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  • Vishnu: The Second God Of Vishnu

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    Vishnu, the second god of the Hindu Trinity is majorly known for his Dashavtars (Ten Avatars) on this planet meant to re-establish dharma or righteousness and destroy tyranny and injustice on earth. The first one being, Matsya (The fish), who rescued Veda, plants and animals. One of the ten avatars, that appeared in Satya Yuga. The second one, Koorma (The Tortoise), that supported the churn of the ocean to obtain treasures dissolved in the ocean of milk. The third one is, Varaha (The Boar), that

  • A Short Summary: Vishnu, A Hindu God

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    Description Vishnu is a Hindu god, the Supreme God of Vaishnavism (one of the three principal denominations of Hinduism) and one of the three supreme deities (Trimurti) of Hinduism. He is also known as Narayana and Hari. As one of the five primary forms of God in the Smarta tradition, he is conceived as "the Preserver or the Protector" within the Trimurti, the Hindu Trinity of the divinity. Vishnu is one of the most important gods in the Hindu pantheon and, along with Brahma and Shiva, is considered

  • Ramayana And Ramiad Analysis

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    tatpurusha compound of Rāma andayana ("going, advancing"), translating to "Rama's Journey". The Ramayana consists of 24,000 verses in seven books (kāṇḍas) and 500 cantos (sargas) and tells the story of Rama (the seventh avatar of the Hindu supreme-god Vishnu), whose wife Sita is abducted byRavana, the king

  • 'Ramana: Annotated Bibliography Of The Ramayana'

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    300 B.C. about the Hindu god, Sri Rama and his interesting life story. It consists of 24,000 verses put into seven large books. “Ramayana” literally means the “journey or advancing of Rama”, who is one of the several incarnations of the supreme god Vishnu. In this epic, Rama’s step-mother exiles him to the forest for fourteen years only to go with his brother, Lakshmana, and wife, Sita. He was announced to be king just the day before, but the evil step-mother wanted her son to become the king. During

  • Essay On Shaivism

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    traditions in Hinduism that refers to Shiva as the Supreme Being or its theoretical concept of Brahman. The followers of Shaivism are called "Shaivites". Shaivism Hinduism in the classical and modern periods displays two powerful male deities, Shiva and Vishnu, in addition to multiple forms of Devī, the goddess. Shiva is the most important and revered God of Hinduism. Shiva is also known as Mahesh, is seen in many forms. The two most popular forms are Yogiraj and Nataraj. Shiva is blue in complexion, conveying

  • Feminism In Valmiki's Ramayana

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    Valmiki’s Ramayana portrays the life and voyage of Rama, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. His work only spotlights on the focal figures, Rama and Sita. Different characters simply rotate and serve them. The genuine certainty, that Valmiki deliberately or unwittingly neglected to tell about the spouses Urmila and Mandodari. Through this carelessness, they were underestimated all through the story. This boundary drives them as minor characters. All through Ramayana Urmila and Mandodari were smothered by their

  • Shiva And Shiva In Hinduism

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    Shiva is the "destroyer of malice and the transformer" inside the Trimurti, the Hindu trinity that incorporates Brahma and Vishnu. In Shaivism custom, Shiva is the Supreme being who makes, secures and changes the universe. In the goddess convention of Hinduism called Shaktism, the goddess is depicted as incomparable, yet Shiva is loved alongside Vishnu and Brahma. A goddess is expressed to be the vitality and innovative power (Shakti) of each, with Parvati the equivalent reciprocal accomplice of

  • Indian Social Structure

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    Brahma, Vishnu, and the Shiva. The Brahma is considered the creator, Vishnu is the preserver and Shiva is known as the destroyer (Rise and Spread of Indian Civilization). It is believed that Brahma was the creator of the land and all of the “Manu” in Hindu culture. Manu is a Hindu word meaning man. So since Brahma is considered to be the maker of all men and the world itself, he is referred to as the creator in Hindu religion. The god known as the preserver is Vishnu. The belief is that Vishnu watches

  • Hinduism History Summary

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    He has about ten different forms. He is the preserver of the universe. Vishnu is actually black skinned then blue because he is described as being a bit of a lighter color. Vishnu is important to Hindus because he is worshiped as the preserver and restorer of the universe. Hinduism and Buddhism are different because Hinduism believe in more than one god while Buddhism believe

  • Importance Of Krishna Janmashtami Imperals

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    or Sri Krishna Jayanthi means the birthday of Lord Krishna. Lord Krishna, a major Hindu deity worshiped in a variety of different perspectives, is recognised as the ‘Swayam Bhagavan’ in his own right or as the complete/absolute incarnation of Lord Vishnu. While, Krishna Janmashtami is celebrated in a grand manner all across India, by the Hindus, it is of significant importance for the community of Iyangars in South India. Iyangars or Ayyangars is a community of Hindu Brahmins of Tamil origin, whose

  • Essay On Hindu Tattoos

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    Sacred Hindu Tattoos – Incredible Designs Packed With Color and Meaning The Hindu faith, which originated in India, is one of the oldest known religions in the world with some historians believing that people began practicing Hinduism around 500BC. Today it continues to be a major religion and is classed as the 3rd largest worldwide. Hindu’s believe in many gods, goddesses, and deities and over time this has given rise to incredible imagery. Bright colorful renderings of these multiple gods appear

  • Rama Incarnation Analysis

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    Positive values learned from Hindu gods I choose to do Shiva and Vishnu in rama incarnation, because shiva is the most worshipped god by the hindu people and Vishnu in rama incarnation is a interesting story. Vishnu in rama incarnation is about the story of ramayan story. Dasharatha was the King of Ayodhya and had three wives and four sons. Rama was the eldest and his mother was Kaushalya. Bharata was the son of Dasharatha’s second and favorite wife, Queen Kaikeyi. The other two were twins, Lakshmana

  • Janmasthmi Festival Essay

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    Janmasthmi So everyone knows about Janmasthmi festival celebrated in india and many othe countries. Janmasthmi is an annual celebration of the hindu supreme lord Krishna, the eight avatar of Lord Vishnu. Krishna avatar of Lord Vishnu is considered as the one of the most important and powerful avatar. The main reason for Sri Krishna 's birth was to free the Earth from the evilness of demons. Also, Lord Krishna played an important role in Mahabharata and narrated the theory of Bhakti( Devotion) and

  • Theme Of Lust In Ramayana

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    INTRODUCTION Lust in Sanskrit is known as KAMA. It became the common theme in both RAMAYANA AND MAHABHARATA. Ramayana is an epic tale of the god Vishnu in his human form as Rama. Ramayana is not just a story about Rama’s journey to eradicate evil but it also deals with conquering the evils and reaching a higher level of one’s own spirituality. Lust is one of the main fold evils and is a very common subject in the epic tale. In many instances and situations, Rama conquers it to save many lives

  • Sarasvati Research Paper

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    Description Sarasvati (Sanskrit: सरस्वती, Sarasvatī) is the Hindu goddess of knowledge, music, arts, wisdom and learning. She is a part of the trinity of Sarasvati, Lakshmi and Parvati. All the three forms help the trinity of Brahma, Vishnu and Shiva to create, maintain and regenerate-recycle the Universe respectively. Sarasvati is the Sakti, the power and the consort of Brahma the creator. Hence she is the procreatrix, the mother, of the entire creation. The earliest known mention of Sarasvati as

  • Essay On Kumaon

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    Folk gods of Kumaon: Himalayan mountains in the Hindu religious texts have been called the seat of the great Kailash Parvat which is the abode of Shiva and Shakti. They therefore are the principal deities of the people. Though the people of Kumaon are principally the worshippers of Shiv and his consort Shakti, the belief of the people of Kumaon in demons and sprites is strong. Therefore the tradition of the worship of folk deities is popular. Every family has its own local family god who is revered

  • Similarities Between Bhagavad Gita And The Mahabharata

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    Mahabharata and The Ramayana. The Mahabharata was authored by Veda Vyasa known so as he had also compiled the four Vedas. Ramayana was authored by Valmiki. Both epics revolve around the concept of dharma and in both epics the protagonist is an avatar of Vishnu. Bhagavad Gita: What Krishna told Arjuna Bhagavad Gita is one of the most important texts in Hinduism as in it, god speaks directly to man. Bhagavad Gita is said to have captured the importance of the Vedas. Gita is considered to be dated around

  • Om Symbolism

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    Name: OM Symbolic Meaning: Brahman. This is the form of God that transcends form itself. Hindu sources say that before God had a body he uttered the sound OM, and from that sound all the other gods came into being. This is a universal symbol, both in symbolic meaning and palmistry meaning. Palmistry Meaning: Strong karmic lesson for the area of the palm that the OM appears upon. This can be either positive or negative depending on other indications on the hands, but the person needs to learn

  • Ganesh Festival Research Paper

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    Ganesh festival is honors the birth of Lord Ganesha. Ganesh is the youngest son of Lord shiva and parvati. Ganesh is known for 108 different names also name for the wisdom. Its start with a huge crafted statutes of Ganesha. Ganesh Chaturthi is celebrated for ten days. During the festivals people bring the idol home. It is one of the most important festival in Maharashtra. Across the Maharashtra there is feast is going on in peoples house. This festival is celebrated to mark the birth anniversary

  • The Importance Of Celebrations

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    Celebrations Happiness, accomplishment, birthdays, anniversaries, achievement party, every event is accompanied by a celebration. A celebration is something which rejuvenates and brings out the best of moments to cherish for life. Let it be a euphoria of success, or any other event throwing parties and inviting friends and families have always been fun. When you plan to have the best party, you ought to find the best place to organize it in the first place. The fully planned event seems out of chaos