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  • Vodafone Swot Analysis

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    Vodafone India Limited, formerly known as, Vodafone Essar Limited, is the second largest mobile network operator in India by subscriber base, after Airtel. It is headquartered in Mumbai, India. I t has approximately 173 million customers as of September 2014. It offers both prepaid and postpaid GSM cellular phone coverage throughout India with good presence in the metros. Subscriber Base Statistics as on September, 2014 Telecom Circle No. of Subscribers Gujarat 15,801,117 Uttar Pradesh(East) 14,526

  • Vodafone Corporate Growth Strategy

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    Question 1: Vodafone is the largest mobile phone company in Egypt. It was launched in 1998. It covers various voice and data exchange services, as well as 4G, 3G, ADSL and broadband Internet services. Vodafone is an international mobile telecommunications company headquartered in the UK which has entered many developed and developing country wireless markets globally and pursues a growth strategy. They did pursue “a wireless only strategy” and have expanded using a combination of

  • Organizational Structure Of Vodafone And Etisaalat

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    Two firms doing similar business in the same industry are Vodafone and Etisalat. Question 1: Structure of the Organization Vodafone: Vodafone first entered the Egyptian telecom market in 1998. Through a series of mergers and acquisitions, in 2011 Vodafone has grown to become the leading mobile operator in Egypt serving more than 36.3 million customers with the highest technology, customer service and communication skills. Corporate Social responsibility is an integral part of the Strategy of the

  • Change Management: The Importance Of Change Management At Vodafone

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    Introduction Vodafone Group is a British multinational company and is currently the second world’s largest mobile telecommunication. In March 2014, Vodafone had 434 million subscribers worldwide. The company, nowadays, operates in 21 countries all over Europe, Asia- Pacific, Middle East, United States and Africa. Plus, Vodafone has another more 40 networks in other countries (Vodafone, 2014). Vodafone has the power to keep going growing with an attractive range of products and services. Within

  • Advantages Of Michael Porter's Five Forces Model

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    HOW INFORMATION SYSTEMS CONTRIBUTE TO COMPETITIVE STRATEGIES AND DEVELOP COMPETITIVE ADVANTAGES As stated by Michael Porter, the elements of organisational structure such as industry structure, competitive strategy, value chains, business processes and information system can be comprehended by analyzing his five forces model. The five forces model is able to control and influence the profitability of the industry. PORTER’S FIVE FORCES MODEL → Bargaining power of customers → Threat of substitutions

  • Airtel Vs Airtel

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    MAHANAGAR TELEPHONE NIGAM LIMITED (MTNL) Mahanagar Telephone Nigam Limited, MTNL, is a state owned provider of telecommunication services which operates in the metropolitan cities of Delhi and Mumbai. The Government of India holds a 100% stake in the company. In 2012, the company had a subscriber base of 5-6 million, of which 4.1 million were fixed line telephone users and the rest in the mobile services segment. BHARTI AIRTEL More commonly known as Airtel and founded by Sunil Bharti Mittal as

  • Airtel Case Study

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    Bharti airtel communication The founder of airtel is Sunil Mittal and he founded the company in July 07 1995 as a public limited company.Bharti Airtel Limited is a main worldwide information transfer’s organization with operations in 20 nations crosswise over Asia and Africa. Headquartered in New Delhi, India, the organization positions amongst the main 4 versatile administration suppliers all around regarding endorsers. In India, the organization 's item offerings incorporate 2G, 3G and 4G remote

  • Vertical Integration Case Study: Verizon

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    Corporate Strategies Vertical Integration Verizon implements a value chain analysis to understand the parts of the daily operations that create value, and those parts that do not. The value chain analysis is used to determine the level of competition, the type of products and services the consumer needs, and to figure out the ways that Verizon can stay sustainable and remain the market leader in the industry. This is vital because if done correctly Verizon will be able to gain high returns within

  • Tesco Porter's Five Forces Analysis Essay

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    Section 2: Analysis of Competition To discover effectual sources of competitive benefit, an analysis of the business’s structure should be taken on. Thus, to analyze the Tesco’s competitive atmosphere, Porter’s five forces of competition theory have been used as follow: threat of new entrants, power of buyers, power of suppliers, threat of substitutes and competitive rivalry. Threat of New Entrants Basically, the greater the barriers to entry are, the greater the possible

  • Globalisation In Retail Industry

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    The Indian retail industry has developed and emerged as one of the most powerful and fast-paced industries due to the entrance of several new players. It represents for over 10 per cent of the country’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and around 8 per cent of the employment. India is currently the fifth-largest global destination in the retail space globally. (ibef.org, 2018) Indian Retail Industry has gigantic potential as India having the second largest population with prosperous middle class, rapid

  • Adidas Swot Analysis

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    Executive Summary The heads and primary shareholders of Adidas are considering their interest in growing their commercial enterprise thinking about the multiplied demand for beginning more headquarters and attracting clients with the slogan in particular services in Africa. Because the running core of the business centers proceeding this brand advertising, the commentary investigations: “To what extent had Adidas “impossible is nothing” succeeded in attracting buyers? The primary section of the

  • Gestures In The Virtual World

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    Research studies have proved that gestures are a vital part of humans. Gestures vary from situation to situation. For instance, a teacher will use gestures in different context and ways as compared to an actor who is using gestures for a serious movie role. The world is progressing in terms of technology every day. During years, humans have changed the way they were using technology and devices. For example, a television which was supposedly a big fat machine transformed to an extremely thin LED

  • Emirates Financial Essay

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    Finance Name Institution’s Name 1- Introduction Emirates Telecommunications Corporations (Etisalat) is a UAE based Telecommunications Company that operates in Asia, Africa and Middle East. The company was founded in 1876 as joint stock Company in Britain, but in 1983 it changed ownership to United Arab Emirates government. It commenced on cellular operations in 2001, under Ufone brand name. Etisalat is currently the 12th largest mobile network operator in the world and has over 150 million customers

  • Aircel Company Essay

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    5.2 COMPANY ANALYSIS: 5.2.1 AIRCEL LIMITED: HISTORY AND BACKGROUND: Aircel Limited (Aircel), was incorporated in December 1994 as erstwhile Srinivas Cellcom Limited (SCL). SCL was owned by Aircel Tele ventures Limited (ATL), a subsidiary company of Sterling InfoTech Ltd. (SIL), the flagship company of Sterling Group. In April 1999,SCL began offering GSM cellular services in the Tamil Nadu Circle. In October 1999, SCL changed its name to Aircel Limited. In 2003, Aircel Tele ventures

  • Mtn Swot Analysis

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    Brief Description of Company (MTN Nigeria) MTN Group Company is a leading multinational telecommunications group that provides network access for mobiles and business solutions. It has established itself in 22 countries in Africa and the Middle East; it has subscribed more than 203.8 million. MTN Nigeria is a part of the MTN Group, Africa's leading Telecommunications Company. It came into being in Nigeria on May 2001 as the first GSM network to make a call following the globally lauded Nigerian GSM

  • Telephone Calls Assignment

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    The chart compares the total number of three types’ telephone calls in the UK between 1995 and 2002. The telephone calls in the UK majorly made by fixed line, especially the local fixed line. The most popular telephone calls category in the UK were the local fixed line, and the national and international fixed line were the second popular one. Mobiles owned the smallest proportion of telephone calls in the UK. In 1995, telephone calls via local fixed line were just over 70 billion minutes; then

  • Excessive Use Of Mobile Phones Essay

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    CHAPTER 1 The Problem and Its Scope Introduction Mobile phones have been a great use to us humans for many years now. They have become a very important part of our lives. They have in fact become inseparable to us humans. It can be one of the most important creations of mankind which has definitely brought the world together. Mobile phones are common to all ages, especially to the 21st generation of learners. In today's time, mobile phones or tablets are use in school as part of E-Learning. The

  • Ericsson Organizational Structure

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    Ericson: Ericsson (Telefonaktiebolaget L. M. Ericsson) is a Swedish multinational corporation that provides communication technology and services. The company offers services, software and infrastructure in information and communications technology (ICT) for telecommunications operators, traditional telecommunications and Internet Protocol (IP) networking equipment, mobile and fixed broadband, operations and business support services, cable television, IPTV, video systems, and an extensive services

  • Challenges Of Telecommunication

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    INTRODUCTION India’s telecommunication is the second largest in the world based on the total number of telephone users both fixed and mobile phone. Indian telecom sector is more than 165 years old. Telecommunications was first introduced in India in 1851 when the first operational land lines were laid by the government near Kolkata (then Calcutta), although telephone services were formally introduced in India much later in 1881. Further, in 1883, telephone services were merged with the postal system

  • Singtel Case Study

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    1.1 Background Information Company History SingTel started its business back in 1879 when Singapore became one of the first cities in the East to have telephone services. British interests were managing Telephone services in Singapore in mid-1950s. The Singapore Telephone Board was formed as a permitted board with individual rights to operate telephone services within Singapore in 1955. During 1974, the company was followed by both the Singapore Telephone Board and Telecommunications Authority