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  • Bushman In The Horrors: A Short Story

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    Bushman in the Horrors Along a dreary, hopeless track, there is a little one-roomed house built of timber, stringy bark and floored with split wooden slabs. At the end of the house is a small bark shed, which has nothing but a few boxes of dirty crockery and a cheap oilcloth full of holes draped across a dishevelled straw mattress. Surrounding the house is ‘bush all round – bush with no horizon.’ There is no undergrowth, save for the brownish clumps of dead grass, studded alongside the dusty track

  • The Great Genius Dream: A Short Story

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    faces(SparkNotes, 2017). At the meantime, Sforza walked over slowly with a glum face. “Hey Sforza! I’ve got a awesome plan. Now I need some live models.” His face turned surprised. “Jeez! Finally you will start painting! I can’t believe……” “Yeah, but I need lots of models. I will choose thirteen of them. Don’t just bring me thirteen. Do it now, please!” I interrupted. Sforza left in a hurry and left a clop-clop sound. “huh, Let’s have a try.” I whispered to myself. When the brush with grey

  • Film Analysis: Quentin Tarantino

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    Quentin Tarantino is a unique case among the world of filmmaking, for a number of reasons. The first one is his ability to combine cult aesthetics, themes, and notions with commercial success, thus being loved by both the "underground" and the mainstream audience. The second one is his vast love for watching films, in contrast to other filmmakers who do not like watching other people's work so much. This tendency of his derives from the days he was working in Video Archives, a video store in California

  • Baseball Narrative

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    "It's a beautiful day for baseball!" I shouted in the parking lot of the 5/3 Ballpark. My family and I were walking down the gigantic parking lot, with red square tiles, to get to the ballgame. We had a little under an hour and were truly in no rush. We could see the gates that led to the ballpark and I was extremely excited for the upcoming baseball game. I didn't really care how the game went, as long as the Cougars did well. I had brought a baseball mitt to catch a baseball, for I had caught baseballs

  • The Incredibles Movie Analysis

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    The Incredibles 2: Wait, A Second… Jack-Jack Has Powers?! “Jack-Jack’s fine, but some weird things are happening!” - Kari in Jack-Jack Attack It’s finally happening folks! Yep, we’re finally getting #Incredibles2! Woo! #D23 reintroduced fans to the family of supers that they love. In the shown clip, Bob Parr AKA Mr. Incredible is at home. He is asleep on the couch on parent duty with youngest son #JackJack. Jack-Jack sees a raccoon outside and wants to play with it. A montage erupts with the baby

  • Bokuto's Short Story: Mean Girls

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    loud but comforting in their arrival. Bokuto glances toward the open window, caged and content in the space between Kuroo’s legs, admiring the succulents he pushed out onto the windowsill earlier as they await the rainfall that’s sure to come.. “Yeah? I’m like that one girl from Mean Girls-minus the boobs though.” “Which one?” Bokuto’s face screws up, trying to conjure up her appearance. “Uuuh, the blonde one? You know-typical cliche ‘dumb’ blonde. Kinda hot too.”

  • Free Narrative Essays: The Day Before The Regatta

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    The day before the Regatta Hobart, Australia A young man of near eighteen years old walked out of his bedroom of the apartment that accommodated him alone and waltzed progressively across his lounge room carpet to an antique gramophone wearing only what he had worn when he came into this world. He lifted the needle and placed on a record that he had slipped from its cover. Replacing the needle, he rotated the handle for the turntable to spin. Out of the bell came the music from Tchaikovsky’s Swan