Windows Mobile Essays

  • Essay On Student Attendance System

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    ABSTRACT: The “Smart Attendance System” is intended for designing a student attendance system containing a handy attendance module along with android app which could effectively manage attendance of students at various institutes. Attendance is marked after student identification. For student identification, fingerprint recognition based system is used. Fingerprints are considered to be the best and fastest method for biometric identification. They are secure to use, unique for every person and don’t

  • Essay Should Children Use Mobile Phones

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    spending his time on his mobile phone instead. How scary would this be? Mobile phones have come a long way since the primitive age, from a simple tool to ease communication to a state-of-the-art device to afford convenience that almost everyone has. We are all living in the computer age and these devices have become an indispensable and integral part of our lives not only for the adults, but even children below the age of twelve own these devices nowadays. However, as mobile phones increase in usage

  • Argumentative Essay On Selfie

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    Imagine, waking up early in the morning instead of rushing out the door for school or work because he or she wants to take the extra time on their appearance by styling their hair, picking a nice outfit and doing the makeup nicely in order to take a selfie. The nationwide popular term selfie means taking a picture of one’s self with the front or back camera on the phone or by using a selfie stick that is then shared online through social media but little did people know the term selfie would become

  • The Pros And Cons Of Computers

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    devices that were sold around the world up to now? Obviously it will exceed 7 billion, which is the population of the world. When we say “computers”, we can't limit it to desktop or laptop computers; even the mobile

  • Android OS Advantages And Disadvantages

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    news. The messaging function allows person to keep in contact with family and friends. 7. Transferability With the sync to Google Drive and the google platform allows for media to be easily transferable from one device to the next as well as from mobile to PC, this sync also enables the transfer of an entire phones data to a new device very simple and easy. The NFC and Bluetooth functionality makes the transfer of data between devices easy and seamless. The transferability of messages and pictures

  • Oculus Rift Case

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    Facebook acquired Oculus Rift for approximately $2 billion but some critics are in doubt whether Facebook is the right partner for coming up with a VR gaming platform as in the past some intents of Facebook introducing gaming were considered difficult to maintain and not in line with the social focus of the bigger Facebook platform (Parkin, 2014). What strategies should Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg follow to make this technology and the business unit Oculus Rift a success in this nascent VR gaming

  • Descriptive Essay About Snow

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    When the wind begins to nip at your face, when the sky becomes a light grey, when all life seems to be hidden away, one knows that there is a high chance of snow. Plants seem to lose their color and become as barren as that of the sky. Animals and humans seem to burrow up from the cold weather outside. But one can only anticipate the white flurry substance coming from the sky. Snow is a magical thing. It acts like an angel, fluttering down from the sky with such grace and elegance and softly

  • Google Porter's Five Forces Analysis Essay

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    Michael Porter 5 Forces The Porter's Five Forces analysis is a powerful framework used by most of the business to evaluate their level of competition within an industry. The Porter's Five Forces analysis is useful because it allows the company to understand their current strength of competitive position as well as how they could compete in the market. By doing so, the company can come out with corporate strategy in order to stay competitive and profitability in the industry. Michael Porter 5 Forces

  • Essay On My Lifelong Dream

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    Life was amazing. My lifelong dream was about to come true, I was about to become a mother. My husband and I had been trying for so long and just when we were about to give up it finally happened. We were so excited when it finally happened and I couldn’t wait to share this journey with my family and I have shared every moment with them. I was about 37 weeks now and I wanted to see my family once more before my life became consumed by a baby. I never thought that my life would be changed forever

  • Negative Essay: How Technology Has Affected Our Life?

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    Technology has changed tremendously over the past few years and is unavoidable in this world. From country to country,urban to ruler areas, office to schools, technology can be found everywhere. Among the young and old, technology is no stranger to them.Children as young as 2 years old or as soon as they can walk are given an iPad or tablet to be used for entertainment and games. It has also evolved and advanced so quickly that many type of gadgets such as tablets, hand phone, smart phones, video

  • Advantage And Disadvantages Of Apple Company

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    A global organization is an international alliance that involves many different countries. A global organization produces and sells its products across the globe or to the different markets in different countries. One of the well known global organizations is the Apple Company. Apple Company produces many great products. One of the well knew products its iMac. iMac is a version of Macintosh which is Apple’s computer. It is a low cost version. It was designed with a target of those people who have

  • Advantages Of Edge Window

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    Residential Natural sunlight is essential in every home and windows are its main route in any building. The position, elevation and direction of windows determine the amount of sunlight, an excess of sunlight is always harmful to both living and non living things. Edge window films are designed to give maximum comfort and safety to homes without decreasing the amount of brightness. Sun's rays contain UV rays that may cause health related complications and fading of expensive home interiors. An

  • Microsoft Smartphones Reflection Paper

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    support for VPN". There is a prospect for Microsoft to recover the product, both for the company and consumers"(Hempel, 2013). Although Microsoft has made important changes in their guts, as merging kernel Surface RT operating system to the core Windows Phone operating system to the outside has not changed much, as Fogg, which is not good news for consumers. Regardless of having a common core, applications are not well-matched across platforms, he said (Hempel, 2013). Currently Microsoft has several

  • Cordova Case Study

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    CORDOVA INTERVIEW QUESTIONS Cordova is a platform that is used for mobile applications. The cordovan and PhoneGap are of same domain but after the acquisition of PhoneGap by Adobe it is released as the Apache Cordova because it is licensed under Apache. Mobile application developers are requirements of many companies, so the candidates with the knowledge of Java Script, CSS and software development can try their luck in Cordova’s field. Below are some Cordova interview questions that may help

  • Business Case Study Nokia

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    what had happened to Nokia mobile phone business. Nokia mobile phone business had come to an end after being sold to Microsoft. Before being sold to Microsoft, Nokia was not even on the list of top smartphone sellers along with BlackBerry and HTC. The market of smartphone was dominated by Apple and Android which easily sweeps Nokia mobile phone business aside as Apple and Android market is more towards customer’s needs and current trends. If the business of Nokia mobile phone was not sold to Microsoft

  • Five Forces Analysis Of Tesco

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    Introduction: In 2002, Tesco launched 49 hyper markets across the Malaysia & recently in 2013 opened two new hyper markets in Selangor state. Following the beginning of grocery shopping in 2013, they developed their grocery home shopping business in its 1st year of operation in nation. Tesco offers an extensive variety of 4,000 own brand items, 90% of which are sourced in Malaysia. they include Tesco value, finest choice and also authority changes (Tesco Plc, 2013). 1.2 Vision & Mission of Tesco

  • Home Automation Analysis

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    Java-based automation system through World Wide Web. It had a standalone embedded system board integrated into a PC-based server at home. Amul Jadhav [3] developed an application in a universal XML format which can be easily ported to any other mobile devices rather than targeting a single platform. R.Piyare [5] have introduced design and implementation of a low cost, flexible and wireless solution to the home automation. Jitendra R. [6] showed that with the ZigBee network how to remove the

  • Case Study: Why Did Lenovo Buy Motorola?

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    's perspective, it 's a deal that they could only dream of. Google paid $12billion to get Motorola, while on the other hand, Lenovo is able to get a globally recognized brand to complement its ThinkPad (which Lenovo acquired from IBM) in the tablet/mobile space. Lenovo, being one of the world 's top five smart phone makers has a zero market share in the US markets which is one of the largest markets for smart phones. Motorola on the other hand, has been in the US markets for 85 years while it has

  • Swot Analysis For Google Wallet

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    JAWAHAR - 13542 SRIRAM GUDIMELLA - 13651 SATISH JAIN - 13644 On: 9/12/2014 EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Developed by Google, Google Wallet is an online mobile payment system that enables the users to store different cards as credit, debit, gift, promotional and loyalty cards. Google wallet can also help them in redeeming the sales promotions with the help of mobile phones. Google wallet uses NFC method or near field communication by simply tapping on the terminal, which is Pay Pass-enabled which is provided

  • Android Advantages

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    0-3.2.6) • Ice Cream Sandwich (4.0-4.0.4) • Jelly Bean (4.1-4.3.1) • KitKat (4.4-4.4.4) • Lollipop (5.0-5.0.1) -present Android 1.0 Android 1.0 was first launched in October 2008 and the operation system debut on the T-Mobile G1. T-Mobile G1 added in the pull-down notification window which notifying the users if they have any text message, voicemails or alarm. This design had brought lots of benefits in alert the user which they usually miss up message or forgotten messages. As this feature is good