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  • The Mpemba Effect: Hot Water Freezes Faster Than Cold Water

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    The Mpemba effect is that, under certain circumstances and experimental parameters, it is observed that hot water freezes faster than cold water which sounds implausible since hot water, with a higher temperature than cold water, has a higher amount of internal energy which has to be lost before it starts to change its state and turn into ice. The effect got its name from Erasto Mpemba who discovered the effect that hot water freezes faster than cold water after he discovered that hot ice-cream freezes

  • Sodium Hydroxide Preparation

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    PREPARATION AND USES OF SODIUM HYDROXIDE, BLEACHING POWDER, BAKING POWDER, WASHING SODA Objective: To understand the use of common salt (NaCl) for preparation of chemicals such as Sodium hydroxide, Bleaching powder, Baking powder, Washing soda. The common salt (Chemical formula-NaCl, Chemical name- Sodium chloride) that we eat in our daily diet is the raw material for preparation of chemical compounds such as Sodium hydroxide, Bleaching powder, Baking powder, Washing soda. NaCl is a neutral salt

  • Vapor Pressure Lab Report

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    Vapor Pressure of Water vs. Temperature Use your observations from the pressure vs. temperature lab to answer the following questions: 1. What happened to the height of the water according to your lab investigation? I should see the terms vapor pressure and temperature properly used. 2. What happened to the vapor pressure of water as the temperature increased? 3. In your lab, you noticed that the height of the water changed as you increased the water temperature. Barometers work in a similar

  • Vikks Vapor Rub Case Study

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    are totally different from what they are originally supposed to be used for. Mothers are always excellent that way to get the best out of everything. So when we talk about multi-functional things from our households, Vicks Vapor Rub is a surprising yet a staple name. Vicks Vapor Rub, better known as Vicks, is a mentholated ointment that is used for suppressing cough. As children, we have all had our experiences with this ointment when we got cold, cough or fever. Our mothers would rub it on our chests

  • Thermodynamic Properties Of Exothermic Reaction

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    AIM Design an experiment to study a thermodynamic property of a chemical substance, a chemical reaction, a physical change or chemical phenomenon. BACKGROUND INFORMATION Standard enthalpy change of solution, ∆Hsolnø, is the enthalpy change when one mole of a substance dissolves in water to form a solution of infinite dilution under standard conditions.1 The standard enthalpy change can either be exothermic or endothermic. An exothermic reaction is a reaction where energy is released as a form of

  • Swot Analysis For Red Celebrity Vapor

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    Red Celebrity Vapor offers six vape shop locations over the Phoenix valley and we're one of the very best online vapes drink retailers. We have a hundred delightful and cheap vape juice varieties available online at wholesale prices. Our vape juice is presented in four different categories including breakfast, candy, fruity, and signature. When there is a specific flavor of e-drink that you want, visit one of your Queen Creek, Mesa, or Phoenix vape outlets, and our e-drink specialists shall make

  • Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII Advertisement Analysis

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    On Saturday, April 28, 2012, the Nike Mercurial Vapor VIII advertisement uses stars Cristiano Ronaldo to show the new advances in the Mercurial collection of shoes. Nike consciously targets the widest audience with their athletic apparel. An audience, which includes magazine readers, soccer fans, Ronaldo fans, Nike consumers and clients who play soccer, football, and track. On May 30, 1971, Blue Ribbon Sports assumed its official title of Nike Incorporated. The company is inspired by the Greek Goddess

  • Permafrost Research Paper

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    Two types of feedbacks that have substantial effects on climate change are the melting of permafrost and water vapor feedback. Both of these feedbacks are considered to be positive feedbacks, which implies that they amplify warming. Permafrost is permanently frozen soil that stores massive amounts of carbon. Permafrost occurs mostly in high latitudes, and comprises of approximately 24% of the land in the Northern Hemisphere. As temperatures increases as the result of climate change, permafrost

  • Vaping Should Be Illegal Essay

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    What would you do if your teen vapes. And now you know the dangers of it. Vapor Should Be Illegal in the U.S.A. because. It contains dangerous chemicals, is also a gateway to drugs, and finally it contains some of the same things as regular cigarettes. E-cigarettes contain dangerous liquid and solid chemicals. As well as this it can lead people to worse things like drugs. Furthermore vapor contains chemicals that are found in cigarettes. Some people believe that vaping is better than smoking but

  • Cause And Effect Essay About Vaping

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    it’s doors propped open and the gorgeous smells are trolling out of the sweet smelling bakery. You take a deep breathe in and all of a sudden are stopped mid-breathe by the scent of sour skittles. You look to your left and see a guy vaping, and the vapor coming from his device is eliminating the delicious scent of the bakery. Vaping has become a popular product on the market, but some of the effects it has on the body make it a worse choice than smoking. Those who vape are susceptible to bronchitis

  • Vapage Vaporizer Case Study

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    vigorous burn and exciting flavor. It is ideal for heavy smokers, who want to control the vapor and need an effective extraction of flavor while vaping. There is a wide range

  • Physics Lab: Investigating Water In Water

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    ice bath Observations: -vapor came out the top and bubbles were visible inside (boiling) -as soon as the can was flipped into the ice water, it was crushed -audible sound as the can was crushed Analysis: Right before you flip the can into the freezing water, what is the vapor pressure of water inside the can? The vapor pressure is high because increased temperature (boiling) means increased kinetic energy (the molecules

  • Molar Mass Of Gas Essay

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    A volatile liquid can be easily converted to its gaseous state, the gas that forms from vaporization is known as vapor and it is assumed to behave as an ideal gas. One of the properties that characterize a volatile liquid is determination of its molar mass. Dumas method also known as the vapor density method uses the vapor density of the unknown volatile liquid in determining its molar mass. The major assumptions of these methods are the substance behaves ideally. The molar mass of a volatile liquid

  • Humidity Logger Analysis

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    The Many Benefits Of a Humidity Logger Explained Humidity or the amount of water vapor in the air is a factor that affects us and everything around us including furniture and paintings. Vapor is the gaseous state of water and other liquids. How water vapor affects us? Why should you measure humidity levels in many industries and your home? What is the purpose of a Humidity Logger? We will cover all these important topics in this article. So, if you are a warehouse/museum manager; you will benefit

  • Vaping Is Better Than Cigarettes

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    Jonathan Contreras Mrs. Roy English III 27 January 2016 Statement of Purpose 1. I will demonstrate that vapor devices are safer, less harmful than cigarettes and cost effective. 2. I am going to argue that it is a better alternative than cigarettes. 3. Vapor products (better known as e-cigs) only contain four chemicals: propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, natural flavorings, and in some cases nicotine, unlike cigarettes which have some three thousand plus chemicals. Jonathan Contreras

  • Fractional Distillation

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    because if taken simple distillation into consideration. The column has a lower temperature at the top then the bottom thus there is a lower vapor pressure (Gilbert 126). And therefore the bottom as a higher temperature and in order to reach an equilibrium the temperature gradient is formed as shown the graph above (Gilbert 126).The column is utilized so that the vapor reaches the condenser at the bottom of the column and therefore several simple distillation trials need to be done in order to ensure that

  • The Hydrologic Cycle: The Water Cycle

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    surface. This is the process by which water moves around the Earth to different places. The total amount of water on the Earth is relatively unchanging, and it has remained about the same since our planet 's formation. As the planet cooled, water vapor present at its formation condensed to fill the oceans and other places, like inland lakes and rivers. The distribution of water on Earth The Earth 's surface is 75% water and 25% land. Of the water, 97% is salt water, a surprisingly high percentage

  • Cause And Effect Essay On E-Cigarettes

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    manufacturing could be obligated to the heavy metals and other dangerous compounds found in the e-cigarettes. To make e-cigarettes they start off by turning stainless steel rods into slender tube casings. Some study discovered that e-cigarette vapor contains hazardous materials nickel and chromium that was 4 times the amount in regular cigarette smoke. There have been reports of the battery inside the e-cigarette exploding. In one case, a man from florida’s e-cigarette blew up in his face caused

  • Electronic Cigarette Essay

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    When pressing the e-cig’s button, the e-liquid, which may or may not contain nicotine, is heated and emitted as flavored fog. E-cigs do not produce second hand smoke for which they’re not prohibited in many non-smoking places ( This vapor is used to create tricks which is a high attraction

  • Fractional Distillation Lab Report

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    Aim The purpose of this experiment was to use fractional distillation technique to separate cyclohexane and toluene. Background Information Distillation is a technique which is used for separating two or more volatile products based on differences in their boiling points. Distillation can be used to separate a volatile solvent from a non-volatile product and separate a volatile product from non-volatile impurities. Simple distillation consists of a round-bottom flask, a distilling head, a condenser