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  • My Strengths As A Writer

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    I am a writer who takes every piece of writing that I create very seriously. Writing, in my opinion, is way more important than the concept of reading. Writing takes knowledge, past creations, and good vocabulary to conduct. Writing is something, I can say, is one of my best academic traits. Past assignments that were writing based all were graded as a B or higher. Throughout this essay, I am going to explain my Strengths, areas of opportunity, and my goals for the future as a writer. To start

  • My Strength As A Writer

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    Self-Reflection I feel like my strength as a writer would be creativity. I can come up with a story about pretty much anything from things that could actually happen to things that are completely impossible. Another strength of mine would be my love for writing. I love writing so much that although sometimes I feel like a failure, I won’t let myself give up on it. My weaknesses though, now that is a long line. I tend to get off topic sometimes which is really bad when writing stories. Another weakness

  • Defining Myself As A Writer

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    Since I was young, I have struggled with writing. It is not a strong suit of mine, and am not able consider myself a writer. Even through my constant writers block, I would not go to the extreme of hating but neither loving. I understand the concept of writing and have accepted that it is necessary for everyday life, that is where I stand with writing. Although I do enjoy reading and talking, and I happen to be exceptionable at both. In middle school, essays were my worst nightmare but somehow I

  • My Journey As A Writer Analysis

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    Megan Mangia Mrs. Shinaberry CCC, Period 3 September 3, 2015 My Journey as a Writer My life as a writer began twelve years ago and ever since then, it has been a writing journey of ups and down. My first memory of writing was in Disney World. I always had thought journals and diaries were for special people and only certain people could have one. So when my parents bought me a diary in Disney, I could not have been happier. I brought it with me to every attraction we went to and wrote all about

  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Writer

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    example), the author must become an expert in government to execute their novel well. Action writers must learn about weapons and bodies and training. Authors have to convey entire universes that don't exist through only words. This is arguably one of the most difficult professions with the least respect. They use a combination of sentence structure, word choice, and more to make you feel emotions. A succssful writer is one that keeps their audience captivated from cover to cover. While it is entirely possible

  • Personal Statement: A Career As A Writer

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    Pursuing a career as a writer will prove to be very challenging and difficult but, in the long run, extremely rewarding. I would be able to pay for my parents’ house and help my family with everything. It could change our lives. Prior knowledge I have of being a writer is that you need connections, you need to have talent, and you need to have patience. It takes a lot of patience to be a writer to keep up with the deadlines and how long it takes to get published. Writers can get paid a fair amount

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Writer

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    A writer is someone who creates literature using the influence as well as the power of words. I myself have read many remarkable and spectacular books and each have a defining character, moment, or plot. Every work is unique. None of this would be possible without the writers. Writing has always influenced my life and as a young child. I would often read books that included characters that I could relate to and connect with. Writers and their creations aren’t something that come naturally. It requires

  • My Inspiration As A Writer Analysis

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    My Inspiration as a Writer Why do we write? What experiences affect your identity as a writer? How do you develop your own voice? These are the questions that lead me to reflect on relevant moments in my life where I can apprehend my inspiration for writing. When I read a book, I want the moment to feel real. I want the author to get the message across so clearly that I can feel all the same emotions. I want the truth of the story. Although my inspiration for writing comes from various places, it

  • How To Clarify Me As A Writer

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    most expressive past time is writing. By putting pen to paper or fingers to keys, authors are able to manipulate both the spoken and written language in order to share important information and communicate one's feelings and emotions. In doing so, writers have the privilege of educating, informing, persuading, and entertaining their audience. It is not an effortless trade, however, for writing requires mastery of one's language and beliefs. Growing up, I have always had a talent for writing

  • Russel Baker Becoming A Writer

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    two readings “Becoming a Writer” by Russel Baker and “Simplicity” by William Zinsser there are many things in common but there are also some differences in these two works “Simplicity” as a whole is stating that us as people and writers tend to use words of nonsense and “meaningless jargon” that do not need to be included in the writing to get your point across and are not needed to provide a positive reading experience for the reader. Zinsser is being a critic on writers and writing as a whole and

  • Evolution Of A Young Writer Analysis

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    The Evolution of a Young Writer From hours pouring over a laptop screen and numerous cups of coffee, a great amount of growth has come from the last few months. A second semester has afforded me the opportunity to evolve as a college student. Different from the first semester, these past few months have moved past adjustment and onto growth as an individual. Among the greatest chances for evolution that I have come to acknowledge are that of my abilities as a writer. Writing is arguably one of the

  • My Life As A Writer Analysis

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    I can best be described as a writer. Through writing, I incorporate my interests, experiences and thoughts into words. Writing challenges me to see things from other perspectives, allowing me to learn more about myself and the topics I write about. It is my greatest means of self-expression and I am able to dream up fantastical worlds that only belong to me and the characters in the stories I write. My passion for writing was sparked by a yeti at the top of Mount Everest. When I was in third grade

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Writer

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    I will admit at first when I started writing papers for English 150, I did not feel confident about them. But as I starting writing more paper for many classes I feel that I have improved. I still do not like writing papers, however I do not mind them as much I used to. I find it less hard to brainstorm ideas because of the resources I use. One of the important resources I have discovered throughout the semester is a writing specialist. Because of the student support service program (SSSP) I

  • Summary Of Becoming A Writer By Russell Baker

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    In his essay, “Becoming a Writer,” Russell Baker explains how something you love can turn into a daunting task. Baker explains that while he loved writing, and even considered himself a writer, he still dreaded his English classes in High School. He felt the assignments were dull and procrastinated to complete most of the assignments. This continued until almost all the way through his third year of High School, towards the end of the year Baker was assigned to write an informal essay based on a

  • Figurative Language In The Writer By Richard Wilbur

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    “The Writer”, written by Richard Wilbur, is a poem that requires thorough reading before you can understand the real plot. The surface plot of “The Writer” is about a father who hears his daughter furiously typing at a typewriter. He then has a flashback to an incident with a trapped starling and watching it as it fails countless times until it finally succeeds in escaping. The real plot uses the same elements but is artfully hidden in the poem structure, word usage, figurative language, tone and

  • What Are My Writer-Oriented Goals

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    to write just as much as I love to read, perhaps even more so. Thus, while it is true that I have always known I would be attending OBU in pursuit of an English degree, it was not until I actually began my college career that I expounded upon my writer-oriented goals. Although I do have an immense passion for writing and literature as an art form, I’ve never truly wanted to make writing

  • Summary Of The Inspired Vs Real Writer

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    Inspired vs The Real Writer by Sarah Allen’s main purpose was to try and change the way people view writers. They are seen as these all knowing articulating gods, when really, they are people too. They struggle just like everyone else, and any work worth reading had some stress and effort behind it. Allen stresses that just because someone is a writer, doesn’t mean they have always been good at it, or even liked it for that matter. All writers have experienced writer’s block. All writers have had to learn

  • Example Of An Essay About You As A Writer

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    I believe nobody is perfect, especially in writing. All writers have their strengths and weaknesses. For me, I am especially good at being different. I am unlike others in the way that I approach topics. I use my unique thought process towards prompts to accomplish that. I enjoy blogging; that is how I express my casual, different way of writing. In my blog, I write about the personal situations that I go through. I hope that other people find my blog and can relate to those situations so they know

  • Personal Narrative: My Strengths Of A Writer

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    As a writer one of my two strengths are coming up with a story. Whenever I write I tend to have an idea on how I want my story to start and finish. I imagine what I want to write by putting my story in point form, gathering the necessary research before I move to completing the story. I feel organization and planning is important and effective to have a good essay. Every time I write I am constantly proofreading my work. If the sentence sounds to sounds good, then I move onto the next sentence.

  • Personal Narrative: My Weaknesses As A Writer

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    as a writer still appeared to be on a High School level; however, upon completion of this reflection paper I feel as if I have learned a completely new technique on how to write a paper. I have learned how to be patient with a paper and obey a certain type of writing process, rather than trying to gather all of the components for my paper at the last possible second. Through these innovative techniques and this new writing process this paper has exposed some of my greatest strengths as a writer; consequently