Yggdrasil Essays

  • Archetypes In The Odyssey

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    An archetype is an image, a descriptive detail, a plot pattern, or a type of character that occurs multiple times in myth, literature, religion, or folk lore. Archetypes often provoke emotion in the reader as they awaken an image, calling illogical responses into play. Many novels, legends, and myth are made up of archetypes which causes similarities in the plots of many novels. For example, the Helper God, the golden place, seasons and metamorphosis are archetypes that make up modern literature

  • Slot Machine Research Paper

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    INTRODUCTION The Incinerator slot machine is another superb release by Yggdrasil Gaming. While the game is themed on garbage collection, which at first glance does not look all that enticing, once you get into the game, you will find that it is one of the most engaging of games out there. There is nothing garbage about the game particularly when you take into account its spectacular falling symbols, avalanche feature, and unique wild patterns. The game is a 5-reel, 20-payline slot machine oriented

  • Zeus And Odin: Similarities Between Greek And Norse Mythology

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    brothers created human man from drift wood on the shore” (Wordpress.com). Norse gods weren’t all knowing and had limitations when it came to wisdom and intelligence. Mimir was the wisest among the gods of Aesir and Odin sought to find him. Odin went to Yggdrasil to find Mimir’s well and sacrificed his eye to drink the water and gain wisdom. Unlike Zeus, Odin cannot shape shift but is capable of commanding animals. Two ravens serve as Odin’s eyes and ears in the mortal realm while he rules in Asgard. Odin

  • Michaella Macha Research Paper

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    Michaela Macha Michaela Macha is a popular Asatru (or Heathen) poet and an active member of the community. However, she is much lesser known by the masses, as most who are not a part of the Pagan or Heathen communities will not have heard of her. My goal in this paper is to provide information and teach about Macha’s life and works. A German poet, Macha was always interested in English poetry and became drawn to Norse mythology at some point in her life, feeling a calling to the Asatru beliefs (Macha

  • Norse Mythology: A Germanic Indigenous Religion

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    Ymir’s body when he was killed. They live in Nidavellir, another world. The Nine Realms- There are nine worlds in Norse mythology. They are divided in three sections. The name of the tree that they are connected to is Yggdrasil, or the tree of life. The first level of Yggdrasil is Asgard, the home of the gods, and goddesses. Then there is Vanaheim, where masters of sorcery live. The third is Alfheim, the home of the light elves. Then we go to the next level. This is where our world is, Migard

  • Gender Themes In Literature

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    Themes in Literature - Gender roles Gender roles are norms created by society. Our gender is given to us when born, either you are a girl or a boy, decided by how our body looks like. A girl is given norms to follow by society at a young age. A girl should usually be passive, nurturing and subordination, while those born male are supposed to be strong, aggressive and dominant. This paper will discuss how the genders are viewed and perceived in different literary periods. It will show three periods

  • Sherlock Holmes The Hunt For Blackwood Analysis

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    there another character in the world’s literature that inspired more films and games than the glorified detective Sherlock Holmes? We seriously have our doubts about it. Let’s look at the slots for example – there is Holmes and the stolen stones by Yggdrasil, Sherlock Mystery by Playtech among many others. But the one that can easily beat them all is probably Sherlock Holmes The Hunt for Blackwood created by IGT and based on 2009 blockbuster starring Robert Downy Jr. and Jude Law as Sherlock and Watson

  • Descriptive Writing The Minotaur

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    dusty plank barring the door. This used to be my favorite tavern. I met my first friend in this place, and many of my best adventures started here. Now it’s closed for business, like most player frequented establishments. This game is dying. Yggdrasil Online used to be the most popular Virtual Reality Massive Multiplayer Online game, or VRMMO for short. Tens of millions of players once called this game home, but now it’s only a shell of its former self. Only a couple thousand players log in every

  • Ásatrú And Odinism

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    chaos. The Ásatrúar also believe that the universe is divided into nine worlds, with Asgard being the realm of the gods and Midgard (Earth) the home of mankind, much like the ancient Norse religion. Connecting these nine worlds is the World Tree, Yggdrasil. Followers of the Ásatrú religion have four main Gods, to which they pray, but had many Gods for all manner of