Video game industry Essays

  • Innovation And Evolution Of The Video Game Industry

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    aspects of how the video game industry has become increasingly popular over the past decade. Since its dawn, the video game industry has been a new way for people to express themselves and most importantly innovation and create as well. Innovation and evolution are the two major driving forces in the advancements of many technological inventions. The small time industry has turned from just a small group of people coding and designing small games to a multi-billion dollar industry in the past forty

  • The Negative Effects Of Video Games And The Film Industry

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    Video games can be described as electronic, interactive games known for their vibrant colors, sound effects, and complex graphics. The revolution occurs in video games patterns in the last ten years, they have changed from 2D arcade pattern to realistic 3D graphics that provide to play at home in front of a large TV screen and surround sound. Video games now allow the players to interact with characters and objects with more choice and a more interesting playing style. Now a day’s video games are

  • Blockbuster Case Study

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    I. Introduction Blockbuster is a provider of home movie and video game rental service through video rental shops, DVD-by-mail, streaming, video on demand, and cinema theater. This United States of America (USA)-based company had more than 9,000 stores in 2004, with more than 2,000 stores overseas. Blockbuster started with the retail film and video games in 1985. After the first few stores successfully seized customer demands, Blockbuster had been approached by many bigger companies and corporations

  • Frugiaro's Argumentative Analysis

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    For years, many people have been attacking the video gaming industry for the depiction of female characters. According to Jamie Ferrugiaro, however, people often skip over the other gender’s depiction. She argues men are also victims of stereotypes; even in the same games which stereotype women. Her argument of both genders being equally molded to a certain image shows both sexes are put to a certain standard in video games. Ferrugiaro’s argument is put together with a lot of logic based on the

  • Gender Stereotyping In Grand Theft Auto V

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    Grand Theft Auto V is one of the best selling games in the history of video games, even today with all kinds of different games such as Nioh, Dark Souls, Witcher and so on, we can still often time see this game that was made three years ago on the list of the top ten best selling games of the week or month on steam or PS4, This game defines the next gen open world game and obviously people love it. Since the game deals with bank robbery, car racing and shooting, it was labeled as “Mature”, but of

  • Gender Representation In Video Games

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    The plea for better LGBT representation in video games is not for video games to be “queered” but rather for the industry to recognize the place and problems surrounding gender representation in video games (Shaw, 2009). But since there is an evident lack of representation of the LGBT community in video games, there were also very few positive references to homosexuality. In a sense, this shows the oppression of the LGBT characters in video games. The characters tend to be boxed in the idea that

  • Harvard Business Case Study Nintendo's

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    their ability. Nintendo is a company that has had great success in the last 150 years in the gaming market. They have prided themselves in keeping their cultural traditions alive, while producing competitive games and software devices for gamers around the world. The game console and video game market is changing rapidly as technology advances. Companies such as Apple and Microsoft have introduced new platforms of gaming that allows users to participate on-the-go, and also involve a social media aspect

  • Informative Essay: The Definition Of Virtual Reality

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    It incorpores a video screen for both eye and a magnetic motion tracking system, which was connected to a closed-circuit camera. The Headsight was not developed for virtual reality applications as virtual reality (the term) doesn’t exist then, it was for immersive remote

  • Five Dangers Of Pokemon Go

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    to get a ball, and private establishments have noted non-paying customers entering their facility for the same such purpose. Where the game may provide an outside element of engagement, it is clear that there has been a disregard for the boundaries within the real world, and here lies the danger. According to Dalia Lašaitė, co-founder and CEO of CGTrader, “3D games and interaction is a vital part of our modern society. However, when the line between reality and the real world fades, it is equally

  • Competitive Analysis Of Video Game Store

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    this analysis is to analyze the internal and external environment of the video game store industry and consequently provide the best and most suitable business-level strategy for video game store business through analyzing different strategic tools with regards to Michael Porter’s Five Competitive Forces. Business-level strategy discusses the means a company uses to contest against its rivals in a specific business industry. These strategies indicate a company’s prospect on where and how it has an

  • Video Music Analysis

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    The music of video games has changed greatly in the past decades. The sound has gradually evolved from chiptunes to symphonies performed by full orchestras, and many of the tracks are composed by world famous artists. Yet, in spite of its ever growing popularity, it is still hardly considered a serious and respectable genre of music that could hold its own in the world of today's music industry. The United States' annual music awards show, The Grammy awards, has only recognized video game soundtracks

  • Activision Blizzard Case Study

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    Activision Blizzard is a leading video game developing and publishing company. Its games operate on gaming consoles, mobile devices and PCs and are sold through retail channels or digital downloads. 1.1.1/ History of the company Activision Blizzard was created in July 2008 from the merger of Activision and Vivendi Games (parent company of Blizzard). Activision (currently named “Activision Publishing”) was initially founded in 1979 by two former employees of Atari, David Crane and Alan Miller

  • Reaction Paper About Video Games

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    The Research Essay As a growing trend, video games mirrors society’s characteristics: from the use of societal topics such as inequality and violence that stems from the implicit prejudices found in today's culture. Whether video games are merely perpetuating the stereotypes of racism and sexism or providing social commentary on burgeoning social issues remains to be discussed. Despite the game developers or artists’ intent on such issues, there is an ongoing trend of negative portrayals upon

  • Swot Analysis Of Gamestop

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    American video game retailer. It operates primarily in the buying and selling of video game, gaming consoles and sometimes in electronics. The company sells both new and previously used video game hardware; physical and digital video games, pre-owned and value video game products; personal computer (PC) entertainment software in various genres, such as role-playing games (RPG’s), simulators, adventure and many more; digital merchandises, including PlayStation Plus and Xbox Live subscriptions; video game

  • Violent Video Games Do Not Cause Violence Essay

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    Violent Video Games: Does It Cause Violence? Devin L. Naseer Youngstown State University Abstract The purpose of this paper is to create an argument with reasoning and research as to why violent video games do not cause violence. In this paper, I define the definition of violence and explain why violent video games are not linked with violence. I look at the types of people who claim that violent video games are linked to violence and explain

  • Nintendo Case Study

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    Nintendo had pertained to other industries before it rose in popularity within the video game market. The company became very familiar with business tactics as well as marketing long before it entered the gaming industry as it was founded on September 23, 1889 by Fusajiro Yamauchi in Japan. Their products varied, beginning with producing Japanese playing cards to branching off into the toy market, establishing the company’s future direction. By 1981, Nintendo began to test the waters by releasing

  • The Negative Effects Of Technology On Children

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    Introduction In today’s digital age, everyone is surrounded by technology and young children are no exception. According to this study by Dr Nirmala Karuppiah, 95% of the children started playing with electronic devices before they turned three (Teng 2013). Digital devices are increasingly integrated into their daily lives. As children continue to become more immersed in media, many adults have begun to wonder about the positive and negative effects of such exposure to the high amount of electronic

  • Why Should Harry Potter Be Banned

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    I have heard that you were considering banning the Harry Potter series from your school’s library, so I have a few reasons why you should not ban Harry Potter. First of all, did you know that In a poll, “15% said that Harry Potter was a bad influence because it portrayed witchcraft. 45% said that it was entertaining, but no important life lessons, and 39% thought it was a good influence and had positive lessons to teach.” Harry Potter is a fun, magic-filled, fantasy that takes kids on an amazing

  • Reality Television: Is Reality TV Real Or Real?

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    Were you aware that “reality TV episodes have increased to 57% of all television shows that can be found on your screens”? Television is undoubtedly a medium of telecommunication used by countless number of people. Most of the world’s population uses a great deal of electronic devices and upgrade when new models appear. However, according to a TNS consultancy report, people are continuing to stay loyal to their television every single day. This would obviously mean that a majority of those people

  • Searle's Argument Analysis

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    The idea of creating an artificial intelligence is becoming ever more popular in our society. Featured in movies such as 2001: A Space Odyssey, Blade Runner, and Ex Machina, many present artificial intelligence as mysterious entities that are dangerous to society as a whole. As the technology that humanity has at its disposal continues to improve, many fear that the threat artificial intelligence presents in these movies will become a reality. Even Elon Musk, the CEO of Tesla Motors and SpaceX said