Vietnam War Essays

  • The Vietnam War: The War In Vietnam

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    The Vietnam War The war in Vietnam was the United States ' longest war and certainly one of the most contentious. The fighting between the United States and the government of South Vietnam on one side and North Vietnam and the Viet Cong (VC) on the other lasted from the mid-1950s until the mid-1970s and spread into Laos and Cambodia, the two other countries of Southeast Asia. The United States first became significantly involved in Vietnam in 1950, when it began supporting France monetarily in the

  • Weapons In Vietnam War

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    Air Defense Artillery systems were put to use during the Vietnam War era. The systems had to do more with battlefields than to protect air bases. The weapons used were to serve as a geographical benefit. Heavy firepower was used to deliver serious land warfare. Methods of Air Defense Artillery systems deployed were executed by a variety of missions. Artillery units assisted in as much as they could including battalions and other companies. Air defense Artillery sections helped defend armor, field

  • The Vietnam War Protests

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    To many, the war in Vietnam was a senseless war. As a result, anti-war protests launched all over America as a forum for those who were ready to see the end of the brutal exploitation. Prior to 1965, small Vietnam war protests were held by individuals searching for peace but quickly grew into a prominent part of the war as we remember it today. This paper will discuss the timeline of Vietnam war protests as well as the most prominent groups and individuals that promoted an end to the violence. The

  • South Vietnam War Analysis

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    an inflated version of the “Domino theory”: South Vietnam was pivotal to America 's worldwide battle with Communism and a defeat in Vietnam would affect the United States (Karnow 342). Nevertheless, by early 1965 after he won his first mandate as President, Johnson concluded that only direct American intervention could prevent Communism from spreading to South Vietnam, and more importantly defend him from being the first ever president to lose a war (Karnow 350). Johnson and his advisers both inherited

  • American Involvement In The Vietnam War

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    agin ' Please get out of the new one If you can 't lend your hand For the times they are a-changin” As the Vietnam War progressed, the American public was divided. Young people questioned the validity of American intervention, and those older, particularly veterans of previous foreign wars and their spouses, held to their belief that if the government said this was a just war, it was, and the U.S. needed to be in the fight. A confluence of events changed the latter perception, among them

  • Vietnam War Speech Analysis

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    Vietnam War remains vastly different from other United States military engagements and warfare. Specifically, the Vietnam War marked the first combat deployment of an integrated military. The Vietnam War saw the highest proportion of blacks ever to serve in an American war, which is due to both the discriminatory draft pick and the individuals willingly to join in hope to increase mobility in social status. Furthermore, African Americans were discriminated at home but also within the United States

  • Drugs During The Vietnam War

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    one of the most brutal wars the U.S. was ever involved in. 58,000 Americans were killed, wounded, or missing by the end of the war. However, many of the soldiers that came back from the war were addicted to drugs, and continued to stay addicted for years after the war. Many of the drugs that were used marijuana, cocaine, and heroin. This investigation will analyze the effect drugs played on American soldiers during the war and their return into civilian life after the war, by studying a John Hopkins

  • Suicide In Vietnam War Essay

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    Iraq or Afghanistan, many of whom have experienced direct combat and sustained threat estimates of PTSD rates related to these wars range from 8% to over 20%, or 192,000 to 480,000 individuals” (Wangelin, Tuerk 161). This is a shocking percentage to deal with in relation to the last large conflict that produced a large number of PTSD afflicted veterans, which was the Vietnam War at roughly 10% of veterans reporting PTSD related illness. In relation to these statistics, military suicide rates also doubled

  • Cause Of The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War started off with the backing of the American people. Due to the fear of the spread of communism, the American people believed that defending South Vietnamese from the communist north was necessary. However, this way of thinking did not last throughout the war. As the war dragged on, the American people began to realize how more and more soldiers were being killed and yet there was no end to the war in sight. This negativity towards the war was only further fueled by how the television

  • The Vietnam War: Persuasive For The Vietnam War

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    Vietnam War- persuasive essay The grief accompanied with war is one that never really ends. The Vietnam War is a vivid example of this claim. The 20th century gave away thirty years of its time to the war which killed millions of people, thousands of soldiers and devastated many homes in one go. While the interests of a country are invested in the war, there are also the people who suffer at the cost of these interests. Not only did the Vietnamese soldiers and people suffer from the atrocities and

  • The Vietnam Anti-War Movement Analysis

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    The Vietnam anti-war movement is arguably the largest and most effective to date. It began with students on university campuses, but soon expanded to include minority groups, like civil rights activists. It divided the country for a time, but united it after certain events during the war. These included the Kent State shootings and war crimes in Vietnam. The protestors of the war had a massive impact on society at the time; they brought different races, genders, and classes all across the country

  • B-52s Influence On Vietnam War

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    flintlock weapons and cannons, all the way up to cyber warfare and the final ultimatum of our time, the atomic bomb or ICMBs, he with the biggest stick wins the war. Why bring up such a terrifying subject? Because, that is what wins battles and turns the tides of war. A prime example is what the United States brought to the fight during the Vietnam War. The world witnessed the dawn of a new method of

  • Vietnam War Consequences

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    Consequences of the Vietnam War War’s do not always end when a peace treaty is signed. The Vietnam War left behind several detrimental marks on people but especially on veterans. Throughout the Vietnam war, land became polluted and several areas of Vietnam became unusable. Children were left in awful conditions and hardly cared for. The harsh nature of the Vietnam war led to several consequences such as troubled veterans, polluted land, and orphaned children. null Distraught

  • Vietnam War Effects

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    Effects of the Vietnam War on USA Introduction The Vietnam War was one of the few military conflicts which USA had been involved that had been suspended because of unprecedented public unfavorability in the country. Increasing public disobedience and demonstrations erupted after continuous revealing of news related to real situation in Vietnam such as the atrocities committed by USA Armed Forces, and large soldier casualties enhanced the scale of transformation which American society had already

  • The Vietnam War: The Rise Of Communism In Vietnam

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    The Vietnam War was a conflict that was extremely controversial. President Johnson’s decision to start the war as well as his refusal to admit defeat caused a huge amount of outrage in America. America failed in its overall goal of Containing Communism because the Vietnam War delivered a huge loss for America in terms of lives, money, and morale, and the war did not prevent Vietnam from falling to the Communist North Vietnamese. The Vietnam War was extremely taxing to America in many ways. Most

  • Dbq Vietnam War

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    hardship time for Americans because of Vietnam invasion. In an attempt to contain and defeat communism, the United States, oblivious of the enemy capability and filled with pride, invaded Vietnam at a cost of large financial expense and human lives. North Vietnamese military supported by forces of China and the Soviet Union fought the American force ferociously and was able to force America to end its invasion in 1975. As with most other third world countries, Vietnam also has a long history of colonization

  • The Vietnam War In Luis Valdez's The Buck Private

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    by Luis Valdez argues that the vietnam war was an immoral thing ; he uses a humorous and ironic narrator, Death, to show that he Vietnam War killed many young men. Valdez supports his argument by telling a story about a soldier who enlisted into the United States Army and later died while fighting for the U.S. Death tells the story using flashbacks. The author’s purpose is to show the audience the life of so many families to give emphasis on the harsh reality of war. The author writes in humorous

  • Vietnam: Causes And The Impacts Of The Vietnam War

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    The Vietnam War had a crucial impact on the Vietnamese and the Americans’ Home life. Not only did it have an impact on these people but also the impact on the American fighters. Between 1963 and 19 73 the US had sent thousands upon thousands of soldiers to the battle grounds in Vietnam. At the start of the war the American soldiers were fixed on the reasons they were fighting however towards 19 68 the troops were considering the real reasons’ they were involved in the war, due to this 500’000 troops

  • Vietnam War Impact

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    The Vietnam War was one of the longest wars lasting ten years for American involvement from 1965 to 1975. The war was very controversial due to the fact that this was the first war to be televised while it was being fought. Many people know about the Vietnam War, but not as many people understand the impact that the war had on not just America, but the entire world. The Vietnam War had a long lasting impact on America not only because of the war itself, but also the impact at home on domestic land

  • Vietnam War Events

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    The Vietnam war was a devastating long war with many conflicts. The war began on November 1, 1955 and ended on April 30, 1975. The war all began because of the communist party that began to rise in Northern Vietnam. The U.S. helped Southern Vietnam fight against the Viet Cong. They also fight against Northern Vietnam to stop communism. American men were also drafted,which heavily impacted families in the U.S. Through research and close examination of events related to the Vietnam War, a person can