X-Men Essays

  • Gender Identity In X-Men

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    superhero team is Marvel’s X-Men. Anyone who is familiar with the X-Men knows the mutants struggle to be accepted in society. Mutants have a genetic mutation that gives them superhuman powers and abilities. People see the superhuman abilities the mutants possess as a treat to the society around them. The widespread fear of the mutants created a political stance against the mutants. The government heavily promotes individual people to judge and exclude the mutants. In X-Men: Days of Future Past, the

  • Use Of Violence In A Better World Movie Essay

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    In A Better World Violence is a natural phenomenon. Human beings are violent by nature. We should it as a face and deal with it in a peaceful mindset. It has been in our culture from the beginning, we use violence in order to get what we want and survive in the harsh world. Humans cannot live without violence because without violence, human beings cannot live in this world. There is an urge for us to kill. But now, violence has gone too far and it must be tamed like an animal. Violence is used

  • Penelope's Guile In The Odyssey

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    trial, in which he is locked up with his crew in the cave of Polyphemus, the man-eating cyclops. In this life-or-death situation, Odysseus thoughtfully devised a plan to escape. He first intoxicated Polyphemus with wine to prevent him from eating more men. Polyphemus soon fell asleep and the crewmen

  • The Curse Of Knowledge In Homer's The Odyssey

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    be. Unfortunately, knowledge can make decisions hard to make. There are too many options presented. A leader might want absolute control and force his agenda on his people. In a similar way Odysseus is a great leader, this is shown as he leads his men through the Trojan war. however, he faces many challenges and makes many decisions. In “The Odyssey,” Homer uses internal and external conflicts to reveal Odysseus as an intelligent and hopeful, but selfish character. Intelligence is a valued trait

  • Essay About Jack's Death In Lord Of The Flies

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    Several different circumstances converge and lead to the first murder on the island. The multiple factors that caused the death to occur were Jack, the beast, the storm, the dancing, and Simon’s constant wandering off alone. Without these factors the first murder on the island would have been very different, but either way Simon would have eventually been killed. To start off, Jack was one of the main factors that lead to the murder. Jack’s madness and cruelty affected the other boys’ minds and

  • X-Men Movie Character Analysis

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    The X-Men series consisted of six movies, X-Men, X-Men 2, The Last stand, X-Men First Class, X-Men origins and the most recent one X-Men Days of Future Past. However, there are hundreds of X-Men comic books and so there have been a lot of changes between the comics and to movies because there is too much information to put into all the movies. There are over a hundred different characters in the X-Men series but I will be focusing on the 8 main movie characters: • Professor X • Magneto • Wolverine

  • Kraken In Beowulf

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    The Guardian of the Sea Long ago when the world was new, it infested with unholy monsters and creatures that even the gods have trouble controlling. One of the most fearsome monsters that ever lived was the Kraken, an immortal beast of gigantic proportions with seven immense tentacles, a beak the size of three whales, dark scaly skin that only weapons of the gods could puncture, two giant eyes that were the size of ships, and a head larger than even a small island . Even the mightiest of ships were

  • Lord Of The Flies Weather Analysis

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    Lord of the Flies, Lord of the Weather William Golding, awarded the prestigious Nobel Prize in Literature in 1983, the James Tait Black Memorial Prize in 1979, the coveted Booker Prize in 1980, wrote Lord of the Flies (1954), a dystopian novel about a group of British boys who survive a plane crash and are forced to live on their own without parents. William Golding uses weather to represent the loss of sanity and the destruction of civilization throughout the island, as well as, weather in the

  • Who Is The Conch In Lord Of The Flies

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    William Golding's “Lord of the Flies,” tells the story of a group of English boys forsook on a tropical island. Golding's novel demonstrates the battle between good v.s evil, civilization v.s savagery and law v.s anarchy within human society. As time continues to pass the boys descend further and further down the path of savagery, ignoring societal norms and expectations. Throughout the book, the author places numerous symbols that reinforce aspects of civilization. Three of which being the conch’s

  • Hannah Arendt's Theory Of Strength In X-Men

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    chapter two of Chris Claremont's X-Men: The Dark Phoenix Saga, unfolds the desperate struggle for unity in the X-Men team as Queen White and her goons secretly hunt them down. Throughout the plot a newly-seen power struggle in the hero's is shown, leaving the reader questioning whether or not the elite-fighting force is actually what they are made out to be. This plight directly reflects Hannah Arendt’s theory of strength in her essay “On Violence”. By connecting the X-Men’s struggles with Arendt’s

  • James Mcteigue's Film V For Vendetta

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    James McTeigue’s film, V for Vendetta is about a fascist government dubbed the Norsefire party taking power through fear and intimidation, the only person opposing them is an anarchist vigilante whose only moniker is V. The director uses the character V to illustrate the idea of revenge, whilst reinforcing the theme through the use of camera angles, sound, lighting and symbolism throughout the film. Throughout the film, McTeigue uses V to display the idea of revenge in his film. This is explained

  • The Gambler's Descriptive Essay-Let The Dive Bar

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    beer, and smoke. Sure New York had banned smoking in most public establishments but this bar like many other dark dens didn’t seem to give a dam. “Oh hell, looks like we’re not the only ones here tonight.” He said indicating a booth where two men sat. One was wearing a dark green sweatshirt with the hood up over his head. The other was wearing a worn leather jacket, the back of his

  • Civil Rights Dbq Essay

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    Movement were Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X, and they were respected by a large portion of the black community in America. Although, when it came the troubling issues of segregation, both of schools and in everyday activities, and the violent approach to fight racism v.s. the non violent approach, Martin Luther King Jr. was a better person to lead black americans. The first reason why black americans needed Martin Luther King Jr. over Malcolm X was MLK’s view on segregation. He believed that

  • Summary Of Malcolm X Learning To Read

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    Malcolm X In his essay "Learning to Read" from the chapter "Saved" in Malcolm's Autobiography published in New York (Grove Press, 1965). Malcolm was born in Omaha, Nebraska and his father was a political activist on behalf of Marcus Garvey. After he and his family moved to East Lansing, Michigan, where his father was killed and his mother placed in a mental institution. he became an orphan and ended up on the streets of Detroit where he was known as "Detroit Red". Furthermore, Malcolm x was sent

  • How Did Martin Luther King Affect The Civil Rights Movement

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    on civil rights, while Malcolm X did also. These two men are known as some of the greatest men in history known for their speeches and what they took part in during the Civil Rights Movement. While Martin Luther King Jr was known for a nonviolence and taking care of situations a different way, and Malcolm X took care of things physically. King and Malcolm were two great men who impacted america greatly during the civil rights movement through many ways. While both men followed their faith and beliefs

  • Malcolm X's Argument Analysis

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    States has a long and well known history of practicing injustices and oppression toward people of color, more so towards African-Americans. This has emerged many civil rights movements during the 1960’s lead by powerful black leaders such as Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr. Though each of these leaders views on how to obtain civil rights for the African American community were polar opposite, their goal was similar. For the sake of this essay, we will discuss three of Malcolm X’s argument, which

  • Malcolm X Thesis

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    his name to what we all know now as “Malcolm X”. Malcolm is a black activists whose voice started to be heard in the mid 1950s as a member of the nation of islam. But, unlike Martin Luther King jr, Rosa Parks, and others, I don’t think Malcolm X gets the recognition he deserves as a black man who wanted the best for his people in some of the darkest times in history. Loved, and inspired so many people. But, also hated at the same time. In 1938, Malcolm X was kicked out of school and sent to a juvenile

  • Compare And Contrast Malcolm X And Mahatma Gandhi

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    Malcolm X and Mahatma Gandhi were two incredible men, both fighting for independence among their people. These distinctly different men were among the strongest fighters who set foot in authority. Malcolm X, an African-American leader spread religion to combat the weakening of his fellow African-Americans, as well as to expand the supporters of Muslim beliefs. Mahatma Gandhi, a leader in India’s independence movement from the British, weakened British rule through civil resistance. While Malcolm X and

  • Martin Luther King Jr Vs Malcolm X Essay

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    Martin Luther King Jr. and Malcolm X both strived to influence equality amongst the Black and white society. These Civil rights leaders fought for what they stood for in many different ways. Such as, King influenced the movement through non-violence, whereas Malcolm X wanted to react with a violent approach. These two Civil rights leader’s differences were influenced by their experiences and contrasting backgrounds. Martin was raised surrounded by a middle class family and was provided with quality

  • Comparing Martin Luther King Jr. And Malcolm X Essay

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    In the articles I have read about Martin Luther King Jr and Malcolm X I have noticed these men have very different styles on how they want to help with segregation. Malcolm was about self defence and to fight back. But Martin Luther King Jr was all about no violence and not fighting back. He believed that the best way to protest was to have a silent protest. This was when people would either go to diners or any public places and they wouldn’t get food, but they would sit on the bench and they wouldn't