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  • Participation Trophies

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    Participation Trophies Have you ever won a trophy or medal? How did it make you feel after winning that award? You probably felt pretty well right. Participation Trophies are a big issue in the world today. A Debate that has been raging about whether kids should get participation trophies at young ages or not. Many people believe they should get participation trophies, but many people believe they should not. I think kids should get participation trophies at young ages only. Participation

  • Participation Trophies

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    Participation Trophies are Not Needed What’s your favorite sport? I’m guessing if it’s your favorite sport you work very hard for it, right? You don’t get rewarded for being there, though. You get rewarded for working hard and winning, and that’s how it should be. Kids should not be getting participation trophies because they are getting they’re getting rewarded for nothing. I understand why parents say they are a good thing because their kids work very hard. But, not every kid works hard and the

  • Sports Participation Trophies

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    give out participation trophies to everyone who tries in the game or participates in the tournament? A popular discussion today is if sports participation trophies should be given to everyone who plays. My side of the argument is to not give out participation trophies just for showing up and playing. There is a variety of reasons why participation trophies are a bad idea to kids sports. My first reason to not give them out is because the pride of winning and getting a trophy should be earned. No

  • Trophy Persuasive Speech

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    at least one participation trophy sitting in your room/basement right now. I know that I do! But, I didn’t earn that trophy. When I was young, that participation trophy made me think that I was the best and that I won at everything. But, that isn't right. Kids should not be given trophies just for participating in sports. By giving a child a trophy for participating, it takes away the value of the award. Should the hardest working player on the team get the same trophy as someone who just shows up

  • Trophys Should Not Be Allowed In School

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    announce that your team got first but everyone still get a trophy. How would you feel to give a 100% and get the same trophy as a person who only gave 50%. There is a debate on should we give out participation trophies. Many people think everyone should get a trophy for going out there and trying. Others think that is good for kids to not get a trophy and it is not teaching them anything. I think that they should not give out participation trophies , the kids should have a chance to lose. The people who

  • Persuasive Essay On Participation Trophies

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    society, more and more kids are getting participation trophies for doing nothing except showing up. Yes it is important to teach kids to do their best, but being awarded just for being as good as you already are doesn't give kids the motivation to make themselves even better. Why would they want to improve if they already have that shiny trophy? I do not believe that participation trophies should be handed out like they are. Participation trophies are a form of rewards that give young children a reward

  • Should People Be Allowed To Participation Trophies?

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    A problem today is that going on today is participation trophies. Parents and coaches debate whether they should be handed out or not. Why give out something that you’re just going to go home and put it on a shelf and never touch it again? I think it’s useless and unnecessary. I believe people should not receive participation trophies. Participation trophies are not beneficial to kids and adults for lots of reasons. They could possibly lead to narcissism. According to CNN, studies have shown that

  • Why Participation Trophies Are Good

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    how participation trophies are good for the kids or bad for them. I think that participation trophies should be given to the kids. There are different reasons why participation trophies are good. The children mostly honor the commitment if they get a trophy and that they know that the commitment is worth keeping up. It reminds them they are apart of doing something they love doing. It might help bring back the kid for the next season to keep them motivated.(Website #2). Trophies are to let the children

  • Advantages And Disadvantages Of Participation Trophys

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    He calls each kid and gives them a participation trophy and then tells them what a great job they've done this season. Do you agree or disagree that participation trophies should be used? There is a big debate between the use of participation trophy. Some people like the ideas of participation trophies and some people absolutely hate them. I think participation trophies are wrong. However, I would not make my child get rid of his or her trophy. People have different reasons behind what they believe

  • Should Kids Get Participation Trophies For Trying?

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    A popular issue today, should kids get participation trophies for trying? One side says, “Yes they should get participation trophies”. While the other side declares “No they should not get trophies”. I believe that kids should not get the trophies. Not handing out trophies will help kids in many ways. I think that we should not hand out trophies for trying because it helps you realize that you are going to lose in life. It will teach you how to deal with losing so you don’t have to when you get older

  • How Participation Trophies Affect Children

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    value. When I asked Mrs. Norman, a coach at Deridder High School, why she personally felt that participation trophies affect children, she responded, “From experience, I’ve realized that handing out a trophy to children makes them think that they will get rewarded for doing nothing, and that is not how life works at all. You have to put the work in.”If every young player receives a trophy for merely showing up to practice, and playing games, the exceptional players are slighted. The same applies

  • Persuasive Essay On Why You Shouldn T Get A Trophy

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    Why do you deserve to get a trophy just because you showed up some place? Its doesnt make you feel better about yourself. It doesn’t stand for the efforts that you showed. A popular issue today has been about should kids get a participation trophies or not. I believe that you shouldn’t get a trophy because you showed up. I believe that kids shouldn’t get participation trophies for the following reasons. First of all, they don’t try their best. According to US Today, the children already know

  • We Give Our Children Too Many Trophys Essay

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    Do We Give Our Children Too Many Trophies? A trophy symbolizes a win or an achievement, but does it mean anything if you get a trophy just because everyone else did? If you are awarded a trophy and you know that you have not done anything to deserve it then you might feel bad about yourself. If you know for sure that you are going to get a trophy, then why would you go to practice, lessons, or even competitions or games? If there is a limited number of trophies and rewards to be handed out then

  • Analysis: Are Prepation Rewards Good To Give To Kids?

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    “Are participation trophies good to give to kids?.” Getting them trophies makes them feel like they are winning something and it is showing them to work hard to achieve greatness. People have been talking about how NFL Linebacker James Harrison and his Instagram post. In the post Harrison talks about how his sons got a participation trophies from their football coaches and how he decided to give the trophies that they earned back. This is wrong, the kids should have the trophies so they can showcase

  • Essay On Why Americans Should Not Be Allowed In Sports

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    many youth athletes find that trophies take up their rooms and have no meaning behind them, such as using them as door stoppers. When kids were being asked about the trophies they knew they didn’t have to try their best to get the trophies, which isn't fair to the ones who did. While I see that not everyone is a winner and that sometimes participation is the best a kid thinks they can achieve, I think that would strive them to do better. No, participation trophies shouldn't be given because of the

  • Should Kids Get Backwards For Participation?

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    Many kids these days are getting trophies for participation. If a kid looses they get a trophy and it makes them feel better, but have we ever thought of what it could do in the long run? Some people think that kids should get trophies for participation and some think to not, but the people saying they’re ok are makings there kids have the wrong idea. Participation trophies are a huge argument across the globe. There are many reasons why people think that kids should not get them. One reason why

  • Pros And Cons Of Participation Trophiess

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    Participation Trophies the Good and the Bad Say you are in the last game of the season and you didn’t win any games this season but you still get a trophy, what do you do with it? This has been a large discussion that has spread it all started with a NFL linebacker James Harrison wouldn’t let his two sons take their participation as they ended their season. Participation trophies aren’t a good idea for many reasons. I don’t agree with handing out participation trophies for the following reasons…

  • Why Do Athletes Get Participation Backward?

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    efforts were wasted? If you do, you are not alone. People have been debating about whether athletes- regardless of age- should get participation trophies for quite some time. It appears that there is no right answer, but one truly outshines the other. I believe that athletes should not be given participation trophies, no matter how old. Participation trophies are a negative factor in sports for many reasons. They take away the feeling of success from winning teams. I mean, what is the point of trying

  • Participation Backwards: Ruining Kids And Youth Sports

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    participation trophies. I feel that participation trophies and ruining kids and youth sports. There are many reasons why the dreadful participation trophy is ruining sports. For instance, if sports leagues got rid of participation trophies they could save money and buy better safety equipment. According to an article in the New York Times, an Oklahoma Little league had to drop participation trophies because of budget problems. Did you know that three billion dollars are spent on participation trophies each

  • Athletes Should Not Be Allowed In Sports Research Paper

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    participation trophy? According to "Trophies For All," athletes are being rewarded with participation trophies. Participation trophies do not give kids the right idea about earning things in the real world. They are also not the best use of ball club's limited amount of money. Additionally, trophies can start to lose their meaning. However, coaches believe participation trophies could be worth a few bucks to bring a smile to kids' faces. No, I do not think all athletes should get a trophy just for showing