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  • An Essay About Katniss Decision Making

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    In the first installment of the Hunger Games series we are greeted to the character Katniss Everdeen. Katniss and her family reside in the lowly District 12, the coal mining district, where the felling of death and despair is a guarantee. After the death of her father in a coal mining accident Katniss must do whatever she must in order to ensure the survival of her family and herself. Directed by Gary Ross the film was both a critical and financial success. In the beginning of the movie many of

  • Brady Rotondaro Back Road Analysis

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    “Back Roads” by Vinnie Rotondaro and “A Winter’s Drive” by ReadWorks both have something in common, but the moods are completely different. Mood is how a reader feels while reading a text. Both of the short stories talk about going on road trips. “Back Roads” is about two guys going to visit their friend. They take back roads because they don’t like being rushed. On the roads, they see alluring scenery and it makes the ride much more diverting. “A Winter’s Drive” is a story about a man driving to

  • Sang Ly Character Analysis

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    in to help her out. “Mother, Nisay, Tera Mao, and I are organizing out home, and, before my eyes, friendship is soothing the sting of injury.” It is evident that everyone loves Sang Ly since they are helping her out in a time of need. “And do not worry about the things you lost. We are making

  • Argumentative Essay On Setback

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    S – SETBACK Setback – Facing a circumstance that may affect you in a negative way. “A slingshot has to be pulled back in order for it to propel forward” – Hayley Mulenda. Losing isn’t running a race and falling down; losing is falling down, and refusing to get up again and carry on running! In life we all go through setbacks; not everything is going to go our way, and that’s okay! Let’s deny that life is perfect, and if there’s one thing we all have in common it’s that we all have experience

  • Personal Narrative: My Strengths In Health Care

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    Rummage (2011) shares an opinion that most people go through life without assessing oneself and the path we chose. For thirteen, of the last fourteen, years I worked at an acute care facility. I was successful which was demonstrated by several promotions over the years. Over the years, I thought about furthering my education but I told myself my long work hours prevented me from taking on the commitment. I believe this was an excuse and am confident the problem was I had not defined my career

  • School Uniforms Expository Essay

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    Over 3.2 million students are victims of bullying each year, 1 in 10 students drop out of school because of repeated bullying, and 90% of 4th through 8th graders report being victims of bullying. As you can see, bullying is a very serious problem that happen in schools very often. In over 3.2 million students being bullied, there are those who are bullied because the way they are dressed. I am proposing to the motion: This house believes that students must wear school uniforms, and I believe that

  • Essay On Why Kids Should Have Cell Phones In School

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    Do you think kids should have cellphones in school? Yes, they do need cellphones in school. one main reason is that cellphones are good for education, safety, and emergencies. That are made for children and adults to use for everyday life. Cell Phones are good for research because if there is something to research in class they can do it so they can know what the meaning of something is or to research something for a homework assignment or a project. Many parents buy us cellphones because they

  • Too Much Knowledge In Fahrenheit 451

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    When someone tries too hard to protect another person, they often end up hurting them more than they help. In Fahrenheit 451 the government tries to protect the people from too much knowledge which allows them to control the opinion and thoughts of everyone. While, in some ways this control benefits people, it also takes away from their humanity in ways that outweigh the good that comes from it. The high suicide and violence rates in the society, that are indirectly caused by the control of knowledge

  • Should Cell Phones Be Allowed In Class

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    As more children continue to get cellphones, the discussion of whether schools should allow them proceeds to escalate. Since cellphones became a big part of our lives, students are more aware of their phone, instead of school. A child’s education is a better asset and more important than a phone, thus students should leave their phone at home and not bring it to school. Even though, cellphones are a very useful tool, they can distract a students learning process and others around them. Phones can

  • School Uniform Should Be Banned Essay

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    The parents are stating that, "Children express themselves through their clothes. Uniforms, stifle creativity. They allow for no individuality, no self-expression.1". But, having school uniforms or a "dress-code" isn’t something for the students to worry about. But requiring students to wear a school uniform would limit what they could wear. This problem shouldn’t stop them from progressing in their classes. But the point of having a school is to educate the students, it's not a fashion show. There

  • Universal Theme In The Outsiders

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    and him get into huge trouble, so they have to rely on each other and other gang member to get through hard times. One theme that is touched in The Outsiders is the definition of family. The definition family is people who love, care, and worry for each other. Throughout the book the reader can see how the definition of family is portrayed from the greasers and Ponyboy and his brothers. For example, Ponyboy finally

  • Theme Of Dreams In Lorraine Hansberry's A Raisin In The Sun

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    Dreams are one of the most important concepts of the play. In A Raisin in the Sun, all 5 characters, Ruth, Walter, Mama, Travis, and Benethea have individual dreams which they crave to achieve. Ruth desires to make her family happy, Walter dreams of getting out of the poor social class, Beneatha wants to become a doctor, and Mama dreams of a house with a garden. The characters struggle obtaining these dreams due to financial circumstances. The author, Lorraine Hansberry describes their dreams as

  • Frederick Clegg In The Collector

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    ohn Fowles’ The Collector is a book that stands out for various reasons. Not only it depicts two characters diametrically different from one another, but it describes them with such depth and inner scrutiny that it makes it hard to believe only one author has created those opposing protagonists. Another thing standing out in The Collector is the character of Frederick Clegg and the personal mystery hidden in within him, as there is a big degree of difference in between Clegg and a person that would

  • Parenting: A Literature Review

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    Introduction Parenting had contain the meaning of parents who are willing to engage and participate in their children daily life activities (The Future of Children 2013). Parenting is very important to raise up a child, poor parenting may endanger the child but the good parenting may probably benefits the child. According to a study that did by Joseph 2007 (cited in Live strong 2013), he stated that children who raised up by parents who with poor parenting, children will probably behave inappropriately

  • What Factors Affect Effective Communication

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    1.1 Effective communication involves the use of verbal and non-verbal actions in order to portray a message as well as emotions and intentions. It involves expressing yourself, but also listening to the words spoken by the reciprocating party and allows you to form an empathetic bond with other people (Robinson, J.Segal, and M. Smith). There are various factors that can influence how well effective communication is performed. The American Psychology Association defines personality as, “...individual

  • The Negative Effects Of Volunteering

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    By taking the time to volunteer, one can effect the lives of many and can even effect their self. Not everyone in this world is blessed with strong family members and shelter. If someone was to step in another man’s shoes they could realize some of the hardships people go through on a daily basis. It is not required to volunteer, but a person will truly impact the lives of many if they decided to volunteer. The volunteer will also see effects in their own life also. Three positive effects that

  • An Essay About Courage In Life

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    Courage is defined as, the ability to do something that frightens one. Something that is outside your comfort, that is hard for you to do. You must be brave and daring, or in other words fearlessness. The action of courage can not only affect yourself but also the people you surround yourself with. These people are the people that show who you are and what you do. Life should be lived like you just want to enjoy everything you do. This can only be done by living day by day courageously. As people

  • Danger Of Money In The Great Gatsby

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    The Dangers of Money in The Great Gatsby Money plays a big role in the lives of everyone. It can make them happy, or comfortable, but it can also be dangerous. In Fitzgerald’s The Great Gatsby, Fitzgerald teaches us that obsessing over large sums of money and using it carelessly can lead down a dangerous path, how it can make you blind to responsibility, strip you of your goals, and give you false hope for happiness. One of the most dangerous outcomes of having a large amount of money is that

  • Mobile Phones In Class Essay

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    Cell phones should be used in class Cell phones are changing the lives of many and are now being inputted in schools everywhere. Reasearch is needed to complete certain projects and phones can do that. The internet is a great place with many options like google that all cell phones include. Lastly, since cell phones have become so popular, almost every single student owns one of their own which means they will be at the same speed as everyone else. Cell phones in class can improve research time

  • The Importance Of Banning Cell Phones In Schools

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    Buying materials for the classroom aren’t as cheap as it used to be from pens to pencils or even notebooks and calculators, phones can do the same thing any of these materials can do. Materials for school aren’t cheap anymore, that's why students should be able to bring their own phones to class and use them instead of charging the schools thousands of dollars to buy materials when that money could go towards the refurbishment of the school. Though cell phones are currently banned in many classrooms