Vagina Essays

  • Odour In Vagina

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    What does the odour from a vagina signify? Is it normal? Many women wonder what their vagina should smell like, they think something is wrong with it if it gives out a discharge. A mild odour in a vaginal is considered normal, as is a small amount of discharge, typically clear, white or yellow and can be watery sticky or clumpy. Vaginal discharge is a way for the vagina to self clean and as long as the fluid does not have a fishy smell, sometimes accompanied by an itch in the labial region, it should

  • G-Spot Syndrome

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    When I read Dr. Kingberg argument that, "The G-spot is more likely found in a woman 's brain than her vagina", I couldn 't help but giggle and agree. I agree that a woman can achieve an orgasm through sexual and sensory pleasure. What goes between a woman’s legs also goes through her wave of emotions and thought processes. Women are complex beings, and without

  • The Vagina Homogeneity

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    VAGINA HOMOGENEITY OLOLADE AYANNIYI   The Vagina Homogeneity Copyright © 2014 by Ololade Ayanniyi ISBN: 978-978-51895-0-6 PUBLISHED BY; Potter n clay company Ikeja Lagos. Nigeria 234-8050773375. All right reserved. No portion of this book may be used without the written permission of the publisher, with the exception of brief excerpts in magazines, articles, reviews, etc. For further information; Author @ 234-7086613236 First edition; March 2014   ACKNOWLEDGMENT

  • Pope Paul VI: Responsible Parenthood

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    Pamela Anne C. Patdu 12-1498 As Pope Paul VI addressed to all men concerned, Honored Brothers and Dear Sons, Health and Apostolic Benediction; in the encyclical letter regarding the regulation of birth shows the Church’s stand on the issues of birth control and contraception, mainly “Of Human Life”. Imagine a man and a woman meeting for the first time. Imagine them make their way from friends to lovers. Imagine them in front of a fancy table, surrounded by people, finally saying their consent for

  • Egocentrism In Adolescence Research Paper

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    The concept of egocentrism during adolescence along with the challenges experienced Adolescents often believe that others are always observing and evaluating them all the time (). This type of behaviour leads to adolescence feeling self-conscious around people and they worry about the way the look when they go out to certain places, labelled the imaginary audience and personal fable (). These two concepts are features on the development of adolescence and explanation of self-awareness and risk-taking

  • Masculinity In E. E Cummings Porphyria's Lover

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    Love. The sole word generates depictions of passionate acts, entwined lovers, romantic glimpses, murmured expressions of compliment, and an all-embracing sentiment that exceeds the corporeal. In Robert Browning’s “Porphyria’s Lover’ and E.E Cummings “somewhere i have never travelled, gladly beyond” love is theorized as a play of power where lovers assume active and passive roles based on their dominance within the relationship. By juxtaposing Browning’s passive male speaker who cannot accept the

  • Johnny Got His Gun Analysis

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    In Johnny Got His Gun by Dalton Trumbo, Joe Bonham is stranded in a hospital bed without anything but a brain. He lost everything fighting in World War I; literally everything, his limbs, his eyes, his nose, his mouth, and his life. All he has left is his memory. In the novel, technology is presented in some of Joe’s memories to show the difference between the intended purpose and the outcome of technology, suggesting people’s reliance on technology while it is actually dehumanizing and oppressing

  • Symbolism In Glass Menagerie

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    Glass Menagerie Essay: Human Desperation and Fragility in Symbols and Literary Devices Dahee Chung AP English Literature & Composition Mr. Brice A 26 year-old woman plays with glass figurines upon a living room table. Too plagued by her own physical as well as mental disabilities, Laura contemplates only one future for herself: seclusion from the outside world where bad-encounter prevail the desire for good experiences. A lack of positive growth for Laura, along with the rest of

  • Eat And Loathe In Elizabeth Gilbert's Eat, Pray, Love

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    Eat, Pray, Criticize Elizabeth Gilbert has achieved a great success as being the writer of Eat, Pray, Love which is a story about a once happily married woman who divorces from her husband and decides to go on a long journey around the world in search of what Bitch Magazine calls ‘’an international safari of self-actualization’’ ( Eat, Pray, Loathe: Woman’s Travel Memoir as Moving Metaphysical Journey or Narcissistic New-Age Babble?, p.47). She suddenly realizes that ‘’ she doesn’t want

  • Essay On Mommy Makeover Surgery

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    What is a mommy makeover? After childbearing most women have a deformed body for which they require treatments like mommy makeover surgery. Mommy makeover helps in restoration of the body shape of a woman to where it was before pregnancy. Most women notice significant changes in their bodies post-mommy makeover surgery. There are many areas of the body that can be treated during mommy makeover surgery such as the breasts, waist, abdomen, genitalia and buttocks. A mommy makeover surgery is a one-time

  • Informative Speech: Living In A Sexualized Society

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    We still believe the myth that our “cherry” can be “popped” oh and speaking of, we still feel ashamed of saying the V word – vagina, and well, other related medical terms. We still find the idea of providing students with comprehensive sex ed a ridiculous one. Okay, now that I almost got to the point of my speech, I want to say for the record that remembering all these events

  • Stereotypes Against Bisexuality

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    What’sWrongWithBisexuality? Nothing. I could just end my post here, but you know I like to argue. And many people need me to argue about that subject, either because you also want them to be more accepted or because there are still many things you need to know before judging them. Homosexuality has been more accepted in our society during the past years, (even though we still have a lot of work to do) but now, bisexual people are the one that have to face many of the prejudices the gay community

  • Thesis Statement About Peer Pressure

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    Introduction. At first it may seem harmless, easy to stop, uninfluential… But once it happens it can change everything... Peer pressure, something that happens everyday but nobody notices.Peer pressure affects everyone all the time, everywhere you go because kids think it's cool when it's really not. They will make fun of you or talk you into it. It’s like how a fox sneaking up on it's prey, you never know it's happening until damage is already done. It’s probably one of the sneakiest issues teenagers

  • Yoga Pants Research Paper

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    he best thing about maternity tops is that most of them are quite long, to start with, so you probably already have some items in your closet that will match them very well. Tunics, long sweaters or dresses go very well with leggings. Wrap a belt over or under your tummy to shape and finish the outfit with a cute pair of low-heeled riding boots or comfortable sandals, depending on the season. For these reasons, leggings are amazing as a maternity wardrobe clothes: elastic, soft and versatile.

  • Some Like It Hot Analysis

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    Billy Wilder’s 1959 classic comedy called Some Like It Hot subverts the commonly accepted social norms regarding gender identity. It portrays two men dressed as women in order to escape a mob after witnessing the Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. Shortly after, they join an all-girl jazz band. Moreover, the two male characters (in disguise) involve themselves in relationships with members of both a man and a woman, further challenging the gender norms. Some Like It Hot is one of the first movies to

  • Mandatory Sex Education Persuasive Speech

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    Speech outline Topic: All schools should provide mandatory sex education. Purpose: To convince Specific Purpose: To convince my audience to support the provision of sex education in all schools. Introduction 1. Attention Getter: The provision of sex education in schools has been a controversial subject matter among different education stakeholders ranging from parents to educators. A focus, however, on the prevalence of adolescents’ abortion, pregnancy, and HIV and AIDS rates indicates significantly

  • Bog Queen Seamus Heaney Analysis

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    There’s Always a Chance Seamus Heaney created his poetry from finding inspiration of the things he experienced throughout his life, one of his many quotes that I personally favor is, “If you have the words, there’s always a chance that you’ll find the way.” Heaney’s utilizes aspects of his life, through his ancestors, violence of his homeland, and Ireland experience to shape his poetry. In Seamus’ Nobel Prize Speech he states, “I credit poetry for making this space-walk possible. I credit it immediately

  • Negative Effects Of Ageism

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    Ageism is a form of discrimination that affects almost every individual at some point in their life, whether it be in the work place or at the grocery store. Most examples of ageism are negative, often depicting the elderly as deteriorating, forgetful, or incompetent. Examples which characterize the elderly as "cute," although seemingly harmless, are still cases which overgeneralize the elderly population (Whitbourne & Whitbourne, 2011, p. 28). Ageism is often seen in popular media through greetings

  • Vagina Piercing Benefits

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    Taking proper care of your vagina is incredible important to ensure bacteria doesn 't enter. There are a variety of products available on the market that claim to improve the health and stop odors from occurring in the female genitals. Unfortunately, many of these products do more harm than good. Take care of your health with these tips. Steaming Several celebrities have come out and said that they have benefited from steaming their genital region. The process involves sitting on a stool while

  • Relationships In Catcher In The Rye

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    Throughout the course of their lives, humans form many important relationships, with people, institutions, and society. It is these relationships that impact a person’s life and they way they grow up. In J.D. Salinger’s The Catcher in the Rye, Holden Caulfield, struggling with the death of his brother and his recent expulsion from school, wanders New York City for several days. As Holden meets a variety of different people, including an old friend, a prostitute and his sister, he struggles with accepting