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  • My Strength As A Writer

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    Self-Reflection I feel like my strength as a writer would be creativity. I can come up with a story about pretty much anything from things that could actually happen to things that are completely impossible. Another strength of mine would be my love for writing. I love writing so much that although sometimes I feel like a failure, I won’t let myself give up on it. My weaknesses though, now that is a long line. I tend to get off topic sometimes which is really bad when writing stories. Another weakness

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Writer

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    A writer is someone who creates literature using the influence as well as the power of words. I myself have read many remarkable and spectacular books and each have a defining character, moment, or plot. Every work is unique. None of this would be possible without the writers. Writing has always influenced my life and as a young child. I would often read books that included characters that I could relate to and connect with. Writers and their creations aren’t something that come naturally. It requires

  • My Journey As A Writer Analysis

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    Megan Mangia Mrs. Shinaberry CCC, Period 3 September 3, 2015 My Journey as a Writer My life as a writer began twelve years ago and ever since then, it has been a writing journey of ups and down. My first memory of writing was in Disney World. I always had thought journals and diaries were for special people and only certain people could have one. So when my parents bought me a diary in Disney, I could not have been happier. I brought it with me to every attraction we went to and wrote all about

  • My Inspiration As A Writer Analysis

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    My Inspiration as a Writer Why do we write? What experiences affect your identity as a writer? How do you develop your own voice? These are the questions that lead me to reflect on relevant moments in my life where I can apprehend my inspiration for writing. When I read a book, I want the moment to feel real. I want the author to get the message across so clearly that I can feel all the same emotions. I want the truth of the story. Although my inspiration for writing comes from various places, it

  • Personal Narrative: My Weaknesses As A Writer

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    as a writer still appeared to be on a High School level; however, upon completion of this reflection paper I feel as if I have learned a completely new technique on how to write a paper. I have learned how to be patient with a paper and obey a certain type of writing process, rather than trying to gather all of the components for my paper at the last possible second. Through these innovative techniques and this new writing process this paper has exposed some of my greatest strengths as a writer; consequently

  • Personal Narrative: A Career As A Writer

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    I will admit at first when I started writing papers for English 150, I did not feel confident about them. But as I starting writing more paper for many classes I feel that I have improved. I still do not like writing papers, however I do not mind them as much I used to. I find it less hard to brainstorm ideas because of the resources I use. One of the important resources I have discovered throughout the semester is a writing specialist. Because of the student support service program (SSSP) I

  • Reading Like A Writer: Paragraph Analysis

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    Francine Prose Interesting Examples (Reading Like A Writer, pg 15) Even though there is a lot of reading to do for this class or any other thing, it is best to slow down and read each word for what it is worth. (pg 19) Skimming won’t give you all the details that the offer has intended. Each word provides a view into the writers language. (pg 28) It is difficult to understand certain writers if you aren 't paying close attention. Different jargon may be used, or it could have been written in a different

  • What Are My Writer-Oriented Goals

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    to write just as much as I love to read, perhaps even more so. Thus, while it is true that I have always known I would be attending OBU in pursuit of an English degree, it was not until I actually began my college career that I expounded upon my writer-oriented goals. Although I do have an immense passion for writing and literature as an art form, I’ve never truly wanted to make writing

  • Reflective Essay: My Growth As A Writer

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    As my final essay I am choosing to write about how this course as helped me evolve as a writer. Having worked in a business environment for 30 plus years, I was confident I would handle this class with ease. As I worked through each assignment I soon became aware of how much I did have to learn. Feeling somewhat embarrassed by the mistakes that I have made throughout my career left me feeling somewhat inadequate in my position as office manager. I would say to myself “how could I have forgotten

  • Personal Narrative: My Motives Of A Writer

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    There can be motives that encourage a writer throughout the process some can influence more than others. it 's important to keep in mind that owell list 4 different motives a writer can have do to his atmosphere or topic. orwell continues to state that the motive bring pride to his writing. I think that experimenting different movies can allow one to see were the strongest are. I can share similar motives to those of owell like aesthetic enthusiasm,sheer egotism and historical impulse. I think

  • Personal Narrative: My Writing As A Writer

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    As a "writer" I 've found my writing style to be more of a put together flourish of words and thoughts that in another 's opinion might seem like it never left the drafting stage (besides the few grammatical edits and big words to make it seem like it was written by someone smart). I went through a stage of writing in purely second person, and because of that I lost the ability to respect the need of more emotional descriptiveness. I 've gotten embarrassed to write in that context and end up passing

  • Personal Narrative: My Experience As A Writer

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    I’ve come back to tell you more about my experiences as a writer this year. While some of my essays were rather. . . . well. . . bland, and unsuccessful for me, I feel as though i have come a long way from where i was in the beginning of the year. I think a big part of reaching my goals this year was taking the time to correct myself. The sound essay, to put it bluntly, holy crap was there an improvement. The original was a one-paged mess with absolutely zero point to it. I am very glad that

  • Personal Narrative: My Experiences As A Writer

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    many years of schooling, I have developed many different skill sets as a writer, reader and researcher. Through many classes, endless papers, and stacks of grades, both good and bad, I have learned who I truly am when it comes to these skills. All of these experiences have allowed me to develop these skills and improve more and more over time. Through these many years, I have learned my strengths and weaknesses as a writer and who I am as a reader and a researcher. When writing, I have many different

  • Reflective Essay: My Weaknesses As A Writer

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    I’ve grown as a student of English this term. I worked on several things including my weaknesses, what i struggle with on a daily basis and even my strengths. Doing this has helped me become a better reader, writer, thinker and a better person. I’ve also use the resources available, like going to tutoring and asking for help when i still feel stuck on something. Going for help is much better than trying to figure out for myself what i needed to work on. I know by setting a goal for myself and planning

  • Tolerance In Freedom Writers

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    The importance of tolerance in “Freedom Writers” The movie Freedom Writers, which was released in 2007, it is based on the book The Freedom Writers Diary by the teacher Ms. Gruwell who wrote the story based on Woodrow Wilson Classical High School. In the movie Freedom Writers, a teacher –Ms. Gruwell tried her best to reach out for the “unfit” students in classroom 203. The students in the class sit separately into racial groups. The students are intolerant because they grew up in an environment where

  • Rajen Persaud: What Makes A College Writer?

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    college writing requires more skill and technique, which I have listed below. As a college writer, one is expected to prove that they have put some thought into what they are writing about by doing some research on the topic and incorporating the views and thoughts of other sources in the paper. It is important for these sources should be cited in the paper being written. In addition, a college writer is expected to take an authoritative stance on the topic or subject being discussed through the

  • Reflective Essay: Who Am I As A Writer

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    Who am I as a writer? To be honest I stare at this paper for a really long time trying to figure out how to answer. I don’t really know what exactly describes a writer. But if I have to describe the way I write it would be by saying that I am a free writer. I like to make the readers see what I write and feel my words. I know that most people pay more attention on how a word is written or use in a sentence but I think that at the end of the day, a writer expects the reader to feel something after

  • Reflective Essay: How I Changed As A Writer

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    How have I improved as a writer? I am thinking about my action plan as a writer have I improved, have I met the goals I set out to achieve on my first day of class, and what have I learned in this class? I will go over my time in this class and review the various topics I mentioned above and more. Looking back over my time in this class I will critique and praise myself. How I felt about writing when I first started this class compared to how I feel now, I would have to say I am more comfortable

  • Overcoming Obstacles In Richard Wilbur's Poem, The Writer

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    would be many who would express that they found the exercise difficult. Perhaps there would even be great scholars who would give the same answer. One problem that plagues writers is something known as “writer’s block”, the condition of being unable to think of what to write next. Richard Wilbur in his poem entitled “The Writer” details a story of his daughter attempting to write while experiencing writer’s block. Although writing may sometimes be difficult, the challenge can be overcome by a little

  • Themes In The Movie Freedom Writers

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    Has racism actually been fixed or even moved in the right direction? The movie Freedom Writers painted a perfect picture of the 1992 time period. At this time, the Rodney King riots were taking place in Los Angeles, California . Rodney King was a man who was beat up by 4 white police in 1991. The incident was not brought to court until 1992 where the police were not charged of any crime. Soon after the court ruled the officers guilty, the riots began to start on the streets of Los Angeles. Large