Venezuela Essays

  • The Importance Of Life In Venezuela

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    life. While researching Venezuela not only was I intrigued by their history and breathtaking attractions, but by their rich culture. Life in Venezuela may not be the greatest, but no country can guarantee that. However, by looking at the background information, geography, history and culture make this country special in its own way. All of the amazing aspects of this Hispanic country make this a “page” worth reading. There is some

  • Belinda Fuentes In Venezuela

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    After interviewing Belinda Fuentes, I learned a lot about what actually occurred in Venezuela during 1992 when the coup d 'etat occurred. For instance, I learned that the attacks between Chavez 's military and the government’s military really impacted the people in Caracas. for example Belinda and her family had to close the window and cover their faces with cloth in order to protect themselves from the tear gas that was released during the war in the street. many innocent civilians we 're also

  • Cultural Changes In Ecuador

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    Vehicles, medicines, telecommunications equipment, and electricity are the main imports. The United States, Colombia, Peru, Venezuela, and Brazil are its chief trading partners. During the 1980s and 90s, Ecuador 's leaders imposed austerity budgets on the government in an attempt to stimulate economic growth. The country experienced an economic crisis in the late 1990s, but began

  • Haiti: The Negative Impact Of Globalization In Haiti

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    Globalization is when the markets of different countries merge into an international level and as a result become borderless. Globalization allows rich and poor countries to have access to goods and services not available locally or produced domestically. Countries around the globe can have access to other markets; they can trade all kind of goods, raw materials and can be introduced to services that are new or nonexistent to their territory. My country Haiti being part of the undeveloped countries

  • Hugo Chavez: An Authoritarian Regime

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    the mechanisms by which a competitive authoritarian regime turns more autocratic?” And “What were the causes of Venezuela’s rapid move toward greater authoritarianism, especially in the last five years of Chavismo?” This article mostly examines Venezuela at the turn of 1999, when Hugo Chavez took office. Corrales focuses on “use, abuse, and non-use of the rule of law.” (p. 70) Corrales presents readers with two arguments. One which looks at the domestic aspects and the other on foreign policy

  • How Did Cuba And America's Literal Relations Affect Cuba

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    Cuba and Americas severed relations affected Cuba in more way than one. Due to Castro, Cuba became the first communist country in not only the Caribbean but the entire Western Hemisphere. During the 1970s Castro visited Chile and was actively involved politically. He held rallies in an effort to try and Chile to follow the same path as Cuba and become a communist country . After leaving an influence in Chile, Castro moved to Africa to try and create new allies. Castro decided to help Angola who at

  • Maduro: The Venezuelan Crisis

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    The Venezuelan crisis is a social, economic and political crisis in Venezuela that started while Hugo Chávez was president and has since extended to the current presidency under Nicolás Maduro (BBC Documentary). The crisis has manifested through various economic challenges including the reduction of GDP, inflation, increased unemployment and added national debt. Social problems include poor housing, corruption, increased crime, worsening health care, hunger, and starvation. Politically, the country

  • Vandalism In Venezuela

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    Venezuela is currently experiencing many anti-government protests and demonstrations. These were originally organized to demand heightened security, but the demands have expanded to include economic changes in the face of high inflation and basic food staple shortages. Protesters are also demanding the release of arrested demonstrators, and opposition party leader Leopoldo Lopez. Government security forces are accused of using excessive force when trying to quell the protests. So far, 37 people have

  • Simón Bolivar: His Influence On The Venezuelan Revolution

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    Revolutions Total Word Count: 1954 Simón Bolívar and Venezuelan Independence A. Plan of Investigation Why, and with what results, did Simón Bolívar play a role in the revolutionary movement of Venezuela in the early to mid-1800s? Venezuela, in the late 18th century and early 19th century, was an economic powerhouse as well as an intellectual hub for Latin America. By the time Simón Bolívar led his Admirable Campaign, the country no longer had a dependence on its

  • Simon Bolivar: The Latin America's Liberator

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    States who display his unique combination of strength, character, weakness, temperament, poetic power and prophetic vision that defined him. He played a key role in the independence from Spain of present-day countries of Bolivia (named after him), Venezuela, Ecuador, Colombia, Panama and Peru. During Latin America’s struggle for independence, Bolivar led audacious military attacks against royalists and Spanish armies; one of those attacks in New Granada is considered one of the most daring in military

  • Machismo In Venezuela

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    Venezuela is a very patriarchal society expressing its own distinct national brand of machismo. Although men and women are legally equal, there are still great differences in terms of actual wage earnings, sexual freedom, and social expectations. In daily

  • Simon Bolivar: El Libertador

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    national congress met in Caracas. Bolivar was not a delegate, but he did deliver a speech saying, “Let us lay the cornerstone of American freedom without fear. To hesitate is to perish.”(cite) the first republic was declared July 5th, 1811, making Venezuela the first colony to break free from Spanish rule. Bolivar, ecstatic at the revolutionary proclamation, freed his slaves from captivity. This shows his great dedication to the cause and his true political philosophies, living up to them even more

  • Hugo Chávez's Social Revolution

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    The 1998 presidential elections in Venezuela put Hugo Chávez, the leader of the 1992 failed coup, on the place of the president. After being pardoned in 1994, he embarked on an aggressive populist campaign. He was constantly comparing himself to Bolivar, promising help to the poorest masses and positioning himself in opposition to the US-influenced free-market economy. He promised to produce a great, peaceful and democratic social revolution. However, after his victory in the elections, Chávez’s

  • The Role Of Family In Salvador Allende's The House Of The Spirits

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    in Moody "Entrevista" 42). The composition of her first novel suggests how important memory is to Allende, especially in exile. In Venezuela, Allende received a call from Chile in 1981 that her 100-year-old grandfather was dying (Hall 27; Trosky 4). She subsequently started composing a letter to him, stating that he would never die as long as she kept alive her memories of him. This sentiment

  • Symbolism In The White Heron

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    A compelling narrative, painted and plastered with a rife amount of rich, vivid imagery in every page, “The White Heron” (1886) by Sarah Orne Jewett brings to life the adventures of Sylvia, a young girl “nine years growing” (Line 229), as she undergoes the metamorphic journey from being a young girl to a mature woman who is ready to take on the responsibilities of the outside world. With every segment of imagery present in the narrative, not only does Jewett cleverly inject in symbolic representations

  • The Blue Lagoon In The Caribbean

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    If you’ve ever had the chance to watch the 1980’s movie “The Blue Lagoon” with Brooke Shields, you might know that the blue lagoon in the movie is stunning. I had the chance to go to Jamaica with my family and see it with my own eyes, it wasn’t only beautiful it was also a bit magical. The blue lagoon in Jamaica has to be the coolest thing i've ever seen in nature. We were staying in a place called Port Antonio when a guy from the hotel told us that the blue lagoon of the movie was really close

  • Essay On Colombia

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    Colombia’s official name is the Republic of Colombia. It is also nicknamed the “gateway to South America”. It is located in Northern South America where South America connects with North and Central America. With a population of 45,013,672, Colombia is the fifth largest country in Latin America. Colombia is known for its beautiful culture, land, and natural beauty. In earlier times the land of Colombia was under Spanish rule. July 20th, 1810 the residents of Bogota protested against

  • The Influence Of Culture In Venezuela

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    arepa (a cornmeal bread) and hallaca (sweet cornmeal dough cooked in banana leaves). While American music is popular in Venezuela, Caribbean salsa and merengue are also widespread in the country. Venezuela’s national folk dance and music style are the joropa. The vast majority of the country follows the teachings of Roman Catholicism. Religious freedom is protected in Venezuela and thus there are also groups of Protestants, Jews, and Muslims. The national language of the majority of the population

  • Political Pluralism In Venezuela

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    authoritarianism (New World Encyclopedia, n.d). When it comes to Venezuela, during the past 15 years, the

  • Hermit Crabs In My Life

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    Sometimes in life our foolish and unreasonable choices lead to avoidable consequences. I have loved animals my whole life and have always wanted to have multiple pets at a time. One silly decision I made while on vacation with my family led to a responsibility and icky experience that was way over my head. This crabby situation I got myself into at the beach is an interesting one, but I would not take it back in a heartbeat because sometimes bad decisions lead to great stories. Several years ago