Unemployment Essays

  • Unemployment And Unemployment

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    Unemployment is an issue that occurs when a person who is searching for job/employment is unable to find work. Unemployment is also used as a measure of the health of the economy. The economists define unemployment as a condition of jobless within an economy. Unemployment is lack of usage of resources and it bites up the production of the economy. It can be concluded that unemployment is in a inerse relationship with productivity of the economy. The history of unemployment is related to history of

  • Unemployment Causes Of Unemployment

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    Causes of unemployment In Kashmir There are many reasons of which the problem of unemployment is a repercussion. The youth here in the valley of Kashmir view the problem more to be the indirect consequences of conflict, insurgency than to any other. Since the onset of insurgency and violence in Kashmir the concern towards a comprehensive economic policy was lacking until in the recent years Govt. of J&K have shown some sort of a concern to think upon the matter seriously. Now the situation has

  • Relationship Between Unemployment And Unemployment

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    tradeoff between inflation and unemployment. Though the rate of inflation and unemployment are the major goals. It is not possible to achieve both low inflation and low unemployment at the same time. Since inflation is the function of monetary policy while unemployment is the function of fiscal policy. The aim of implementing monetary policy is to sustain the level of inflation by sacrificing its employment. On the other hand, the goal of fiscal policy is to lower the unemployment rate in the economy at

  • Structural Unemployment

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    Unemployment means unemployed people who are at legal age and jobless but actively looked for work in the past four weeks. They will not be counted in the labour force if they don't keep looking. Frictional unemployment, structural unemployment, cyclical unemployment, demand deficient unemployment and classical unemployment are the causes of unemployment. Even in a healthy economy, frictional and structural unemployment will also occur. Frictional unemployment Frictional unemployment is transitional

  • Unemployment Causes

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    Basically, there are two main different types of unemployment will affect the world today after the Great Depression that affected the United States of America in the 1930s. The Great Depression is the one of the most serious economic crises that spread all over across the country. The Great Depression had diverse effects in different countries as it would increase the cost of living, raising the taxable earnings of displaced workers, improving their children’s economic prospects, and reducing the

  • The Causes Of Unemployment

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    It is a well-known fact that unemployment represents one of the most important problems in the society worldwide. Specifically, it has become a worrisome subject in the European Union, due to the constant high rates of unemployment existing in most of its countries if we compare them with some other countries like Japan or even the United States, who presents low unemployment rates. But what does exactly unemployment means? Looking for a precise definition, we find that there is not a common meaning

  • Cause Of Unemployment

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    Unemployment is one of the main macroeconomic problems which is becoming the biggest barrier in the development of countries worldwide. The Bureau of Labour Statistics (BLS), which is a unit of the United States Department of Labour, defines unemployed people as those who are jobless and have actively looked for work in the past four weeks. If they don't keep looking for a job, the BLS doesn't count them in the labor force. According to the International Labour Organization (ILO), over 210 million

  • Unemployment In The Caribbean

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    extent of unemployment and the distress it may cause on hospitality graduates. The literature will review sub-topics that will assist the researchers with answering the research questions which includes: What are the impacts of unemployment on hospitality graduates? What are the distresses that hospitality graduates face as a result of unemployment? How the distress faced impact the graduates? The sub-topics of that will be discussed in the literature will include causes of unemployment, consequences

  • Unemployment In The Economy

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    Unemployment is a vital issue in developing economies. When there is a high rate of unemployment, it refers that labour resources are not being utilized efficiently and full employment must be a major goal of any government because it maximizes the production. Okun’s (1962) states that a one percent point reduction in unemployment rate would increase output up to 3 percent. Therefore, the economy must continually expand to avoid the waste of unemployment. In achieving macroeconomic goal which is

  • Unemployment In The Workplace

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    contribute to rising unemployment levels. When many Americans see the word “unemployment” on the front paper of The Wall Street Journal, they often picture blue-collar factory workers in the Rust Belt losing their jobs to cheap sweatshop labor in Southeast Asia. While these images might reflect reality in some manufacturing towns (particularly in the 2000s), we often neglect to consider marginalized groups (such as LBGTQ employees) who face additional threats of unemployment due to societal factors

  • Youth Unemployment

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    Youth Unemployment in EU Every fifth young person is unemployed, plus over 4.5 million young people out of work in total .if we compare to the global unemployment rate, this is twice times more..It started from the global financial crisis of 2007–2008, people aged between 16 and 25 have been facing great difficulties with entering the labour market. The highest peak was in January 2013 when 24% of European youth were unable to find a job. Since then, the European Union started working on this issue

  • Unemployment In Brunei

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    Brunei has one of the highest rates of unemployment in the Asian region with about 11,546 people according to data shown in May 2014 by the Department of Economic Planning and Development (JPKE) courtesy of Borneo Bulletin (2015). As Brunei lacked both skilled and non-skilled workers, the countries has to depend largely on hiring foreign labour to execute the jobs that locals are not qualified to do. However, there are many concerns resulting from the high dependency of imported labour as it made

  • Unemployment In Philippines

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    Since 2010, the country has seen a steady growth rate with a decreasing budget deficit. Underneath the healthy figures, however, lies an unemployment rate that is among the highest in the Asia-Pacific region. Current unemployment rate in the country is 6.4% and and last year, almost 15% population went abroad seeking employment opportunities. According to the National Statistics Office (NSO), at least 18% of the unemployed in the country today are college graduates, but situation is very different

  • Unemployment In Thailand

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    The increasing number of graduate unemployment has been a serious alarm in different countries around the globe. However, it is a significant issue for developing economic growth of the nations. Since Thailand joined the ASEAN community, there are numerous research studies that shown Thailand’s economy and labor market has been decreasing steadily. According to Nguyen’s (2015) study, Thailand need to reconstruct the education system nationwide and improve the capabilities of finding careers that

  • Causes Of Unemployment In Bangladesh

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    been facing a lot of similar problems from the past. Today unemployment has become a serious problem that our government is having to deal with. Does having to deal with means something is actually being done to minimize this problem? What’s being done presently by our government is not enough even though they claim to try their very best to solve it discreetly. The rapid growth of population in Bangladesh is the main cause behind unemployment. At this rate, it is very challenging for the government

  • Essay On Unemployment In Russia

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    The main aim of this paper is to analyze the unemployment rate of Russia and to reveal the impact of Russian economic state on the unemployment rate and find an effective decision on how to decrease, if possible, the unemployment. Unemployment rate is one of the main distinctions that describes the economy of a country or a region. In general, it is appropriate to say that true that the higher the unemployment rate, the poorer the economy situation is. Russia is a one of the biggest countries in

  • Essay On Unemployment In Egypt

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    The Unemployment in Egypt Essay Unemployment is the back bone of every country, city, towns and every thing according to economy watch website unemployment is the one most major problem in Egypt for so many years and the government can't find any solution for it since year 1960. Total number of unemployment was under 200,000 in 1960 but it increased to 850,000 in 1967 and by 1986 this numbers increased to 2 millions which made so many problems in the last 10 years especially for the engineers. Egyptian

  • Three Causes Of Unemployment

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    Unemployment is one of the most profound issues a nation or an economy may face on a macroeconomic level. At an individual level, unemployment may cause severe impact on the living standard followed by psychological distress as well. Economists tend to focus on the causes of unemployment to reduce its repercussions and find solutions for the unemployed workforce. Different reasons and causes could lead to unemployment, and therefore the economists have divided unemployment into three main types

  • Impact On Youth Unemployment

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    As for the economy, the higher youth unemployment rate, the lower the tax revenues and productivity. When considering the society, political unrest and anti-social behaviour caused from unemployment among youth resulting social instability (Mascherine, Salvatore, Meierkord and Jungblut). On this occasion, both the academic circles and government sector increase awareness of youth jobless problem. Numerous studies and researches on addressing and improving the situation had been established, especially

  • Cause Of Unemployment In Egypt

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    What are the causes of unemployment in Egypt, and how does unemployment affect the country? Introduction Unemployment is an economic indicator marked by the fact that individuals actively seeking for jobs remain unhired or rather connotes to the number or proportion of people in an economic sector who are willing and able to engage in one function or the other to get a reward for their services, but are not able to get a job. Egypt is an emerging economy that was rapidly growing in the years before