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  • Persuasive Essay On Summer Vacation

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    animals in the wild. Observing the wildlife is the main tourist activity in and around the park. The park hosts two-thirds of the world’s Great One-horned rhinoceros. This also boasts the highest density of tigers among the protected areas in the world. Shillong Shillong | AHA Taxis Shillong is a place where you can let your kids loose and truly enjoy a relaxed vacation. Here you will breathe fresh and very clean air which will totally refresh your mood and you just started to enjoy your trip

  • My Favorite Place In The World Essay

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    said place takes their minds off things and allows them to relax and have fun. My favorite place in the world is Disney World. It is a magical place that comes to life no matter when you go. The most impressive park is Universal Studios because there are so many rides and activities that keep me busy for almost the whole week. The most amazing joy about going there is to go with family. Disney World is a great theme park that I enjoy and love with a child-like passion. First, there is always the long

  • Putrajaya Festival Essay

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    FLORIA Putrajaya Festival was organized by Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj). This Flower and Garden Festival in its 9th edition is organized by Perbadanan Putrajaya (PPj) with the support of the Federal Territories Ministry, the Ministry of Tourism and Culture and Tourism Malaysia and managed by PPj’s wholly owned subsidiary, Putrajaya Floria Sdn Bhd (PFSB). Perbadanan Putrajaya was established under the Perbadanan Putrajaya 1995 (Act 536) for the purpose of managing and administering Federal Territory

  • Ritz Carlton Swot Analysis

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    The Ritz-Carlton hotel background Located on floors 102-118 in the International Commerce Centre overlooking Hong Kong’s Victoria Harbour, The Ritz-Carlton, Hong Kong and the hotel’s 360-degree panoramic views offer a virtual map of the city – where guests can see a destination full of unlimited possibilities. But they just may want to stay put for a while, as one of the most prestigious five star hotels in Hong Kong offers an inviting place to revel and relax in truly serene surrounding SWOT analysis

  • An Essay About Summer Time

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    Summer: The Best Way to Spend it Every student’s favorite time of the year is when school ends: summer time. No more waking up hours before the sun rises, spending a third of the day in a classroom, and no more plans being cancelled due to too much homework to do. Some say they are finally free from this tiring, repetitive schedule. In order to fully enjoy summer, students must live their well-deserved time off to the fullest. The most amusing summer activities share similar qualities. A summer

  • Vacation Scenes In The Disney World

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    everyday life. When going on an excursion to a tropical island or an amusement park, it is easy to forget how much hard work is put into creating the perfect experience guests. Walt Disney World, located in Orlando, Florida, is one of the most popular vacation destinations for families all around the world. Disney World is known for its ability to bring fairytales to life through themed attractions and interactive character experiences. From the outside, it may appear that this vacation spot only exists

  • Advantages Of Green Transportation

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    the whole world. Green transportation involves effective and efficient resource utilization, changes in transportation structure and making healthier travel choices. Greener and sustainable environment started many years ago. The first mode of transport used was walking and really helped the people to reach to others except that it was slow and energy consuming. Passenger rails and tram were then invented and used for a while after which bicycle came to exist at last. Moreover, World

  • The Importance Of Nature Conservation

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    Abstract Population interacts of human increses with local and global environments to deplete biodiversity and resources humans depend on the challenging societal values centered on growth and relying on technology to decreases environmental stress. Although the need to address the environmental crisis, central to conservation science, generated greener versions of the growth paradigm, we need fundamental shifts in values that ensure transition from a growth-centered society to one knowledgeable

  • Economic Role In Tourism

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    It is a matter of fact that tourism is not the world’s largest industry. However, it is recognized as a big industry worldwide, which is a key sector of development in several countries, a major source of income, and it plays a significant economic role. It generates revenue of billions of dollars every year involving thousands of stakeholders and the general public. It is thus recognized as an important driver of the regional, local, and national economies. The government sector has played a vital

  • The Importance Of Cultural Heritage Tourism

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    Jamaica possesses a wealth of culture and heritage that is exceedingly unique, hard to imitate and is one of the most easily identifiable image in the world. Such a greatness should be used to increase visitors’ interest to the various attractions but unfortunately Jamaica has not capitalized on this fact. Since its establishment as a tourism hotspot, Jamaica is flaunted as one of the Caribbean region’s most beautiful and unique getaways. This reputation has been solidified through its many grand

  • The Importance Of Total Quality Management In Tourism

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    1.1 An Overview The globalization of market economy has forced corporations in tourism sector to focus on maintaining a sustainable competitive edge, which is directly related to maintaining quality. Total Quality Management (TQM) is considered an effective model of such a vision. The importance of total quality management in the tourist industry has risen to a fabulous level because of the growth of competitiveness of new tourist destinations and the change in preferences of tourists ' behavior

  • Role Of Communication Technology In Tourism

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    COMMUNICATION TECHNOLOGY IN TOURISM INDRODUCTION Tourism is an industry that sells tangible product. Communication technology is important for the success of improved tourism businesses since it is only through the effective use of communication technology that tourism marketers can offer to consumer tangible products about those intangible experiences. Also, while communication technology is an essential component in the conduct of any service business, it has

  • World Tourism Summary

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    DECLARATION ON WORLD TOURISM The World Tourism Conference, HELD at Manila, Philppines, from 27 September to 10 October 1980, convened by the World tourism Organization with the participation of 107 delegations of States and 91 delegations of observers, in order to clarify the real nature of tourism in all its aspects and the role tourism is bound to play in a dynamic and vastly changing world, as well as to consider the responsibility of States for the development and enhancement of tourism in present-day

  • Why Is Tourism Important In Tourism

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    Introduction Why tourism matters Tourism is one of the fastest growing industries in today’s world and provides numerous job opportunities. According to the Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report from 2013 more than 98 million people are employed in the tourism industry which makes it up to 3% of all employment. Furthermore, the total travel & tourism contribution to the global economy for the year 2014 is 9.8% of total GDP (Council, Economic Impact of Travel & Tourism , 2015). Even though that

  • Criteria Of International Tourism

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    The definition of the tourist was proposed by the International Union of Official Travel Organizations (IUOTO) in 1963 and approved in 1968 by the World Tourist Organization. This is the most widely accepted definition. It refers that international tourists are "temporary visitors staying at least twenty-four hours in the country visited and the purpose of whose journey can be classified into two headings, which are given below [8]: (a) Leisure which includes recreation, holiday, health, study, religion

  • Tourism Influence

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    that tourism may have on the countries? Apparently, tourism has become one of the tremendous and upcoming industries in the recent global economy. Notwithstanding some negative aspects of the tourism primarily leading to the environmental and cultural effects, it is my firm conviction that these disadvantages can be overlooked due to the substantial social and economic benefits of the tourism. To begin with, it is well-known that the most considerable destination of the tourism for the

  • The Relationship Between Tourism And Tourism

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    country. According to World Travel and Tourism Council (2014), the GDP generated by firms that interrelated with tourism such as hotels, travel agencies, airlines, other passenger transport services and restaurants. It shows that, the basic need for tourist to travel and It also involve satisfaction of tourist. The relationship between tourist arrival and GDP has been shown in Brakke (2004) studies, ‘the increase of a percent in GDP per capita in America causes increase in tourism demand to an average

  • Community Based Tourism Concept

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    Community-based tourism concept has been at the vanguard of the promotion of rural development, both in developing and developed countries (Honey, 2008). According to Cornelissen (2005:21) “the theoretical premises of community tourism have long history, originating from the participatory and empowerment development models that emerged as a new paradigm in development discourse in the 1970s”. Community-based tourism has been directly linked to local cultural especially for tourism ‘impact’ and ‘attraction’

  • Singapore Tourism Board Case Study

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    About Singapore Tourism Board Under the Ministry of Trade and Industry of Singapore, the Singapore Tourism board (STB) is a Statutory Board that is responsible for Singapore’s progress in the Tourism sector through the use of strategic marketing and planning. STB is one of Singapore’s key players for economic growth and stability. Formally known and established as The Singapore Tourism Promotion board (STPB) in the year 1964, the STPB was formed with the idea to make Singapore a tourism destination.

  • Importance Of Hospitality Industry

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    THE HOSPITALITY INDUSTRY AND ITS LABOUR PRACTICES: • The tourism and hospitality sector’s direct contribution to GDP totalled US$ 44.2 billion in 2015 • Over 2006–15, direct contribution is expected to register a CAGR of 10.5 per cent • The direct contribution of travel and tourism to GDP is expected to grow 7.2 per cent per annum to US$ 88.6 billion (2.5 per cent of GDP) by 2025. The Indian hospitality industry has emerged as one of the key industries driving growth of the services sector in