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  • Essay On Tropical Rainforest

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    Research shows why deforestation of rainforests happen around the world and why should we care. Introduction During this modernization era, more and more rainforests are actually disappearing from the surface of the Earth very quickly without us realizing it. Rainforests are said to be covering almost one third of the Earth’s surface providing lots of environmental benefits such as the prevention of climate change, soil conservation, preservation of biodiversity and the hydrologic cycle (Chakravarty

  • Deforestation In Tropical Rainforests

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    development. Tropical rainforests play important ecological roles: 1. Rainforests are the oldest ecosystems on Earth and house almost half of the world’s flora and fauna. 2. They contain many unique species which provide food, medicine and other biological products. Plants from tropical rainforests already provide about one-quarter of today’s pharmaceutical products. According to the National Cancer Institute, 70% of the plants useful in the treatment of cancer can only be found in the tropical rainforests

  • The Importance Of Tropical Rainforests

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    Tropical rainforests are essential to the global ecosystem and human survival. They form a world like no other and are incomparable in terms of their biological diversity. Tropical rainforests are a natural reservoir of genetic diversity which offers a rich source of therapeutic plants, high yield foods, and a myriad of other useful forest products. They are an important habitat for nomadic animals and continue as much as 50 percent of the species on Earth, as well as a number of diverse and unique

  • Advantage Of Organic Fertilizers

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    Organic fertilizers are fertilizers made from organic materials, usually coming from natural resources and free from harmful chemicals. These organic fertilizers cannot be usually seen in markets, due to the fact that there are more chemical fertilizers being manufactured in the market. Organic fertilizers are minimally processed; thus, the nutrients remain bound up in their natural forms rather than being extracted and refined. Considering that in today’s time, people are becoming more conscious

  • Jungle Narrative Report

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    Walking through I felt as though I had been welcomed into the home’s of thousands of creatures, all sheltered under a chain of colossal trees each towering over one another. A roof to many they loomed over leaving spaces for light to seep in. My expedition wasn’t only to walk through observantly but to witness the abundance of life and the burst of color the jungle brought and I felt privileged to be able to. The air felt moist and I couldn’t help but sweat profusely while treading lightly through

  • 8 Reasons Why We Need To Protect Endangered Species

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    Why should endangered species be protected by humans? People should know that animals and plants are creature that have the right to live in peace. Endangered species are animals and plants that will be extinct because of human activities such as hunting. Some people would use many kind of animals to take their leather and use to it as clothes, bags, and shoes. Also, humans are cutting plants in a suspicious way without thinking about this act and how it may affect nature. Due to this horrible action

  • Euphemism In Beloved

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    Anna Tikhomirova Courtney P2 2/13/2018 10 on 1 “It’s a tree, Lu. A chokecherry tree. See, here’s the trunk - it’s red and split wide open, full of sap, and this here’s the parting for the branches.You got a mighty lot of branches. Leaves, too, look like, and dern if these ain’t blossoms. Tiny little cherry blossoms just as white. Your back got a whole tree on it. In bloom. What God have in mind, I wonder.” (Page 79) Over the course of reading the novel Beloved, I came across a fascinating

  • Rattus Case Study

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    ungulates (>160).The exclusion of cats (>90), suid ungulates (>55), and rabbits (>45) is less as compare to rodent pests. The islands less than 500 ha (68%) and in temperate climates (72%) has been projected for eradication of pests. The pest control in tropical islands may protect biodiversity. The studies showed that regulate advanced data for elimination and controlling of pests for maintain the biodiversity of ecosystem of

  • Persuasive Speech On Wildlife Conservation

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    Imagine you live in a world where there are no plants, forest, animals, or oceans all there is in where these things us to be is concrete, landfills of garbage, and buildings. This is what will transpire if we do not protect or wildlife, wildlife conservation is a very important situation as it helps keeps plants and animals off the endangered list. According to the World Wild Life organization there are twenty-six endangered animals and twenty-one critically endangered animals this is very overwhelming

  • Deforestation In Rainforest

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    we have is because of deforestation. All that we want to do is help others to get them to a better place. But unfortunately for them in Brazil, it is harder for them because of the Amazon Rainforest. Many believe that the Amazon rainforest should be untouched and remain in peace, they believe that the rainforest could be used to supply for all not just in Brazil but a lot of other people around our world. The one thing that is unfair is that so many other places have deforested their land already

  • Vertical Distribution Essay

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    in the complex tropical rainforest is important to understanding butterfly diversity and thus, determining butterflies responses towards forest disturbance. Keywords: Vertical distribution, canopy, fruit-feeding butterflies, baited trap. 1.0 INTRODUCTION Lowland tropical forests are widespread wilderness region with unknown life forms. However, due to human activities the habitat fragments become degraded. As stated by Bowles et, al. (1998), because of tropical rainforest are being damaged

  • Forestry Objectives In Brunei

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    Brunei Darussalam’s tropical forests are managed optimally, sustainably and sound’s ecologically. Brunei’s tropical forests are divided into five categories: a) Protected forest - For critical watersheds and ecological preserves. b) Conservation forest - For natural habitats, wildlife sanctuaries and education especially for scientific researches. c) Recreational forest - For outdoor recreational activities such as hiking and jungle trekking. d) National park - For ecological and education such

  • Speech On Deforestation

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    deforestation can sum up to 18million acres of land. Although deforestation takes place throughout the world, the most damaged areas are those covered with tropical rainforests. Almost half of the entire rainforests has already been cleared from the world. NASA predicts that if deforestation continues at this rapid pace, there will be no signs of the rainforests within the period of coming 100years. This is really a warning and moreover, a threat to the

  • Deforestation In The Philippines

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    Deforestation in Indonesia and the Philippines   Deforestation has become a major concern worldwide for the last century. It has been one of the most concerned global problems to people in different parts of the world. The aim of this essay is to compare deforestation in two countries with high deforestation rates, which are The Philippines and Indonesia by looking at the incidence of deforestation, the main causes and some major government policies in these two countries. Indonesia and The Philippines

  • Diversity In The Amazon Rainforest

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    The amazon rainforest is home to various different kinds of species ecosystems that work equally separate and together to perform their roles that are vital to humans and wildlife that have adapted to its uses and benefits. The interlinking web of ecosystems and creates a unique biological richness that cannot be compared across the globe which is an accurate representation of how truly magnificent and important the Amazon is. Because the climate is not the same across the world, biodiversity is

  • Hornbill Literature Review

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    3.0 Literature Review 3.1 Hornbill Hornbills from Family Bucerotidae under Order Coraciiformes are found in tropical Africa and Asia. Although they have large bills, they are not closely related to the American toucans. There are 54 species of hornbill worldwide (Smythies, 1999) and only 8 species can be found in Borneo namely Rhinoceros hornbill, White-crowned hornbill, Bushy-crested hornbill, Wrinkled hornbill, Wreathed hornbill, Black hornbill, Oriental Pied hornbill and Helmeted (Hessels, 2008)

  • Essay On Colobus Monkeys

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    Living and native to the forests of African, its home to hundreds of epidemic animal species, and supposedly no where else in the world. There are many species of the colobus monkeys all with their own appearance. There are three types of colobus the Black and white (genus Colobus), Red Colobus (genus Pillocolobus), and the Oliver colobus (genus Procolobus). The colobus monkey are consider part of the clarification of mammals, as most of the species an earth started. Colobus monkey spits off

  • Agriculture In Assam Essay

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    Assam is located on the eastern side of Himalayas. It comprises the Brahmaputra Valley, Karbi Anglong with an area of 78,440 km2. The Assam comes under tropical monsoon rainforest climate region . Assam is one of the areas which could not get benefitted from green revolution. Here farmers are still using TVs seeds in the large area. The yield (kg/ha) is quite low in this region also. The yield of TVs in 2003-04 is 1399 kg/ha which is increased to 2249 kg/ha in 2010-11 whereas for MVs yield was 2220

  • Effects Of Deforestation In Borneo

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    population of approximately 16 million. Borneo is home to the oldest tropical rainforests in the world, which are approximately 130 million years old. These extravagant rainforests have up until recently entirely covered the island. Amidst the world’s most biologically varied ecosystems, the tropical rainforests in Borneo are home to many animal and plant species, including gibbons, Orang-utans, sun bears, and more. The rainforests are also home to many endangered animals. The forests in Borneo are

  • Essay On Amazon Rainforest

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    The Amazon River Basin is home to the largest rainforest in south America and the earth. The basin is about 5.5 million km² in size which shows it’s massive. The forest spreads over all these South American countries Brazil, Peru, Ecuador, Colombia, Venezuela, Guyana and Suriname. The amazon is made of up lots of ecosystems and vegetation types including many forests like seasonal and flooded forests and even savannas. The amazon river is the world’s largest river of discharge but it is the second