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  • Essay On Urban Legends

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    Impact of Urban Legends on Various Art Forms of 21st Century Chapter 1: Introduction Urban legend, urban folklore or urban tale is a form of modern folklore which consists of stories that may or may not have been believed by their tellers to be true and often possess horror implications that are believable by their audience. An Urban legend necessarily does not originate in the urban area. Urban legends are passed through the years and it depends upon the teller to make changes according to him in

  • Folktales: The Importance Of Folk Tales?

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    What is folk tales? A folktale is a type of traditional story that tries to explain a story element attached to the common folk or which teaches some good to help people behave well in the world. “Such stories usually are fiction - based with magical or supernatural elements, and they often are woven around talking animals, royalty, peasants or mythical creatures. Initially passed down through oral tradition, they were a major means of educating people and were also a means of entertaining

  • Vampires Never Die Analysis

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    Danijela Akrapovic ENGL 1104-70 John Berke Chapter 8 questions 2/2/2018 Vampires Never Die Questions on Meaning 1. “With “The vampire” Polidori gave birth to the two main branches of vampiric fiction: the vampire as a romantic hero, and the vampire as a undead monster (Del Toro and Hogan, par.4). I believe, del Toro and Hogan wrote this essay because they wanted to give details of how vampires are made and analyze the motivation behind why they never die. Their purpose was to also draw comparisons

  • White Zombie Film Analysis

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    INTRODUCTION White Zombie is an American horror film directed by Victor Halperin which produces the different style of horror genre as first zombie film. According to the IMDb.com White Zombie was released on 4th August 1932. Comparing with other horror success films such as Dracula (1931) and Frankenstein (931), White Zombie is intention to a different kind of film as zombie horror genre. Many criticize on the acting and dialogues in film but the lighting and high contract black in white color

  • Analysis Of Vampires Never Die

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    Danijela Akrapovic ENGL 1104-70 John Berke Chapter 8 questions 2/2/2018 Vampires Never Die Questions on Meaning 1. “With “The vampire” Polidori gave birth to the two main branches of vampiric fiction: the vampire as romantic hero, and the vampire as undead monster (Del Toro and Hogan, par.4). I believe, del Toro and Hogan wrote this essay because they wanted to give details of how vampires are made and analyze the motivation behind why they never die. Their purpose was also to draw comparisons

  • Yeti: The Urban Legend From Nepal

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    Yeti, the urban legend from Nepal The Yeti is ancient legend of the people living in Himalaya and mountains of Asia and is also known as Abominable Snowman. The Yeti has been described as a muscular, covered with dark grayish hair weighing between 200-400 lbs.[1] Though dozens of trails and tracks in snow has been found sometimes but the existence of the Yeti has still remained unproven. Yetis are urban legends which are usually found in stories and rumors but there are no proper evidence of it in

  • Gender In Westernized Culture

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    Throughout bygone times, America has been unquestionably famous for its traditional line of westernized culture. For centuries, westernized culture has brought upon the segregation of sexes, along with the views and beliefs that each sex has a specific role to play in society. A prime example would be women. Women in the early nineteenth century did not carry as many rights as men did. Women’s roles were to take care of the kids and the house, while the men did all the tough work in the labor force

  • Realism Of Amos Tutuola's 'The Palm-Wine Drinkard'

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    AUTHORS Amos Tutuola is best known for the novel The Palm-Wine Drinkard. It was the first Nigerian book which achieved international fame. His adventure fantasies were based on traditional Yoruba folktales. Tutuola seems to be one of the most successful stylists in 20th century African literature. Terry Pratchett is an English author. He is best known for his Discworld series. His stories mostly take place in a fictional world which is shaped like a disc. Pratchett focuses on fantasy, parody and

  • Magic Realism In Chronicle Of A Death Foretold

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    Magic realism or magical realism is a genre where magic elements play a natural part in an otherwise mundane environment .Magic Realism is used in the novel Chronicle of a Death Foretold to show how usual occurrences seem mystical through the addition of illusory details. Although it is most commonly used as a literary genre, magic realism also applies to film and the visual arts . Marquez cleverly employs magic realism in his works (One Hundred Years of Solitude) to mix magic and reality so that

  • Literary Setting In 'The Reluctant Fundamentalist'

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    Setting is a literary element that writers use because it is that essential literary device which cannot be ignored by any writer in their literary piece. Setting in simple plane words is defined as the time and place in which action takes place. In other words it can also be defined as the description of writer’s world. Pictures, sounds and colors are drawn using words just like an artist painting a picture. The place of action along with time is the setting. The two main components of settings

  • Chivalry In Sir Gawain And The Green Knight

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    During the Medieval times chivalry was one of the most important characteristics a knight could display. Chivalry was viewed as a moral obligation that involved bravery, honor, respect, and gallantry. Knights were expected to uphold this code or face social consequences for any infractions, with punishments ranging from humiliation to termination of their knighthood. “Sir Gawain and the Green Knight” presents the struggles knights faced with honoring the chivalrous code at all times. Sir Gawain,

  • Hyperbole In The Black Legend

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    The term ‘Black Legend ' was coined by the Spanish historian Julián Juderían and expose this term in his book, La Leyenda Negra y la Verdad Historica (The Black Legend and the Historical Truth). ‘Black Legend’ is a term used by Juderían to indicate the accusation of several non-Spanish historians, most especially Protestant historians, to Spain and to the Spaniards as being cruel and intolerant to their colonies. In the Black Legend, a simplistic dichotomy is established between the “noble savages”

  • Descriptive Essay About Capflow City

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    There are no lights on in the house tonight, just an ominous glow. Tonight is one of those nights when the Capflow city fog gets thick. It gets so dense at times you can’t cut it, not even with a razor, but that’s the kind of luxury we have in Capflow. By six thirty in the evening, this brume would have already blanketed the docks; creeping like the evening shadow it trailed, engulfing the city. The mist makes daily commute very dangerous in Capflow city, and it’s not so much the fog, but that which

  • Compare And Contrast Beowulf And Grendel

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    We have read the Anglo-Saxon poem of Beowulf and watched the movie of Beowulf and Grendel. These two manifestations of one event have rather great differences in the characteristics and behavior of their characters. The movie seems to show the actual events of the tale while the poem seems to capture the events in an exaggerated and praiseful way towards Beowulf’s actions. In the movie, the poem’s narration is actually by a Geat, one of Beowulf’s men. The tales differ because of exaggeration and

  • Patriotism In Walt Whitman's 'O Captain ! My Captain'

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    When I was a middle school student, I had seen the movie "Dead Poet Society" which was one of my favorite movies. I have vividly remembered the last scene : a teacher is fired and he interrupts the class to collect personal articles; before he leaves, a student stands on his desk and salutes the teacher with the words "O Captain! My Captain!" Throughout the movie, I have learned "make your lives extraordinary", the Latin expression "carpe diem" by heart. "O Captain! My Captain!" is an extended metaphor

  • The Return Of Sherlock Holmes Analysis

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    Title:The Return Of Sherlock Holmes Author:Sir Arthur Conan Doyle Published Year:1903-1904 General Description: In this story it’s all about the adventure of a popular Detective person His name is Mr Sherlock Holmes and he have a friend that he partners in every adventure that they investigate his name is Dr Watson. They solve many crime in London and other countries that they need their helps to solve every crime.

  • Guillermo Del Toro Film Analysis

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    What is the story about? 2.2. Where does it take place in Spain? 2.3. Who are the characters around whom the story revolves? What are they like? 3. Main theme: Identify the main theme of the film and any other sub-themes if present—e.g., rural vs. urban life, euthanasia, resistance during the Spanish Civil War,

  • The Early Arab Literature: The Evolution Of Orientalism

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    Student’s Name Professor’s Name Subject DD MM YYYY ORIENTALISM Orientalism is an imagery pictured from the Western lens that visualizes differences of the Middle-east(Orient), specifically the Arab people, to the West(Occident) in terms of culture, norms, and sometimes, appearance. However, a significant amount of early oriental literature is not empirical, but imaginative. It involves seeing Arab culture as exotic, backward, uncivilized, and at times dangerous. Evolution of Orientalism The inception

  • Mr Jekyll Monster Culture Analysis

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    Mr. Hyde and Dr Jekyll majorly relates on the tale adapted from Robert Stevenson’s novella about a man who develops and takes a specific type of drug, which releases his evil side and turns him from a mild-mannered science man into a murderous maniac. As the plot goes on, his appearance changes along with the behavior. This paper analyzes this characters using Jeffrey Jerome’s concept as outlined in the “monster culture”. Discussion

  • Royalty And Power In Macbeth

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    Why are people always wanting to be at the top of the Social Pyramid? Macbeth is a play about people wanting power and if they aren't at the top, they will do anything to be at the top. Macbeth was one of those people. He wanted to be King and did anything for it. This play included lots of motifs like Royalty. Their were kings, the lower class, and everyone in between. Shakespeare included lots of royalty, power and the responsibility that came with it. Shakespeare says that royalty can change people