Ultrasound Essays

  • Ultrasound Technician Research Paper

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    What is an ultrasound technician you ask? An ultrasound technician is a person employed, skilled, and licensed to use a machine to examine and see body structures such as, tendons , muscles, joints, vessels, and internal organs. The main idea is to find a disease. There is also what you call an obstetric ultrasound which is used specifically just for examining pregnant women. The ultrasound machine has seven different parts, “the first part which is the most important part which is referred to the

  • Endovenous Laser Treatment

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    recovery time and has no post-procedure pain. You can say goodbye to unsightly bulging, twisted veins, swollen legs, itching and pain. Endovenous means inside the vein and ablation means heat. A catheter is guided into the affected vein using ultrasound, and a thin laser fiber is threaded into the catheter, which is then pulled out. The laser fiber is precisely placed at one end of the affected vein. Once the laser fiber is placed the full extent of the vein, heat from the laser is applied and

  • Essay On Diagnostic Medical Sonographers

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    Diagnostic imaging is used every day all over the world and is growing rapidly. It is used in the hospital, OB/GYN offices, outpatient care centers, medical and diagnostic laboratories, and physicians’ offices (Cross, 2017). A diagnostic medical sonographer utilizes special equipment with sound waves to generate images. These images are used for assessing and diagnosing various medical conditions (Diagnostic, 2016). When most people hear the word sonography they think of pregnancy. Although, sonography

  • Summary: A Career As A Sonographer

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    “The outlook in this field is extraordinarily favorable, diagnostic medical sonographers and ultrasound technicians should experience job growth of 46 percent nationwide between 2012 and 2022 ranking the field among five fastest growing occupations in the country and resulting in 27,000 new jobs” (Boyle). The job for this career should grow in most

  • A Career In Diagnostic Medical Sonography

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    associates degree. I’m looking at Keiser University, Central Ohio Technical College, Pennsylvania College of Health Sciences for an education. There are two different diagnostic medical sonographer degrees. One being general. It includes ultrasounds of the abdominal organs (liver, gallbladder, and kidney), pelvis, obstetrics (pregnancy), superficial structures (breasts, testis, thyroid, and abdominal blood vessels. The other, cardiovascular, are looking at the heart and circulatory systems

  • Cardiac Ultrasound

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    cardiac injury such as rupture of the free ventricular wall die quickly. One research report described patients with blunt cardiac rupture who were rapidly diagnosed and aggressively managed because of early bedside ultrasound. The authors stressed the importance of prompt cardiac ultrasound in all patients with significant blunt chest trauma.Cardiac rupture causes a pericardial effusion, which will be easily recognized during the FAST exam. Severe global ventricular dysfunction may also be noted during

  • Physics In Ultrasound

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    greatly from the use of physics. One great and famous example is the invention of ultrasounds. .Sound is caused by tiny, fast movements known as vibrations, and it travels in waves from its source to a specified receiver. These sound vibrations can vary in size, which is amplitude, and in rate, which is frequency. The larger the amplitude the louder the sound, and the higher the frequency the higher the sound. Ultrasound is a device that creates an image of a part of the inside of the body. It relies

  • The Importance Of Ultrasound

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    Ultrasound can be used as an alternative to x-ray for many investigations to minimize the use of radiation. The utility of ultrasound in the NICU lies in its portability, reliability and lack of radiation exposure. In NICU, ultrasound can be used for a wide range of indications, such as research, proceed guidance and rapid assessment of critical emergencies. In addition, ultrasound can be a guidance to improve safety and success rate of clinical procedures, such as umbilical vein catheter (UVC)

  • Ultrasound In Anaesthesia

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    ultrasonographyOver the last 10 years, ultrasound has developed into an indispensible tool in anaesthesia and intensive care. Ultrasound is not new to medicine but its use in anaesthesia is. Ultrasound technology is emerging rapidly and the field of anaesthesia is not untouched by its widespread applications. Uses of ultrasound in anaesthesia:  Establishing vascular access  Regional anaesthesia for nerve blocks  Trans-oesophageal echocardiography tool for cardiac imaging  Lung imaging  Viewing

  • The Pros And Cons Of Ultrasounds

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    Ultrasounds, invented in 1956, form images by sending out sound waves. Being the first device created to see inside patients, ultrasounds spared copious amounts of patients from undergoing the previous option of diagnostic exploratory surgery. The ultrasound has sustained its desirable reputation to this day, providing easily attainable imaging worldwide and remaining a quintessential tool in the medical world. Ultrasounds are relatively small and portable, which opens up a plethora of options

  • Essay On Ultrasound Scans

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    The science of ultrasound scans In this essay I will be discussing whether the use of communications technologies on a daily basis encourage us to interact with complex ideas more deeply and thus leading us to a better understanding of science. The use of ultrasound scans is one way in which we could use science and technology in order to make it easier for pregnant women to see their babies before they are born and for them to see whether the baby is a girl or boy. Sound is fast movement called

  • Physics Of Ultrasound Essay

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    Physics of ultrasound Dr. Madhav Swaminathan, Dr. Aashish Jain Abstract: Medical practice of ultrasound is constantly expanding. It is now used for not only screening and diagnosis of various diseases, but also to enhance care in the field of anaesthesia and intensive care. Ultimately, the quality of care depends on imaging quality. Practitioners of ultrasound therefore need to understand the physics and principles behind the technology in order to create optimal images. In this article, we will

  • Ultrasound In The Food Industry

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    Definition: Ultrasound is sound waves with a frequency that cannot be heard due to the limit of the human hearing. Some animals use ultrasound for navigation such as dolphins or for hunting such as bats using the information carried by the sound waves.1 2. Introduction: In this assignment the non-thermal food process that was studied was ultrasound. In the following assignment ultrasound is looked at under different headings according to their use in the food industry. Ultrasound is looked at under

  • The Benefits Of Ultrasound Therapy

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    When talking about ultrasound therapy, which is one of the most practical treatment in healing soft tissues, reducing pain, is widely used nowadays. There are two main types of ultrasound therapy. One is called thermal therapy and the other one is mechanical therapy. The difference between them is the rate at which the sound waves traverse the tissues. When comparing to Thermal ultrasound therapy, Mechanical ultrasound therapy has a lower heat effect on the tissues since pulses of sound waves are

  • The Importance Of Ultrasound In Cardiology

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    catheterization laboratory. Ultrasound has been an exceptional tool in assisting physicians with selection of coronary balloons, and stents for percutaneous coronary interventions. As a critical piece of data collection, ultrasound measurements have emerged as a frontrunner in evaluating vessel diameter and intra-lumen irregularities. This measurement and visualization has become paramount in the cardiac arena, when choosing proper sizing for stent selection. The influence of ultrasound in cardiology has

  • Ultrasound During Pregnancy

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    Ultrasounds are most commonly known for their use in viewing and monitoring unborn fetuses. Obstetric ultrasounds were introduced in the late 1950’s and were first used during pregnancy to detect health issues, such as fetal abnormalities or ectopic pregnancies so that expectant parents could determine whether or not they should terminate their pregnancy. It was discovered by Alice Stewart an epidemiologist; that ultrasounds were safer than X-rays for imaging fetuses. This is why ultrasound is

  • Essay On Ultrasound Tomography

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    Role of thoracic ultrasound in diagnosis of pulmonary and pleural diseases in critically ill patients Introduction: Traditionally, lung imaging in critically ill patients is usually performed either by bedside chest radiography (CXR) or thoracic computed tomography (CT), but both techniques have limitations which constrain their usefulness. Although thoracic CT is the gold standard for lung imaging, it is expensive and cannot be performed on a routine basis as the transportation of critically

  • Essay On Ultrasound Waves

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    the sound that is described in decibels (dB). The larger the amplitude, the louder the sound. In contrast, smaller amplitude meaning that the sound is soft. Sound could be differentiate into two types, infra (audible) and ultra (inaudible) sound. Ultrasound waves have a frequency above the normal range

  • The Role Of Ultrasound In The Medical Field

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    In the medical field, ultrasound played a significant role due to the fact that doctors can't see the patient’s organ failure without going through a surgery of opening the patient’s body. Ultrasound is one of the most safest and painless solution to this. Ultrasound imaging is known as sonography. It is known that ultrasound is a type of sound that is too high pitch for human to hear. It is approximately more than 20 000 Hertz. Ultrasound is the opposite of infrasound, which is a sound wave

  • Write An Essay On Ultrasound Technician

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    contributed towards medical diagnoses and treatments. Ultrasound technicians have become a valuable aid in the development of modern medicine as a whole. A sonographer is a key first defense when encountering internal health issues. Their duties cover obtaining patient information, preparing and operating the diagnostic equipment in addition to interpreting the captured images to detect any abnormalities present (“What Diagnostic Medical”). Stated