Trojan War Essays

  • The Trojan Horse In The Trojan War

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    The trojan horse was a wooden horse,it was used to attack Troy and it won the Trojan war. The Greeks and Troy were in a battle.“Greece and Troy were at war.” The Greek army tried to trick the Trojans by acting like they left Troy.“Then one day when they saw the greek armies sailing away, they got confused. Soon in few days, all the warships, army tents and armies disappeared. The only thing that remained were the 80 ft tall strange wooden horse.” The Greeks used logic. It helped them because then

  • Suicide In The Trojan War

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    Honorable suicides like these are also well documented during the Peloponnesian War, which between 431 and 404 BCE saw Athens and Sparta fighting against one another for the supremacy over Greece. Honorable death by suicide was so significant that there were consequences if the warriors did not commit suicide. In the case of a battle in which the Athenians were victorious, the latter demanded the Spartans to surrender since they had them trapped in a situation that would result in certain death certain

  • The Trojan War Analysis

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    The Trojan War, written by Barry Strauss, discusses the series of events that took place during The Trojan War. Barry Strauss puts forth a variety of different evidence to present the idea that The Trojan War did exist and that Troy is real. In the introduction we learn about the evidence that was found throughout Troy by archaeologists. Strauss lays out evidence supporting the existence of Troy and proves that it was in fact a powerful place that posed a serious threat to Greece. Later on we learn

  • Agelaus: The Trojan War

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    The baby would one day cause the destruction of his country." Ten years of war, Trojans against Greeks, Goddess against Goddess. We call this the Trojan War. But how did this come to be? Who is to blame? We could point fingers all day but the choice is evident. It 's the source. Agelaus. Agelaus was told to kill the cursed child. He planned to do so "Agelaus left the child on Mount Ida to die from exposure". He returned five days after, to see if the plan had been successful. He found the baby still

  • Comparing Hercules And The Trojan War

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    but the stories all hold their moral meanings. A lot of these stories have been based around people or events that happen or affect either one man or multiple others. In Greek mythology there are multiple stories about heroes and wars; such as the story of the Trojan War, the odyssey, and the story of Hercules and the 12 labors. These tales are some of the most popular in mythology, mainly because they have been interpreted in many different ways to the point where everyone wants to know about this

  • Achilles: The Hero In The Trojan War

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    Achilles was not a God. He was the hero. He fought in the Trojan war. His father was Peleus, the King Myrmidons, he was extraordinarily fearless and skilled. His mother was Thetis, a Nereid. Achilles had great strength, Invincibility, and great skill in battles.(Achilles.)His powers are what made him heroic. His weakness is his achilles. When his mother dipped him into the river of styx, she was holding on to his heel. That was his weak spot. He was given a lot of objects to protect him. He had

  • Anachronism In The Trojan War: An Analysis

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    According to Greek mythology and history, the Trojan War was the greatest war ever fought. Scholars still read of this story in Homer’s Iliad, an epic poem denoting the events that occurred during the tenth and final year of the conflict. However, this story was not immediately written down, but was told orally for several hundred years until the Greek reinvention of writing in 750 BCE. Some modern-day scholars argue that the gap of time between the events depicted in the book and the time in which

  • Vengeance And Vanity In The Trojan War

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    The Trojan War begins in vengeance and vanity. It all starts when Paris the prince of a foreign land steals the bride of a king named Menelaus. To see why Paris choose to steal the bride of king which the act of doing so caused one of the greatest wars in history we have to look back a few years. Back first to the celebration of two nobles getting married. The King Peleus of the Myrmidons had just decided to get married to a sea nymph named Thetis. Many guests came to the wedding to the wedding including

  • Who Started The Trojan War Essay

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    Who started the Trojan War? “Legend has it that the war got its start at the only wedding between a goddess and a mortal, Thetis and King Peleus,” (Worth-Baker). Some people blame Aphrodite for starting the war, some blame Helen, Eris, Paris, and even Zeus. Who was the one who actually started the Trojan War? It was Paris who started the war. Some might say Paris only judge for the fairest goddess, how could he start the war. Don’t forget that the judgment of Paris led to conflict between the Olympians

  • Why Was The Trojan War Important

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    The Trojan War, part of Greek history, was a war between Greek soldiers and the Trojans. This war took place after Paris, King of Troy abducted Helen, the wife of the Spartan ruler, Menelaus. The ruler and his Greek citizens demanded the return of Helen, yet the abductor refused. Greek troops gathered and went to war against Troy. After nine years of fighting and war, the Greeks who were led by Odysseus finally conquered Troy. The history of the Trojan War is important, but why? The history of the

  • What Is Zeus's Role In The Trojan War

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    The Greek gods viewed the Trojan War as an elaborate chess game, where the gods and goddess have the role of a chess player and the humans are the game pieces and pawns. The gods have the ability to influence the decisions of each human or pawn. Zeus seems to be playing the role similar to that of an antagonist as he was the one who started the war or we can say the “game of chess”. This is a competition between the gods. The Trojan War was started because as seen in the myth of the golden

  • Odysseus As A Hero In Homer's The Trojan War

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    “The Hero doesn’t Get the Reward; the Hero Pays the Price” (anon). One of the heroes who paid the dear price was Odysseus, a hero who fought in The Trojan War. Odysseus was the man who came up with the plan to build the wooden horse, ending the rigorous fight with it. Odysseus was going back home after earning the victory for his country, which he was king of one of the kingdoms -Ithaca-. But Odysseus faced trials that constrained him ten years late to arrive home. His story about how he faced these

  • Goddess Of Revenge: Athena During The Trojan War

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    also known as the goddess of war and wisdom, had a kind heart, but when people betrayed her during the war, her morals changed. Athena contributed her power and superior morality to her people, but throughout the Trojan War, Athena only sought revenge and evil, hence proving she is more villainous than heroic. Due to Athena’s self interest during the Trojan War, she is put in situations where her villainous personality comes to light. Athena was named the goddess of war and wisdom from her wonderful

  • Achilles And The Trojan War

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    To begin with, the Trojan War is considered to be a myth by many scholars due to lack of discoveries that have been made at the site of the battle, which took place in the city of Troy, located in the far northwest region of Turkey. However, a couple of things that we surround ourselves with today have been named after presumed warriors that fought at Troy. Throughout the years many artifacts have been found at Troy, but it is unknown if those artifacts are connected with the war. Secondly, the cleaning

  • What Is The Relationship Between Odysseus And The Trojan War

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    serve the Trojan War. He leaves his son in the care of his grandmother and mother and goes to war. Hector, the greeks greatest warrior has died in war. Odysseus came up with a plan to enter Troy. One of Odysseus soldiers tries to trick the Trojans to take the horse as a gift. A fortune teller warns the trojans to beware of the greeks gifts. Poseidon sends a Sea-Serpent to eat the fortune teller. The soldier tells the general that they will offend the gods if they don’t take the gift. The Trojan people

  • How Did Athena Fight In The Trojan War

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    Trojan War Why did they fight in this war? A Golden Apple inscribed “For The Fairest” thrown out by Eris, goddess of discord, among the gods. Goddess Aphrodite won the golden apple from Paris, because she offered him to have the best body ever, and that she would grant him the most beautiful women in the world. The abduction of Helen, began the Trojan war. Paris then stole Helen, wife of Menelaus, King of Sparta. The theft, abduction , and rape of Helen is what led to the Trojan War. Athena

  • Weapons In The Trojan War

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    Even though the Trojan War sets itself up as a very controversial topic to many people, there is one positive aspect to this topic. The Trojan War contributed specific evidence to our generation on how greeks fought or may have fought battles through the Illiad. One could classify homeric warfare used by the greeks with simple weaponry, specific tactics in practice and use of humanistic ideologies. First, an important topic of warfare to address is the types of simple weaponry used. The weaponry

  • The Iliad: The Beliefs Of The Trojan War

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    success in war, help achieve prosperity or make choices and promote balance in the land. If nothing else, when people thought that the gods favoured a deal, they approached it with a positive attitude that in it sometimes insured success. Songs, poems, and stories help to explain how people captured basic things like simple speech, fire, grain, wine, oil, honey, agriculture, metalwork, and other skills and arts. Out of the numerous mythologies, the mysterious Greek myth, the Trojan War just seems

  • Aphrodite: The Main Causes Of The Trojan War

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    goddess, and had multiple affairs with many gods and mortals. This caused her to be unfaithful to many of her lovers. She used her powers to help men charm women with a love spell (Simon). Aphrodite was also one of the main causes of the start of the Trojan War. She was exchanged a golden apple that would make her the most fairest goddess. She promised Paris eternal love from Helen, who was already

  • Ulysses After The Trojan War Analysis

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    What is one to think about the Decisions of Ulysses? Ulysses a great king/war genral, traveled the world for various reasons. During this time away from home Ulysess was able to gain a feeling of Self worth. Shortly after the end of the trojan war, Ulysses began his journey back home to Ithaca. This is where things will change for those native to the land of ithaca as well as Ulysses. As he get closer and closer to home he then realizes that his heart and passion is no longer with leading the nation