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  • The Vietnam War: The War In Vietnam

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    The Vietnam War The war in Vietnam was the United States ' longest war and certainly one of the most contentious. The fighting between the United States and the government of South Vietnam on one side and North Vietnam and the Viet Cong (VC) on the other lasted from the mid-1950s until the mid-1970s and spread into Laos and Cambodia, the two other countries of Southeast Asia. The United States first became significantly involved in Vietnam in 1950, when it began supporting France monetarily in the

  • French Colonization In Vietnam

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    and white. Same is true for French colonization in Vietnam that lasted more than six decades, being a part of so-called Indochina. The French government created an ideology to justify their expansion in Asia and Africa: “civilizing mission” in order to develop those regions and introduce modern political ideas, social reforms, industrial methods and new technologies. But in fact, the civilizing mission was nothing more than a plausible exuse. Vietnam was seen as an economic exploitation colony, French

  • Dbq Vietnam Revolution

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    “What do These Sources have to say about the Origins, Nature, Course or Consequence of the Vietnamese Revolution?” During 1945 Vietnam was in a time of true change which needed to come, there was massive unrests due to famine and unemployment, and with the Japanese surrender and the end of the World War, that time had finally come. The Viet Minh had waited a long time for the opportunity to secure the country for the Vietnamese people and gain their independence, it took fifteen days and on 2nd September

  • The Vietnam War: Napalm Girl In Vietnam

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    In class, we looked at several photographs that were taken during the Vietnam War. The one that stood out, and probably had the greatest effect on its viewer, was probably Napalm Girl. This photo was taken by Huynh Cong Ut, and this photo has a powerful message behind it, that is applicable and can still affect people today. On June 8, 1972, a plane from the Vietnamese Air Force dropped one bomb on top of the Trang Bang village. This bomb contained napalm, a highly flammable sticky substance

  • The Vietnam War: Persuasive For The Vietnam War

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    Vietnam War- persuasive essay The grief accompanied with war is one that never really ends. The Vietnam War is a vivid example of this claim. The 20th century gave away thirty years of its time to the war which killed millions of people, thousands of soldiers and devastated many homes in one go. While the interests of a country are invested in the war, there are also the people who suffer at the cost of these interests. Not only did the Vietnamese soldiers and people suffer from the atrocities and

  • Vietnam: Causes And The Impacts Of The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War had a crucial impact on the Vietnamese and the Americans’ Home life. Not only did it have an impact on these people but also the impact on the American fighters. Between 1963 and 19 73 the US had sent thousands upon thousands of soldiers to the battle grounds in Vietnam. At the start of the war the American soldiers were fixed on the reasons they were fighting however towards 19 68 the troops were considering the real reasons’ they were involved in the war, due to this 500’000 troops

  • Decolonization In Vietnam Essay

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    When travelling through Vietnam nowadays, one could immediately notice that the country was occupied by the French. The architecture has French influences, the language contains French words and many hospitals and universities are still named after famous French people. The colonization and decolonization have had a huge impact on Vietnam. From 1887 until 1956, Vietnam was part of French Indochina (Ziltener & Künzler, 2013 p. 293). French Indochina belonged to the French colonial empire, being a

  • Communism In Vietnam

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    government of North Vietnam, led by Ho Chi Minh, representatives of communism. At first, President Dwight D. Eisenhower sent military advisers to train a South Vietnamese army with the hope of preventing communism from being established. (“Origins of Cold War”, 4) Eventually the US sent over 2.7 million military personnel to fight in Vietnam demonstrating its firm belief that communism must be stopped at all costs. Even as the number of American soldiers killed and wounded in Vietnam grew, the US was

  • The Vietnam War: The Three Causes Of The Vietnam Conflict

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    A contest never occurred in Vietnam on the grounds that the two contradicting sides South area upheld by the U.S., and North part of the country (Vietnam) bolstered by China and Russia couldn 't concede to the terms of the presidential decision. The U.S. trusted that he would win the decision, due to his prominence. North and South area were situated to battle a common conflict to figure out which government would lead post-provincial Vietnam. The two sides developed their military and occupied with

  • The Vietnam War: The Rise Of Communism In Vietnam

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    The Vietnam War was a conflict that was extremely controversial. President Johnson’s decision to start the war as well as his refusal to admit defeat caused a huge amount of outrage in America. America failed in its overall goal of Containing Communism because the Vietnam War delivered a huge loss for America in terms of lives, money, and morale, and the war did not prevent Vietnam from falling to the Communist North Vietnamese. The Vietnam War was extremely taxing to America in many ways. Most

  • Vietnam Movie Analysis

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    The Vietnam War is the most controversial war in the history of the United States. There are very few events in the history of our country that compare to the views and passion behind the American people during the war. The war was exploited both people who felt strongly against the war as well as those who were pro war. The war touched every single person in this country, regardless of where someone came from they had an opinion about the Vietnam War. With all these feelings lead to many movies

  • Political System In Vietnam Essay

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    Vietnam is a country located in southeast Asia, it is diverse with multi-nationality, including over 50 ethnic groups(). Geographically, it neighboring countries are China, Laos, Khmer, and it attaches with the Pacific Ocean on the left and the country’s area is 332,000 square kilometer(). Hanoi is the capital city and its population is over 86 million people(). The political system of Vietnam still remains communism which means almost every political and economic movement is mainly controlled

  • Agent Orange In Vietnam

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    The Vietnam War was a long war that was devastating to the United States as well as Vietnam. The war was a total disaster for the South Vietnamese and was also a political and social disaster for the United States. During this time, chemicals were used during times of war and were detrimental to the people on the receiving end. One instance of this was the United States’ use of Agent Orange in Vietnam. Agent Orange’s use by the United States affected Vietnam in a negative way economically, demographically

  • Vietnam War Effects

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    Effects of the Vietnam War on USA Introduction The Vietnam War was one of the few military conflicts which USA had been involved that had been suspended because of unprecedented public unfavorability in the country. Increasing public disobedience and demonstrations erupted after continuous revealing of news related to real situation in Vietnam such as the atrocities committed by USA Armed Forces, and large soldier casualties enhanced the scale of transformation which American society had already

  • Cause Of The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War started off with the backing of the American people. Due to the fear of the spread of communism, the American people believed that defending South Vietnamese from the communist north was necessary. However, this way of thinking did not last throughout the war. As the war dragged on, the American people began to realize how more and more soldiers were being killed and yet there was no end to the war in sight. This negativity towards the war was only further fueled by how the television

  • Dbq Vietnam War

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    hardship time for Americans because of Vietnam invasion. In an attempt to contain and defeat communism, the United States, oblivious of the enemy capability and filled with pride, invaded Vietnam at a cost of large financial expense and human lives. North Vietnamese military supported by forces of China and the Soviet Union fought the American force ferociously and was able to force America to end its invasion in 1975. As with most other third world countries, Vietnam also has a long history of colonization

  • Vietnam War Role

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    Essay question - Research any two individuals or groups who served in the Vietnam War. What was their role and contribution? Why is it important to honour their service and remember this part of Australia’s wartime history? The role of Royal Australian Engineers (RAE) during the Vietnam War involved conducting vital work that prevented thousands of fatalities and made certain equipment available to the troops to utilise. The RAE worked tirelessly to make it possible for the soldiers to fight for

  • Vietnam Memorial Analysis

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    The Artistic Controversy of the Vietnam War The Vietnam memorial spiked artistic controversy even before it was built in 1982. Veterans and other Americans were against the memorial, calling it a “black gash of shame”(Carhart, 1981). Conversely, others thought it was a beautiful representation of the Vietnam War. The New York Times wrote “But perhaps that is why the V-shaped, black granite lines merging gently with the sloping earth make the winning design seem a lasting and appropriate image of

  • Vietnam Dbq Analysis

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    The Vietnam war is known as the longest war in the U.S. history. It was situated in Vietnam, a country located in the southeast of China, during the cold war. Vietnam was a French colony and like in most colonies, the natives (Vietnamese people) were not treated right; Ho Chi Minh, that later became north Vietnam leader, asked for help to western countries, which was denied. The Soviet Union offered to help Vietnam, however, in order to do so they had to become communists, the country was divided

  • Vietnam War Consequences

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    Consequences of the Vietnam War War’s do not always end when a peace treaty is signed. The Vietnam War left behind several detrimental marks on people but especially on veterans. Throughout the Vietnam war, land became polluted and several areas of Vietnam became unusable. Children were left in awful conditions and hardly cared for. The harsh nature of the Vietnam war led to several consequences such as troubled veterans, polluted land, and orphaned children. null Distraught