Vitamin C Essays

  • Determination Of Vitamin C Titration

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    Determination of Vitamin C Concentration by Titration Serena Kim Vasantha Susarla McGill University Introduction This experiment is being performed to determine the concentration of Vitamin C in different solutions by performing a redox reaction with potassium iodate. Vitamin C, which is also called ascorbic acid, can be naturally found in citrus fruits and common vegetables. Vitamin C is considered as an antioxidant because it acts as a coenzyme and

  • Vitamin C Lab

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    known as Vitamin C, which many know are most commonly found in citrus fruits and some vegetables, eg; oranges, limes, lemons, bell peppers, etc.Vitamin C can be easily oxidized, when the ascorbic acid reacts to form dehydroascorbic acid. This is when two hydrogen atoms are lost, forming two ketone groups. Vitamin C is also a biological compound that is actively involved in the synthesis of collagen which is responsible for the structural protein in the hair, nail and skin growth. The vitamin C also has

  • Importance Of Vitamin C

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    Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) Vitamin C is a water soluble versatile vitamin. It plays an important role in human health and disease. Vitamin C has become the most controversial vitamin in recent years. This is because of the counter-claims and claims on the use of vitamin C in megadoses to cure everything from common cold to cancer. Scurvy has been known to man for centuries. It was the first disease found to be associated with diet. In the sixteenth century about 10,000 mariners died of a miraculous

  • Vitamin C Titration Lab Report

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    order to calculate the mass of vitamin C content to determine which fruit is enriched with vitamin C that can be taken in voyages. This task was performed by titration of vitamin C in given fruits followed by standardization of iodine solution. Standardization of iodine solution was done with known amount of vitamin C tablet and using fresh fruit juice did vitamin C titration. Consequently, the class average was taken of calculated mass of fruit and mass of vitamin C content. Then, those averages

  • Vitamin C Reaction Paper

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    Interaction of vitamin c and iron Introduction The food contains many of the necessary for the human body nutrients However, most people do not take the adequacy of these elements Give us the food necessary for the movement and the movement of the blood in our veins energy necessary for the growth Onsjtna elements and the renewal of our cells. Not many people know that some nutrients work better taken together than on their own. Iron and vitamin C are perfect examples of this! iron and vitamin C are essential

  • Vitamin C Lab Report

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    interest of Vitamin C in food contents. My family tends to have fruits and vegetables stored in the freezer. This is due to the hot climate of the country we live in. Therefore, it preserved it for a long period of time and then re-heated in order to be consumed. I began to wonder if change was happening to the Vitamin C in the fruits and vegetables once they were frozen. If so, then what? In class many lab experiments were performed such as ‘The Effect of Temperature on the Vitamin C Clock’, and

  • Argumentative Essay On Vitamin C

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    The more days you use it, the more effective it is. Vitamin C’s Got a Whole New Bag For decades, people have relied on vitamin C as natural medicine, but now a whole new vitamin C bag, called liposome technology, is making it possible to deliver huge amounts of vitamin C to all your cells. You can compare a liposome to a travel bag that carries its vitamin C straight through the cell membranes. Liposomes are nano sized and made in the same molecular configuration as fats (lipids) that constitute

  • Importance Of Vitamin C In Plants

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    According to University of Exeter (2007), Vitamin C is essential in plants because it helps them grow. This is because plants cannot grow past a seedling without the vitamin C. The University of Exeter says “Vitamin C provides protection against the harmful side-effects of light during photosynthesis…” Vitamin C is a big part in a plant 's life because it allows the plant to become an “Adult” or mature plant, which helps produce oxygen. If plants did not use Vitamin C to grow then we would have no oxygen

  • Essay On Ginger Tea

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    GINGER TEA Ginger tea is a tea in which they add ginger to the tea. Ginger consists of various medical effects, ginger tea relieves uncomfortable conditions. Ginger tea is prepared by simmering the water added with fresh ginger. PREPARATION OF GINGER TEA Things required to prepare ginger tea are  Raw Ginger – 4 to 6 thin slices  Water – 11/2 to 2 cups  Lime juice - 1/2 lime, or for taste  Honey or Agave nectar - 1-2 tbsp. or to taste  Time for Preparation is 10 minutes  Give 1 to 2 cups

  • Related Literature Review: Lakatan Bananas (Musa Acuminata)

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    CHAPTER II REVIEW OF RELATED LITERATURE I. Lakatan Bananas (Musa acuminata) Bananas, which are the 5th most important commodity in the world, as well as being one of the most important fruit crops, are known to be available worldwide and eaten for their various health benefits (Uma, 2008; Mishra, Srivastav & Sen, 2012). Furthermore, with several different types of bananas, falling under the two distinct types — sweet bananas (Musa sapienta, Musa nana) and plantain bananas (Musa paradisiacal) — Lakatan

  • Short Essay About Passion Fruit

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    In fact, passion fruit or granadilla, provides our body with more than a 100 per cent of the recommended daily dose of vitamin C. All of these compounds, also known as antioxidants, as we previously mentioned they are extremely important in eliminating free radicals and preventing them from harming the body. Vitamin C is a well-known vitamin, especially as protector of the body from flues and viruses as well as foreign bodies which attach our organism. This property of boosting

  • Essay On Orange Peels

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    supply of vitamins, minerals, and essential oils which have the power to stop and deal with health problems. In addition, they’re also remarkable for beauty and cosmetic needs, with an overall flexibility which makes them go well with other ingredients. Given that lots of people are still throwing these peels away, now we’d prefer to share 5 fascinating methods you can use them. Keep reading! 1 . Natural cough medicine There’s a good deal of vitamin C in orange peels. Vitamin C is a nutrient

  • Speech On Pineapple

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    further demonstrated the ability to reduce the signs and symptoms of arthritis in many test subjects.Pineapple for the Immune System: A single pineapple serving has over 130% of the daily requirement of vitamin-C, which makes it one of the richest and tastiest sources of ascorbic acid. Vitamin C benefits are versatile, ranging from reducing illness and enhancing the immune system by stimulating the activity of white blood cells to acting as an antioxidant against the harmful effects of free radicals

  • Dragon Fruit Research Paper

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    which apart from tomatoes, dragon fruit contains highly valued properties that is good for cancer prevention. Good for hydration A 100g of dragon fruit contains 87g of water, making it one of the most hydrating fruit. Fruit water is infused with vitamins and minerals that cannot be found in an ordinary water. Instead of drinking soda, dragon fruit is recommended to quench your thirst. Dragon fruit nutrition fact Amount per 100 g * Water 87 g Protein 1.1 g 2.1 % (RDA) Fat 0.4 g Carbohydrates

  • Argumentative Essay On Matcha Tea

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    Matcha Is Low Amount The tea is ready by running a small indefinite {amount} of the quandary over a little amount of the powder and beating the mixture to a sleek, uniform consistency with a bamboo whisk till it becomes frothy. Matcha ready during this manner is classed as a food, however it's conjointly accessible in powder or capsule kind, creating it appropriate to be used as a dietary supplement. In distinction to traditional leaf teas that unleash solely a fraction of their active ingredients

  • The Benefits Of Ambarella

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    Ambarella (Spondias Dulcis) is a fast growing equatorial tree, bearing edible fruits containing fibrous pit known by the name of “hevi” in the Philippines. It is a member of the Anacardiaceae family, which also includes several important tropical fruit trees such as mango and cashew. As the ambarella tree flourishes across the world, its fruit are known by many names in various regions. In British colonies it is usually called otaheite apple, jew plum in Jamaica, kedondong in Indonesia and Malaysia

  • Beta Carotene Research Paper

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    stress. About 30 to 60% of carotenoids are absorbed in the small intestine; the remainder is excreted (Biesalski et al., 1997). Beta-carotene is the most abundant and most efficient precursor of vitamin A, which is a highly lipidsoluble unsaturated polyene dye and antioxidant found in the plasma. Moreover, vitamin A quenches the free radical singlet oxygen. Lycopene, another carotenoid, has no provitamin A function and is reputed to be more important than beta-carotene in UV-protection (Ribaya-Mercado

  • Guava Investigatory Project

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    It is a rich and cheap source of vitamin-C and pectin . It ranks third in vitamin-C content (260 mg/100g) after barbados cherry and aonla. It contains a high amount of vitamin-C which is about three to four times more than that of fresh orange juice. Beside crude fibers it is also a moderate source of iron and phosphorous. The ascorbic acid content ranges

  • Citrus Case Study

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    1. INTRODUCTION The genus Citrus, belonging to the Rutaceae or Rue family, comprises of about 140 genera and 1,300 species. Citrus sinensis (Orange), Citrus paradise (Grapefruit), Citrus limon (Lemon), Citrus reticulate (tangerine), Citrus grandis (shaddock), Citrus aurantium (sour orange), Citrus medica (Citron), and Citrus aurantifolia (lime) are some important fruits of genus Citrus. Citrus are well known as one of the world’s major fruit crops that are produced in many countries with tropical

  • Barberry Case Study

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    Barberry: Overview of Information & Purchase Alternative Names: A Agracejo B Berberidis Cortex, Berberry, Barberry, Berberidis Radicis Cortex, Berberidis Fructus, Berbéris Commun, Berberidis Radix, Berberitze, Berbéris Vulgaire, Berbis C Common Barberry E Espino Cambrón, Épine-Vinette J Jaundice Berry M Mountain Grape O Oregon Grape P Piprage, Pipperidge S Sow Berry, Sauerdorn V Vinettier Caution: Make sure you should seep separate listings for Oregon Grape. Scientific Name Barberry’s scientific