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  • The Difference Between Writing And Writing At School And Writing At Work

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    such as environment, goals, location etc. Writing is also a factor which is also different at school and at work (workplace or job). There are many differences between writing at school and writing at work such as emphasis, objective, ideas, style etc. I believe that writing at work make the base of skills of any person for writing at work or job. Both writing at school and writing at work are important for a student and an employee. Writing at work and writing at school are different from each other

  • The Importance Of Writing A Writing Interview

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    5 THINGS ONE SHOULD KNOW WHILE WRITING RESUME Whenever you are to go for an Interview, you have to prepare yourself with many things. Writing a good quality resume is one of the main preparations you should be taken care of while going for an Interview. You should not take it as a very simple task. Though it is a very simple task, you still need to be very careful while writing resume. Your resume shows who you are, what are your skills, and how you are eligible for the job. If you follow some

  • Writing Essay: The Importance Of Writing

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    Writing is not just about coming up with ideas and jotting them down on paper saying that it is your story because if it is then it is half done, and readers would not want to read what you have to say about how you feel on an experience that you have explored. Writing is about going through experiences and jotting those experiences down on paper and putting them in order so that the reader can understand what experiences you went through to get to the point that you have come to. Writing is a way

  • My Writing Perspective

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    Writing in My Own Perspective My experience with writing is not that great. When I was a child in elementary school, my teacher asked us to write many essays in Arabic. I remember that when I went back home, I started to tell my mother about the assignment and that I did not want to write it. My mother began to search for information related to the topic. She always loved to help me with my essays. I was always depending on my mother to do my writing homework. One day, my teacher gave me an assignment

  • Writing Reflective Essay

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    I remember I never was the best at trying out different techniques for writing. I have always stuck with the same format simply because even when I was in high school, my teachers didn’t implement any new forms of writing. I never heard of discourse until now, second semester of freshman year of college. After reading Keith Grant Dave’s piece of “ Rhetorical situations and their constituents”, I discovered many ways of writing techniques I should incorporate into my work to make it a more powerful

  • My Writing Strength

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    For I Am Weak But Also I Am Strong Some believe that writing is easy. For those people writing may come naturally. They may write like poets, authors, or even professional writers. Even the best or most gifted writers make mistakes, though, before making it look easy. They also have their strengths and weaknesses. Writing takes skills that must be learned over time. For any writer, knowing their strengths and weaknesses is important. While multiple weaknesses can weaken the paper quality. Certain

  • Importance Of Business Writing

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    priority is given to ‘speaking’ correct English. People in these fields have understood that communication skills mean speaking skills. Most people think that writing skills are not essential for effective communication. But that is not the truth. Writing skill is also an important part of communication. Business Writing Business writing is the transmission of ideas and information through the written mode. Big and small companies exchange information with suppliers, customers, government departments

  • Persuasive Writing Development

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    My active involvement in the development of my critical reasoning/persuasive writing has shown considerable growth, as represented in this portfolio. Given the freedom to choose my own topics and considerable lee way in the assessment/diagnosis of my writing, I have learned techniques not only to effectively revise my writing, but also gained a deeper understanding of the elements that make for effective persuasive writing. Due to the unfamiliarity my peers had with my chosen issue (cultural incompetency

  • My Writing Development

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    I am currently a teenager whose writing has developed significantly over the past few years. In fact, my writing was absolutely shocking when I was younger; it was only recently that it has improved. From about year 6, I noticed that my writing was not very good, especially when I found out the importance of using punctuation. Yes, I did not use commas AT ALL. Also, my vocabulary choices were practically always informal, and I was never able to judiciously incorporate effective language into my

  • SAT Writing Prompts

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    The College Board SAT has received many mixed reviews from fellow students, parents, and even teachers about its effectiveness for college admission. The SAT writing portion in particular affects juniors and seniors who are thinking about and applying to various colleges and universities. Generally speaking, when junior year rolls around, the stress and anxiety builds up when preparing for these standardized tests. Many, including myself when I went through the process, worry about the preparation

  • Trait Writing Strategies

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    Abstract Writing is a very important skill that needs to be taught, developed and assessed for elementary graders. For each of the learning skills (listening, speaking, reading, and writing), there are many ways and strategies that educators can use to develop their students’ learning. In this study, I'm targeting to pay teachers' attention to learn more about (6+1 Traits Writing Strategies) which are: (Ideas, Organization, Voice, Word Choice, Sentence Fluency, Conventions, and Presentation). Using

  • Writing Class Reflection

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    These past few months have been interesting. I procrastinated (more than I should have), written a few papers, but I have also learned a lot about writing. Walking into this I had some writing experience but not nearly as much as I should of had. I knew how to summarize, cite, and work in groups but this class gave me the opportunity to fine tune those skills and learn new skills. College should not be taken lightly and The first new skill I learned was how to write a college level paper. When you

  • The Benefits Of Cursive Writing

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    Some believe that the cursive writing unit should be removed from school curriculum and replaced with typing classes. Even though typing is used more often, schools should still teach and spend time on cursive writing. Teaching cursive writing in schools is necessary and beneficial to students. Cursive Writing is academically beneficial. Many scientific studies have shown that cursive writing improved academic performance. Some areas that are improved with cursive writing are muscle development, coordination

  • My Writing Career

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    Throughout my life, my writing career has mostly been positive. I have always used writing as a coping mechanism, and it has really helped me form the thoughts that I wanted to say, but never could. I was never big on reading or writing until the sixth grade where I learned I had a talent for writing journals. The teacher at the time gave us an assignment, and we had to journal about what a typical day looked like for us. The writer in me came out in the paper offered, and the teacher was thrilled

  • Student Writing Flaws

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    be underlined in read. Word is also able to catch some grammatical issues and those will be underlined in green. To fix the usage issues that exist within this essay, is may be effective if the student also remembers what tense that he or she is writing in and try to make it a point to stick to that tense. While the student is reading through their essay, they should also delete all the unneeded words from each sentences. While I was reading this essay, there were a few times that the student could

  • Process Writing Principles

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    presupposes not only knowledge of language features, but also the ability to process information and language ‘on the spot. Several issues arise for any teacher trying to incorporate principles of process writing into his or her professional practice. First, teachers need to provide time for writing in the supported learning environment of the classroom. Many students will benefit from structured tasks, which teach them strategies for planning, drafting, and revision. Many teachers would argue that

  • Personal Writing: A Reflection Of Professional Writing

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    With the fall semester quickly coming to a close, I have been reflecting about my writing intensiveEnglish class. This semester I have accomplished a variety of projects and assignments and have learneda lot about professional writing. I learned how to write a great resume and how to use its differentformats. I have practiced writing many emails, business letters, transmittal letters, and cover letters.My three largest projects that I completed were a job recommendation report, instructions on how

  • My Writing Assignment

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    ages have issues with writing, the only way to get better at writing is to have experience. I never paid much attention to my writing skills while in high school, I simply did not care about writing. This year as a freshman in college, I have struggled with writing this semester in GSW 1100. Even though I have not been passing papers, I understand that writing in college is extremely important to learn and develop. This is important because most courses in college have writing in them. As the semester

  • Importance Of Strengths In Writing

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    was especially enthusiastic in learning and practicing my writing skills. Writing has always been a personal hobby, and I often spend my free time drafting short stories. I knew I was good at writing as I was often asked to write for the school magazine or website, but I didn’t know what makes me a good writer. Before attending university, I made a commitment to engage in English classes and join writing workshops, so I could refine my writing. I wanted to learn how to write better essays with a wider

  • My Writing Quality

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    to new writing skills and techniques which I believe will be of great use in years to come. I intend to incorporate corrections provided in class and even in peer group discussions into my writing. I believe learning is a process which demands discipline and proper guidance. I am thankful that I have managed to acquire all the aforementioned elements in my journey to become a proficient writer. I have grown from an amateur that was completely out of touch with the facets of proper writing. Judging