Volcanology Essays

  • Easter Island Informative Speech

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    Imagine you and your family are dragging 20 elephants across an island, to commemorate the life of your great-grandpa. Would you and your immediate family be able to pull the elephants across the entire island if they were not moving on their own? Or would you have the determination and respect for your grandpa to do so? Most people in today’s day and age probably would not be able to, let alone want to do that. The people on Easter island back around 1250 CE did though, but instead of elephants

  • Ring Of Fire Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION Have you ever wondered what a volcano was ? Well, a volcano is a long tube that 's filled with lave. Also, lava is very hot and can burn you alive. What are volcanoes ? Volcanoes are openings in the surface of the earth from which gas or cold melton, or liquid, rock escape and cover the land with smoking hot lava. Also, gases and rock and shoot up through the opening and spill over or fill the air with lava fragments. Where are volcanoes found? Many active volcanoes are located/found

  • Robert Harris's Pompeii: Fact Or Fiction?

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    Sometimes while writing a historical fiction, events become more factual than fictional. A perfect example of this happening in a historical fiction, is the book Pompeii by Robert Harris. Pompeii takes place in 79 AD during the days prior to the destructive eruption of Mount Vesuvius which destroyed all of the Roman town Pompeii. The location of the book are the cities or towns that surround the Aqua Augusta, such as Misenum and Pompeii. Harris’s exceptionally descriptive anecdote of the events leading

  • Aerial Volcano Report

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    Geography PT Guide to Aerial Volcano by Rebecca Chin (9) 213 Geography PT || Ebook Formation of the Volcano on Aerial Island Aerial Volcano is a stratovolcano. It is a conical volcano with steep sides formed by the accumulation of hardened lava, rock fragments, and volcanic ash. [ fig 1 ] Magma erupt through one or more volcanic vents, which are openings on the earth’s crust. They are built up when eruptions occur. With each eruption, erupted lava and ash adds another layer to the growing volcano

  • Stratovolcano Analysis

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    Analysis There are lots of different types of volcanos, but they can be divided in three main types. The first one is the stratovolcanoes. It’s called like that after the Latin word “strato”, which means layer. They are usually high mountains that can erupt with a lot of power. They are so high because of the many eruptions that already happened here. The debris were falling on the sides of the volcano, making it grow. A stratovolcano is able to produce the worst of all the eruptions: the Plinian

  • Mount St. Helens Research Paper

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    There are many natural disasters that affect the world, for example, volcanoes. Mount St. Helens is known to be the most active volcano in the Cascade Range in Washington; effecting the people and the state. It was first recognized as a volcano in 1835! Before the eruption on May 18,1980, Mount St. Helens was a beautiful symmetrical cone, 3,000 meters above sea level. For most of the 20th century, many people viewed this mountain and recreation area as a beautiful and peaceful place, but after the

  • The Grímsvötn Volcano

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    Grímsvötn is a subglacial volcano located in Iceland and within the Arctic Ocean. The volcano itself remains beneath the Vatnajökull glacier. The Grímsvötn volcano includes a variety of aspects, such as the characteristics of subglacial volcanoes, phreatomagmatic eruptions, seismic activity, past eruptions, various types of damage, and rescue and aid for the locals and environment. Subglacial volcanoes, also known as glaciovolcanoes, are formed when an eruption occurs beneath the surface of a glacier

  • Mauna Kea Essay

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    The Development of Mauna Kea! Over six million years ago, Niihau, the eldest of the the Hawaiian islands was born. That was only the beginning of the formation. Today, the island of Hawaii is the youngest island of them all, and is still forms till this day. Hawaii island is also to Mauna Kea. National Geographic states that “Mauna Kea, one of six volcanoes that have formed the island of Hawaii...” this is important to the Hawaiian culture because without Mauna Kea natives would not have land to

  • Research Paper On Hawaii Volcanoes

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    Hawaii Home to one of the world’s most active volcanoes, lies the beautiful islands of Hawaii. Stretching 1500 miles across the Pacific Ocean and twice the size of Mount St. Helens these islands are one of the youngest geological formations on the earth. These volcanoes are around 80 million years old and is where paradise meets darkness. Behind the stunning views and beautiful beaches, Hawaii has a storm of volcanoes erupting destroying everything in its path. Some may ask what causes

  • A Comparison Of Mauna Loa

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    The volcano I pick was Mt Mauna Loa. This volcano has erupted about 32 times for the eruption of 1984. Mauna Loa is about 600,000- 1 million years old and hasn’t erupted as much as Kilauea and when it erupts it produces huge rivers of lava and threatens towns nearby. Mauna Loa is the second tallest volcano in the world. The elevation is 13,679 feet high. Mauna Loa has 2 trails to get to the top, which is Ancient times (First Ascent) and Ainapo (Easiest Route). The last time it erupted

  • Comparing Two Volcanoes Research Paper

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    Major volcanic eruptions are not very common, and when they do occur, they are often tragic and both extremely dangerous and destructive. There are 2 recent major volcanic eruptions that can be compared and contrasted in many interesting ways. How do the separate aftermaths of the events discussed in this essay share similarities as well as differences? The two volcanoes from these events are called stratovolcanoes, meaning they are volcanoes “composed of explosively erupted cinders and ash with

  • Channel Islands National Park Research Paper

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    Channel Islands National Park Imagine being on a vacation to a national park that has five islands connected to it.. These islands where formed about fourteen million years ago.In the 1930ś the islands where barley being considerd to be turned into a protection area for a monument which is now the national park,of the channel islands .The channel islands faced one major problem which was the oil spill.Visiting the channel islands you can have a beautiful view of all the islands and see all the marine

  • Aerial Volcano Essay

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    Guidebook for Aerial Volcano Formation of Aerial Volcano What is a volcano? What is a volcano? A volcano is a mountain that extends downwards to a pool of molten rock called magma below the Earth’s surface. When the pressure inside the Earth builds up, a volcanic eruption occurs. Magma shoots up through the opening and flows down the sides. Volcanoes can also spew volcanic ash when it erupts. What is pyroclastic flow? Aerial Volcano is an active stratovolcano that erupts pyroclastic flow. Pyroclastic

  • The Importance Of Volcanic Monitoring

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    Abstract Volcanic detection methods were developed to predict volcanic eruptions, which have a harmful impact on humans. Hazards like lahars, tephra, and pyroclastic flows, are results of volcanic eruptions, and have the ability to destroy everything that they come in contact with. Remote sensing, ground deformation, and volcanic gas detection, are three of the volcanic detection methods that work together to track movement of magma and gas moving through a volcano. Seismic monitoring is used around

  • Pinatubo Vs St Helens Case Study

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    Mt. Pinatubo and Mt. St. Helens are two powerful volcanoes located in different economical settings. Mt. Pinatubo is located in an LEDC, this country is known as the Philippines. Mt. St. Helens is located in the United States of America. Volcanoes often cause worldwide issues and distress when they erupt causing large economic struggles and battles for people’s lives. Mt. Pinatubo is located in Botolan in the Philippines. The volcano is on the island of Luzon and erupted in 1991. The exact time

  • Nevado Del Ruiz Volcano Analysis

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    Imagine you are getting ready for bed, about to lay down and enjoy a good night’s rest when all of the sudden there is a loud scream that comes from the mountains. This was reality for the people of Armero, Colombia (Bressan, 2011). On November 13, 1985 the Nevado Del Ruiz volcano claimed the small city as its victim. The earth began to shake and water and debris covered the sky (Bressan, 2011). People raced to the streets to find out what was happening only to step into layer and layers of mud and

  • Organ Pipe Park Case Study

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    • Introduction: Organ pipe park is part of the Greater Western Volcanic Plains , which is the third largest lava formation in the word . The span of these planes runs from Melbourne to Mt Gambier which is situated in South Australia . A million years ago , at Mount Holden were keilor Plains are located , The continual flowing lava of lava in molten form over the plains , filled the preexisting valleys and depressions on the land surface , later on cooled and reached a solid state to form basalt

  • Mauna Lora Research Paper

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    The volcano i choose to research goes by the name of Mauna Loa. Mauna Loa translates to “Long Mountain” in the hawaiian language. Mauna is the largest volcano in the world and covers about half of the island. Mauna Loa is also one of the earth 's most active volcanoes, It has erupted about 40 times since its first recorded eruption around 1843 and scientist predict it will erupt again. Mauna Loa is located in Hawaii near Hilo the largest city in Hawaii. The absolute location of mauna loa is 19.4795

  • Mount Vesuvius Research Paper

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    The most famous volcano in the world (Vesuvius) Mount Vesuvius is a volcanic mountain that is located east of the city of Naples and it considered as the only rebellious volcano in Europe as well as other volcanoes in the Italian islands. This volcano is famous by its eruption in 79 AD, which led to the destruction and burial of the Romanian cities Pompeii and Herculaneum and several other settlements, and continued for 16 years. The volcano buried the city with ash for 1,600 years until it was

  • Mount Tambora Research Paper

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    Volcano’s Have you ever wondered how deadly a volcano is? They can be one of the deadliest natural disasters ever because of the harsh winds. They are formed from tectonic plates and there are 3 different types. Mt.Tambora is one of the worst ever. Volcanoes are formed as mountains that can be deadly. The tornado-like winds and ash from the eruption, opposed to the magma, is the most deadly part of a volcano. These winds are called “pyroclastic flow” and are very powerful that destroy lots. “The