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  • Vietnam War Memorial Analysis

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    The Vietnam War Memorial has been called a "feminist memorial". What do you think that means? Before we can decide if the Vietnam Memorial is a “feminist memorial,” we must first define what feminist art and analysis is. “Inspired - as its name suggests - by feminism, feminist analysis considers the roles of women in an artwork as its subjects, creator, patrons, and viewers.” (DeWitte 184). Essentially, feminist art is any work that pertains to women. Maya Lin was a 21-year-old Yale student when

  • The Vietnam War Memorial

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    October, I was able to go visit some very neat memorials in Washington D.C. There were three memorials that really stood out to me that I wanted to share in this Even Review project. I will cover what those three memorials are, when they took place, a brief summary of what it’s about, and why taking this class has influenced my awareness of these experiences. The first even was the Vietnam War Memorial. The Vietnam War was also known as the Second Indochina War. More than three million people including

  • War Memorial Experience

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    specific war memorials. The ceremony was packed with professors and students in the Susquehanna Room on the backside of Myer Hall. Unfortunately, I showed up 10 minutes late and missed the refreshments that were served prior to the start of the ceremony. After the awards were given they transitioned into the war memorial lecture. The four memorials the man talked about were the Vietnam War Memorial, World War II Memorial, Nanjing Massacre Hall Memorial, and the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Park. The

  • Vietnam War Memorial Research Paper

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    The Vietnam war memorial was is one the greatest memerials ever in the united states. It’s such a privilege to be written on that wall and it 's such a honor to be on it. I don’t see why you wouldn’t want that to be a memorial, there are so many great people upon that wall that deserved to be remembered and honored. I feel like this monument should never be ever thought about tearing down. It’s the most honorable monument in the USA. From what i heard from www.nytimes said that it’s one of the

  • The Pros And Cons Of The Korean War Memorial

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    represented at the Vietnam War Memorial. On the National Parks Service’s page about the memorial, a veteran can be seen looking for a name. The memorial is honoring the service men and women with no question of morality or ethics. Close by is the Korean War Memorial. 19 statues, representing various branches of the armed forces, appear to be wandering towards an objective. Many more remembrances occupy the streets of DC. In every state, there lies some sort of memorial to a soldier or the military

  • Korean War Memorial Research Paper

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    Korean War Memorial The Korean War memorial is in D.C. and it symbolizes the Korean’s that fought for freedom and rights to gain. The people that are standing for the people who served and fought for the country. The Korean War weapons that they’re holding describe the types of artillery that were used in the war and just looking at theses statues remind me of why they are fighting and what was going on. P1 Washington D.C. is a huge place and has tons of Memorials that are amazing, and the Memorials

  • Civil War Memorial Research Paper

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    During the Civil War slavery was still on going and a lot people will disagree with the statement that it was the reason for the Civil War. This Monument highlights the work of the cavalry, infantry and naval forces who fought in the Civil War. It also surrounded by statues of General Robert E. Lee, General Albert Johnson, General Stonewell Jackson and also Confederate President Jefferson Davis. One of the significant men in this monument is General Robert E. Lee they put him on a high pedestal even

  • Essay On Confederate Civil War Memorials

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    Confederate Civil War Memorials. When posed with the question “What should the United States do with/about Confederate Civil War memorials and statues?” I would side with those opposed to the removal. Today I will share with you my three main reasons why these Confederate Civil War memorials should not be removed. First, history repeats itself and if future generations cannot learn from the past we will be no better off in the future. Second, some of the Confederate Civil War memorials proposed to be

  • Compare And Contrast Washington Dc War Memorial

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    The DC war memorial commemorates the 26,000 DC citizens who served our country during World War 1. The monument is made of vermont marble and big enough to hold the entire U.S marine band.The Eisenhower memorial is huge limestone columns in a semicircle space made of monolithic stone block and carvings and inscriptions that depict an image of his life. The Franklin Delano Roosevelt memorial is set on a beautiful spot along the tidal basin and is handicap friendly. The Korean War memorials is honors

  • Monument Synthesis Essay

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    events or people is complex; in some cases, monuments honor moments of great achievement, while in other cases, monuments pay homage to deep sacrifice. A monument 's size, location, and materials are all considerations in planning and creating a memorial to the past. In any case, the need to honor or pay homage to a specific person or event is prevalent within society. A monument has to mean something to the society it is place in. The location of a monument is perhaps the most important aspect of

  • The Importance Of Establishing A Monument

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    Once, one has located the monument in a admirable place such as a park, it should be made with good-quality materials and show significant meaning. An designer of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial “chose black granite in order to make the surface reflective and peaceful.” (Source G) Not many people would think of how the design of a monument to create meaning, that’s why building a monument is so important and time-consuming. After the designer

  • Memorial Persuasive Speech

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    Thesis: When you think of memorials, what do you think of? Maybe the large Washington monuments, or Mount Rushmore come to mind. Well, lets honestly think about what a monument is. Something built to keep the memory of something, or someone alive. Just as a gravestone does, or a plaque, or a picture of a loved one on social media. So why is it that, these giants of men get memorials so large? I don 't know. So lets just talk about memorials and how I feel about them. Memorializing can be great, or

  • Synthesis Essay: Creation Of A Monument

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    famous person or event. Monuments come in all different forms, they are important in which they help remind individuals about significant times in history. Society has different views on what should be considered when a group/agency is creating a memorial. For something to justify the creation of a monument, something important must take place in history. The person or remembrance must relate to a specific historical time and place. Source A compares monuments to holy sites or sacred events. They

  • World War 2 Memorial Research Paper

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    The WW2 Monument The WW2 memorial is so beautiful built by experts. A contest was held to decide the design. People come from all over the U.S to see it. You will never forget this amazing site. Many things in the U.S are special to special people, but there's one momorial that catches your eye. The WW2 memorial is one of the most stunning memorial that you will never forget it. It's located on the National Mall in Washington, D.C. It has 56 pillars and a pair of small triumphal arches surrounding

  • Lincoln Memorial Essay

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    to the thousands of lives lost in wars, cherish our previous presidents and their previous achievements, or esteem previous figures who have shaped our history. For a monument to successfully honor an event or individual, the creators need to carefully consider its design, relation to visitors, and appeal. The design is important because it should be able to create a connection between the memorial and the event which it commemorates. The design of a memorial must incorporate key factors, such

  • Dbq Monument And Memorial Analysis

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    Monuments and memorials are made to immortalize an important person or event. There are many factors that go into the making of a successful memorial or monument, but what factors should be more important? Even though people believe that the design of the monument should be considered the most important factor because it can alter the purpose of the monument, the most important factors are the meaning because it gives the monument a purpose, and the location because it can degrade the monument 's

  • Swimming Holes: A Peasant Hunter

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    A Pheasant Hunter’s Defense The hard times of the Great Depression, exacerbated by the dust bowl drought, induced many South Dakotans to consider economic opportunities outside of their state. The advent of World War II ushered in favorable conditions for obtaining jobs and fulfilling dreams of financial security. However, the realization of those aspirations frequently required relocating to armament manufacturing centers. One such manufacturing center, the shipyards in and around Portland,

  • Lincoln Memorial/Monuments

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    There are many monuments and Memorials in Washington, D.C. , 8 of which I chose the Lincoln Memorial/Monument. I chose this sight because personally I think it’s a very cool/beautiful place to go see. I think this because of the research you can do on it and find cool facts on it. I also think this because of the view at the top where Lincoln is sitting. If you go to the top where he is sitting you can see that it overlooks the reflecting pool and you also can see the Washington Monument. This monument

  • Vietnam Memorial Komunyakaa Analysis

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    The effects of war resonate throughout a nation numerous years after the guns go silent and the peace treaties have been signed. One only has to look at the service members of past conflicts to comprehend the effect war has on those involved and our society in general. Our nation honors the sacrifices of the fallen as well as the survivors of past conflicts through museums, monuments, and memorials. Given the origin of these commemorations, they can carry a far greater significant meaning than anyone

  • Monuments To Our Better Nature Analysis

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    explains each monument in detail ranging from the Lincoln Memorial to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Each statue and structure means something to him and he shares his opinion of each one. In his examination of these structural tributes, he begins to discover the meaning of what it is to be part of the American society. He sees