, whom was mentioned, was Paris. Paris, as the reader came to know, has many different characteristics and character traits than those of his brother. For instance, Hector is the bravest and the

  • Odysseus As A Hero In Homer's The Trojan War

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    “The Hero doesn’t Get the Reward; the Hero Pays the Price” (anon). One of the heroes who paid the dear price was Odysseus, a hero who fought in The Trojan War. Odysseus was the man who came up with the plan to build the wooden horse, ending the rigorous fight with it. Odysseus was going back home after earning the victory for his country, which he was king of one of the kingdoms -Ithaca-. But Odysseus faced trials that constrained him ten years late to arrive home. His story about how he faced these

  • The Trojan War In The Iliad

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    To begin with, the Trojan War is considered to be a myth by many scholars due to lack of discoveries that have been made at the site of the battle, which took place in the city of Troy, located in the far northwest region of Turkey. However, a couple of things that we surround ourselves with today have been named after presumed warriors that fought at Troy. Throughout the years many artifacts have been found at Troy, but it is unknown if those artifacts are connected with the war. Secondly, the cleaning

  • Harmony In The Trojan War

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    According to an archaeologist,Heinrich Schliemann, found the remnants of a great citadel on the Western shores of Asia Minor, the true location of ancient Troy. And it appeared to be destroyed by the work of chaos and war. As the legend said ,it begin when Eris threw down a golden apple to the assemble gods “For the fairest” shall be rewarded as the prize of beauty and it will be hand chosen by the young prince Paris of Troy whom in favor of Aphrodite. According to Homer

  • Humanity In The Trojan War

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    trust horrible that will take advantage of their trust. In the end the trusting people will pay for it. Its sad when people let their guards down the worst possible things happen to them. It’s like the Trojans at the end of the Trojan war. They let their guard down to close to the end of the war and they trusted a big wooden horse at the gates of their city. Then during the 1930’s the Germans were in a bad place and they trusted Hitler to get them out of the bad times. However trusting Hitler

  • Aphrodite: The Main Causes Of The Trojan War

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    goddess, and had multiple affairs with many gods and mortals. This caused her to be unfaithful to many of her lovers. She used her powers to help men charm women with a love spell (Simon). Aphrodite was also one of the main causes of the start of the Trojan War. She was exchanged a golden apple that would make her the most fairest goddess. She promised Paris eternal love from Helen, who was already

  • The Iliad: The Beliefs Of The Trojan War

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    success in war, help achieve prosperity or make choices and promote balance in the land. If nothing else, when people thought that the gods favoured a deal, they approached it with a positive attitude that in it sometimes insured success. Songs, poems, and stories help to explain how people captured basic things like simple speech, fire, grain, wine, oil, honey, agriculture, metalwork, and other skills and arts. Out of the numerous mythologies, the mysterious Greek myth, the Trojan War just seems

  • Who Lived In Troy

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    TROY Troy is the city of Bronz Age which is mostly known with Trojan war of ancient Greek. In Hittite Language; Vilusa or Truvisa, In Greek Language; Τροία, Troia or Ίλιον, İlion, In Latin Language; Troia or Ilium In my essay, firstly, I will give some informations about Troy,and then who lived in Troy,the archeological site of Troy, and at the end of my essay, i will give my references. Troy is a city well-known in terms of history and legend and was situated in northwest Anatolia.And it islocated

  • Iliad And Beowulf Analysis

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    emotions can result in conflicts or war that can affect a large number of people. Homer’s Iliad places its focus on the story of its major character Achilles, a renowned warrior among Greeks, during the Trojan War. Beowulf highlights the adventure of Beowulf who shows the prototype of masculine qualities in the course of his

  • Differences Between Troy And The Iliad

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    Iliad to show how the Trojan War is portrayed in each of these. To begin, since Troy is formed from The Iliad, there are so many similarities between the two. One similarity I noticed was that Achilles mother, Thetis, reveals her sons fate in the movie and the book. In the book, Achilles says, For my mother the goddess, silver-footed Thetis, informs me that I must choose one or other manner of life and death. If I remain here, attacking the city and land of the Trojans, all hope of returning

  • Similarities And Differences Between Troy And The Iliad

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    Iliad to show how the Trojan War is portrayed in each of these. To begin, since Troy is formed from The Iliad, there are so many similarities between the two. One similarity I noticed was that Achilles mother, Thetis, reveals her sons fate in the movie and the book. In the book, Achilles says, For my mother the goddess, silver-footed Thetis, informs me that I must choose one or other manner of life and death. If I remain here, attacking the city and land of the Trojans, all hope of returning

  • Gods In The Iliad

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    deities are omnipotent, authoritative, dominant and immortal. If there is a need for supplication due to conflict or complication, humans turn towards the divine. Within the Iliad there are various gods who scheme a very significant role in the war of Trojan. The gods are very present, always observing, influencing guiding and most importantly, interfering in the actions of the humans. Athena, Apollo, and Zeus are three very influential divines and their interactions with human characters, along with

  • Importance Of Heroic Code In The Iliad

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    occurred between the Greeks and Trojans during the Trojan War. Among both sides there are warriors who follow a distinct code, known as the heroic code. This Heroic code helps portray the characteristics of the warriors and their perspective on war. This distinct code is composed of many elements such as arete, acceptance of fate, honour, excellence in war, leadership, courage and power. These traits are shown within the main warriors, Hector and Achilles throughout the epic war poem and helps to guide their

  • The Real Hero In Homer's The Iliad

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    In The Iliad, a real hero is brave and must not stand down, but also be victorious and willing to fight for his land. Paris offered to fight himself to not cause his innocent men to be killed, and Achilles actually won to bring justice to his dead friend Patroclus. In reality, none of these two men are the hero. Clearly, both men were being brave and killed many men, but it is not just about being the strongest and courageous. For the Iliad, there is a heroic code that a character must complete all

  • Role Of Fate In The Iliad

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    principle or ultimate agency, by which the order of things is presumably prescribed; the decreed cause of events, or time.” It is one of the major topics, which occurs in the Iliad. Fate is shown in both actions and consequences like battling in the Trojan War, and the result of either surviving, or dying. Fate takes in the lives of the mortals in the Iliad in many ways. It is used in foreshadowing different scenarios as we read from one book to the next. It defines what is happening in transition from

  • The Greek Themes: Poseidon And Zeus And Athena

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    friendships and arguments. Poseidon and Athena’s contest for Athens illustrate the Greek themes and ideals of rivalry and alliance. Many stories support this statement. Kronos and Zeus’ rivalry is a great example as well as Poseidon and Athena. The Trojan War and some of the gods is a great example of a team up. Finally, Hera, Athena, and Poseidon’s effort to overthrow Zeus shows an alliance. These stories create unique and different theme in the mythology world. One goddess that has a particularly large

  • Homer's Impact In The Iliad

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    provide an image of what may of been. The Iliad is a story staged ten years after the start of the trojan war. The story takes place through many battle and is essentially a political conflict between the greek gods Zeus and Achilles. Throughout the dispute between the Greek and the Trojan there are many casualties with one god supporting one side and the other supporting the other. The war ended when Achilles slayed Hector outside the gates of Troy, the gods are again at peace and hector is