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  • Gender Differences In The Sitcom 'Friends'

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    ‘Friends’ is a 1994 television sitcom that aired for 10 seasons up till May 2004 and has earned numerous accolades, leaving a prominent reputation in the film industry. ‘Friends’ is also well known for its comedic content which generically focuses on the gender roles and sexual differences of the characters in the sitcom. Sitcoms such as ‘Friends’ are powerful mediums in which the viewer’s perception of reality is altered as they redefine the average life of an American. Poniewozik stated that

  • Violence In The Godfather

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    very strong bond and will do anything to keep the family safe and together. We especially see this when Sonny gets a phone call from his sister Connie (Talia Shire.) Connie proceeds to tell Sonny that she is being abused by her husband Carlo (Gianni Russo.) With this news Sonny goes and beats up Carlo and warns him that if he touches his sister again he will kill Carlo. Just as the audience expected Carlo beats Connie again and so now Sonny goes to kill him but while Sonny is at a toll booth he is ambushed

  • Million Dollar Baby Analysis

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    Almost everyone loves movies, whether it is action, comedy, romance, fantasy, horror, suspense, and animated. Everyone has their own preferences, but despite of these preferences and different genres, every film has an ending. The endings are either happy, sad or even comes with a cliff-hanger. However, the ones that have sad endings are the ones that really touches and leaves a thought to the people who watches it. If it has a happy ending, then people would just know that it ended nice and the

  • Cinematic Techniques In Tim Burton's Films

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    How you ever wondered why Tim Burton's films are always a fan favorite for everyone? Tim Burton uses cinematic techniques to create a mood and tone for the audience of any age to enjoy. Springboard informs the audience in their biography that Tim Burton is wickedly funny, grotesquely, humorous they claim that Tim Burton's films influenced his imagination and cinematic style. Tim Burton used his idol Roald Dahl stories to create Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Burton uses his influence to make

  • History Of Public Enemies

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    Public Enemies was originally marketed as a historical non-fiction book written by Bryan Burrough. However, in 2009, Public Enemies was released as a motion picture, under the direction of Michael Mann (“Public”). This book and film focused its attention on the notorious gangsters and criminals during the twentieth century’s organized crime era of the 1920s and 1930s. Likewise, it additionally focused on the development of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and how these crimes helped the

  • Movie Analysis: The Godfather

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    Don Vito has 3 sons - Michael, whose masculine temperament is nicely combined with the calm knowledge of his adopted brother and family authority Tom Hagen hedonistic Fredo, and eventually, college educated Michael. However, Michael 's reluctant to engage within the family business. enraged by Don Vito 's refusal to engage in narcotic operations, other Mafia families from new york organise the attempt

  • The Godfather Michael Corleone Analysis

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    Godfather: The Spiritual Desolation of Michael Corleone The Godfather, directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is known as one of the most infamous films in American history. Since its release in 1972, it continues to transcend generations of people; never wavering from its appraised status. The film illustrates the gradual moral and spiritual descent of a young Michael Corleone as he suddenly inherits the family business. In the beginning, Michael show’s a great dislike for his family’s way of life and

  • Themes In William Faulkner's Barn Burning

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    “Barn Burning” William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning” shows what happens when a boy is faced with making decisions about morals and loyalty to one's own family. Sarty is the son of a man who burns barns and has no regard for what society expects. The themes in “Barn Burning” show the conflict of the characters. For the boy, the themes that apply are “the human heart in conflict with itself” and ‘’the need to balance between demands of self and responsibility to one’s society.” Sarty is faced with a

  • Mafia 3 Analysis

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    Mafia 3 is a third-person open-world action game set in a fictionalized version of 1960's New Orleans developed by Hangar 13 and published by 2K Games. Mafia 3 chronicles Lincoln Clay's rise to the top of the criminal totem pole, and its narrative deals with themes of racial prejudice and discrimination. Should you aid in and facilitate Lincoln Clay's ultimate revenge? War On The Streets of New Bordeaux Lincoln is seated on a bench waiting for his childhood friend Ellis to arrive; Lincoln has recently

  • Corruption And Evil In The Godfather

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    Don Corleone once offered a bandleader “an offer he couldn’t refuse” (Puzo). The chilling line sets the tone for the remainder of the movie, The Godfather, an American crime masterpiece released in 1972 based on a book by Mario Puzo. As part of the series and movie, each of the characters matures differently based on their role in this crooked atmosphere. However, Corruption and evil develop cohesively in the undertakings of the Corleone family. Critically acclaimed, the film explores the mafia

  • Looking For Alibrandi Character Analysis

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    In the 1992 novel Looking for Alibrandi by Melina Marchetta the plot charts the developing maturity of the protagonist Josie Alibrandi. Her personal growth and quest for freedom is shown through her relationships with Michael Andretti her father, John Barton her best friend and Nonna Katia her grandmother. As Josie states early in the novel “I’ll run one day. Run for my life. To be free and think for myself. Not as an Australian not as an Italian and not as an in between. I’ll run to be emancipated

  • Analysis Of Henry Hill In Goodfellas

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    What Scorsese did differently was that he made male protagonists vulnerable again, just like they were in the old mobster movie days, but in a bit more realistic way Scorsese produces movies in a way that, according to Kolker, he „Determines our point of view and our emotional and intellectual attachment to the film. We are therefore, scarcely allowed any separation from what the central character is seeing.“ (218). He even does this directly by breaking the fourth wall twice in Goodfellas, and

  • Vittorio De Sica's The Bicycle Thief

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    Chua Hsu Yann ( Wish ) As we have often been pointed out, Neorealism never got more real than the original Italian title of Vittorio De Sica 's The Bicycle Thief (1948) or "Bicycle Thieves ' '. In other words, the plural itself actually indicates that there is more than one thief in the story. Hence, it turns out that there are two thieves who appeared first at the film 's beginning while the another shows up at the end of the film. This film is basically portray that the joblessness rate

  • La Cosa Nostra Film Analysis

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    The Mafia promoted feelings of brotherhood and love as they incorporated desperate innocents into a family that accompanies them during their worst moments in life. In the documentary La Cosa Nostra: The History of the New York Mafia, the director Amoruso insists upon the fact that poor Italian immigrants who didn’t trust or understand the American authorities go to the Blackhand with their problems and grievances (La Cosa Nostra: The History of the New York Mafia). The Blackhand resembles a father

  • Gang Violence In The Godfather

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    The American crime film “The Godfather,” created in 1972, directed by Francis Ford Coppola and produced by Albert S. Ruddy, greatly depicts the formation of gangs and gang violence as well as the American immigration experience. Don Vito Corleone plays an integral part in the movie as the mafia boss. He is well respected in the community, always dressed in his fine suits as he handles many favors on behalf of his friends. Though before he immigrated to America and gained his title as the mafia boss

  • The Sopranos: Pilot Episode (1999)

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    Christy Chandra Professor Sole Anatrone Italian Studies 170 Viewing Log Title: The Sopranos – Pilot episode (1999) Director: David Chase Date: 18 November 2015 I think The Sopranos is a TV show that takes many elements of mobster like The Godfather. However, I argue that Sopranos has modified the cinematography to make the plot unique. But as I previously got exposed to the Godfather saga, I found Sopranos a nostalgia product of the Godfather. It starts with an Italian-New Jersey man named

  • Gender Roles In Hamlet Essay

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    Throughout Hamlet, the thoughts, intentions, and actions of all of the characters can be explained through predisposed gender roles in the play. Hamlet is a tragedy in which the main character, Hamlet, attempts to seek vengeance for his father’s murder, while the relationships with him and around him begin to strain. In the play, gender plays a huge role in assuming the capability and worth of people. Women are most commonly depicted as being weak, powerless, and confused, while men are commonly

  • Similarities Between Beowulf And Grendel

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    Exile was prevalent in both the story and the movie of Beowulf. Per the movie, Grendel and the Dragon where exile. According to the movie Grendel and the Dragon shared the same mother, but both did not had a father or a father figured in his life. Sadly as they matured, they were shelter from society, and people sought them to be a beast. However, depending how you look at the situation it could be biblically or biologically. Grendel in the film seemed to be alone and angry about ot. When hearing

  • Similarities Between Scarface And The Godfather

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    INTRODUCTION The films Scarface (1983) and The Godfather (1972) are both crime-drama films which focus on the rise of their respective characters up the criminal ladder, becoming leaders on their own right and experiencing parallels on their stories while interacting with characters with duality in rules for both films. Scarface’s Tony Montana opted for drug trade and started his own empire on the back and blood of the people he killed, while Michael Corleone took matters to his own hands when he

  • A Lesson Before Dying Literary Analysis

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    Are we able to control our destiny or the outside forces? There are very good arguments about that but at the end of the day, I feel like we don’t control what happens to use in the future. Especially after I read the book, “A Lesson Before Dying”. Jefferson, the main character, was executed for something he didn't even do. He had a future and it was all gone due to what he couldn't control. He was at the wrong at the wrong time. He was also wrongfully accused and convicted of the robbery and murder