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  • One Day On Venus: Terrestrial Planets

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    day on Venus is 243 Earth days One year on Venus is 225 earth days Venus’s radius is 3,760 miles or 6,052 kilometers Venus is classified as a Terrestrial Venus has no moons This planet being called a Terrestrial means that they are Earth like planets made up of rocks and metals with a hard surface. This makes these planets different than the others planets that lack solid surfaces. Terrestrial planets also are made up of heavy molten cores and valleys, volcanoes, and craters. Finder Venus has been

  • Venus De Milo Vs Michelangelo

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    Greece and Rome. For instance a great example would be Ancient Greek Artist Antioch’s famous Venus de Milo and later Greek influenced artists Michelangelo from the renaissance famous Pieta. I will explain how the Renaissance artist took the ideas of the Greek, but seemed to change the subject matter

  • Analysis Of Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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    Ray Bradbury’s story, “All Summer in a Day,” takes place on the planet Venus, where it rains heavily all the time. The protagonist, Margot, recently arrived to venus from Earth. Margot remembers what all the other children on Venus can’t, the sun. Because Margot is the only one who remembers the light and joy the sun brings, the children grow jealous of her. One lesson that this story suggests is that if you get caught up in your own jealousy, you can end up hurting others. In the beginning, the

  • All Summer In A Day Ray Bradbury

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    Ray Bradbury’s story, “All Summer in a Day,” takes place on the planet Venus, where it rains heavily all the time. The protagonist, Margot, recently arrived to Venus from Earth. Margot remembers what all the other children living on Venus can’t, the sun. Because Margot is the only one who remembers the light and joy the sun brings, the children grow jealous of her. One lesson that this story suggests is that if you get caught up in your own jealousy, you can end up hurting others. In the beginning

  • History Of Astronomy Essay

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    Astronomy has direct relation to the development of human civilization for it is considered as the oldest science in the world. Ancient people have used their knowledge of observing their nature though the sky for the wider understanding of the world they live in. Astronomy was a backbone of their social, political, and religious systems. Since the existence of human beings in this world, ancient people or civilizations have been using their knowledge to entrench it into their religion and art culture

  • The Mayan Calendar

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    Throughout many years calendars have been changing a lot. THere were many different calendars all over the world. There was the ancient calendars that would use the moon, sun, stars and even planets. Back in the 1582, people lost ten days because of the calendar change. The oldest mayan calendar was the on December 2012. The calendars have been changing throughout many years and who knows they can still change in the future. Back in the ancient times, the calendars weren’t on paper just like they

  • The Theme Of Jealousy In Ray Bradbury's All Summer In A Day

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    Ray Bradbury’s All Summer in a Day teaches readers that jealousy can cloud a person’s judgement. One example is when the children lock Margot in a closet right before the sun comes out. The children were likely jealous of Margot because she could remember the sun. Another possible theme could be that bullying can cause depression. The children are constantly harassing Margot, and she becomes depressed. However, the main point in the story is that jealousy can cloud a person’s reasoning. Most of the

  • Cause And Effect Essay On Global Warming

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    Climate change is the most pressing issue at the moment over the world. The cause of climate change is caused by natural causes and people. Global warming is caused by Appliances, deforestation, and fossil fuels. The climate is changing rapidly and we need to do something. The global climate change and its consequences are leaving a bad impact on the countries to face poverty and hotter temperatures. Climate change impacts include temperature rise, greenhouse and carbon dioxide gas emissions, erratic

  • Facts About Mercury Research Paper

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    Mercury is an amazing planet in our solar system. It is the smallest, fastest and closest planet out of the eight planets. It is a terrestrial planet slightly larger than the Earth’s moon. What is Mercury named after? Mercury is named after the messenger of the Roman gods Mercury. The Roman messenger had wings on his helmet and shoes. He could travel very quickly from place to place. The planet Mercury moves quickly around the sun like the Roman messenger Mercury. The discovery of Mercury Mercury

  • If I Had Taller Been Theme Essay

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    Had Taller Been” is to go the extra mile and aim high. “All Summer in a Day” has an intriguing theme of don’t put your jealousy in front of your kindness and willing to give. Ray Bradbury shows a girl named Margot who lives on Venus where it only rains and rains. Margot is the only one in her class that has remembered the sun before. The kids mock her and say that she is lying. The kids say this because they are jealous of Margot. When the sun finally came out again that day

  • The Major Causes Of Deforestation

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    Some days we print something on a piece of paper; every day we sit on our furniture or at our desk in which is made out of wood. However, do we ever actually stop to think about where that paper or wood is coming from? Most of the wood comes from rainforests. Every year the rainforests are slowly disappearing due to deforestation. Deforestation is the process of chopping and removing trees. Deforestation occurs in rainforest every day. Rainforest once covered 16% of the entire Earth’s land surface

  • Should People Change Their Minds Dbq

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    When and why should people change their minds? People change their minds when something is said by someone popular or proved to be true by others. In the “Investigations 2” packet from Big History Project, the eight documents portrays this. Their minds change due to rethinking conventional ideas, new technology opening a path to difference, and collective learning. Document 1 talks about Ptolemy’s theory of the geocentric theory. The geocentric theory is the belief that the Universe revolved around

  • Venus Flytrap

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    However, the venus flytrap has adapted to its ecological situation through centuries of evolution thus setting apart the flytrap from other basic plant organisms. The capture and digestion systems which are equipped carnivorous plants represent a remarkable and singular aptitude in the plant world. The reasons for this mode of nutrition and its origin have been many theories. The most commonly accepted is the adaptation to the environment. It was noted that all the settings where Venus flytrap are

  • Giogio Morandi Still Life Art Analysis

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    Furthermore, compostition which is the arrangement and placement of the objects in art in order to create a meaning for the art piece. The way most of Morandi’s still life art pieces are either drawn from the perspective of looking from above or from the front. But the Natura Morta 1953 is drawn from the front and a little of the above perspective, which also enables us to see the shade on the objects from the top and tell which of the objects has a lid and which one doesn’t. Like the sup/bowl and

  • How Is Venus Unique

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    Despite its many uniqueness’ Venus is similar to a multitude of planets in the milky way galaxy. Aspects of Venus are comparable to planet earth and countless other planets. However, Earth 's physical characteristics are very comparable. For example, Venus radius is only about 322 kilometers less than earth 's. This may seem to be a colossal difference, but keep in mind it 's in reference to planets that are upwards of 3,000 kilometers. They remain comparable since 300 kilometers is only a tenth

  • Examples Of Epilogue To Lady Macbeth

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    As Macbeth strode down the long cold hallway towards the door he could hardly keep the smile from coming through to the surface. Macbeth opened the door and heard the satisfying creak of the old rusted hinges. He walked into the room and saw Lady Macbeth sitting in a chair near the corner of the room. She swiftly got up and leisurely walked up to him and they shared a nice tender kiss. As their kiss comes to an end Lady Macbeth adopted the smile that Macbeth had been trying to keep locked away. Macbeth

  • Venus Hottentot Analysis

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    Suzan Lori Parks’ play, Venus Hottentot, depicts a life of a native African woman named Saartjie Bartman, who travelled to Europe by deception, and was exploited first as an ugly creature for a show and then as an object of study for anatomists. Saartjie Baartman was born in 1789 in Eastern Cape of South Africa, and worked on a Dutch colonial farm. As a teenager, Saartjie attracted the attention of a ship’s doctor, William Dunlop, who is represented in the play as The Man. William Dunlop expecting

  • Primavera And The Birth Of Venus

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    Chapter3. Neoplatonic Ideas in Primavera and The Birth Of Venus There are a lot of interpretations and hypotheses about the subject-matter of Primavera and The Birth of Venus. The most preferred hypothesis is that both of the paintings are the reflection of the idea of Ficino, the leader of Florentine Neoplatonism movement. In Primavera and The Birth of Venus, many images of ancient goddesses are depicted. Botticelli 's usage of the ancient goddess figures are known as the feature of Italian Renaissance

  • The Birth Of Venus Patronage Analysis

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    The artist must use expensive materials to display the high economic status of the commissioner. The Birth of Venus uses fine details to emphasize the power and wealth of the Medici family. Traces of gold are found in Venus’ hair and in the trees to the right of the painting. Gold has remained a common symbol for wealth, wisdom and success, emphasizing the Medici’s dominant status in Florence. Botticelli also uses

  • An Essay On Venus Flytrap

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    about the diet of a Venus Flytrap, what it can and can’t eat, and how it takes nutrients from things they eat. But first i feel like i need to explain what a Venus Flytrap is. The Venus Flytrap was discovered 1875 by Charles Dawson on , "Insectivorous Plants," that the Venus flytrap is "one of the most wonderful [plants] in the world." There's no doubt that this opinion was formed after watching the jaws of this plant snap around an insect,capturing it for a meal. The Venus fly traps is a small