Zombie apocalypse Essays

  • Personal Narrative: My Zombie Apocalypse

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    waking up this morning I didn’t think ,I would be in the middle of a zombie apocalypse by the third hour. As my zombie classmates surround me, I climb on the cabinets that stand beside me. I break the picture frame that sits beside me and smash it. Taking a piece of glass I shove it in the temple of my friend rob. He falls and I have a small window to escape. I make my way down the hall cautious and quiet. I make it to the landing, grab a backpack and find on the floor a pack full of water and food

  • Effects Of A Zombie Apocalypse

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    Could a zombie apocalypse actually happen? When it comes to zombies I am one of those people who don 't believe it is actually possible for it to happen. Since I 've never actually done any research I decided it was time to do just that and find out what it would take for a zombie apocalypse to happen. Now I know zombies are mindless beings that attack people, or at least that 's how video games and movies and TV shows portray them. I also know that there are plenty of ways to create a zombie like

  • Zombie Apocalypse Narrative

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    I was 23 and the year was 2020 and the zombie apocalypse just started. How did it start you ask? I’ll get to that later but my base was attacked by zombies and other survivors and I was the only one who survived. I helped stop the zombie apocalypse by creating a vaccine. I learned that day that I was very important to the world. It started by people taking a certain drug from each country. The drug was called Blue Nevada and it was ruled illegal in the 1900’s but that didn’t stop people from producing

  • How To Survive A Zombie Apocalypse

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    It is 6:00 in the morning and overhearing that zombies are conquering the world. Immediately, it is time to pack and get ready for the zombie apocalypse. In order to make it, their is some common that will be needed to beat these disgusting creatures. A zombie apocalypse could happen anywhere; in the city, suburban area, or in the country. Sadly, zombies only onto human flesh and nothing else. Before hiding out, it is important to gather your materials, supplies, and weapons used for survival and

  • Essay On Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse

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    situation, many great minds guide readers to salvage through literature, often with irrelevant information one can justify. Ali Kahn’s “Preparedness 101: Zombie Apocalypse”, the schematic “How to Survive Zombies” and the Zombie Research Society’s “Mayans Destroyed by Zombies” enhances one’s lack of capability when surviving a zombie apocalypse by writing

  • Zombie Apocalypse Essay

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    How would a person survive in the zombie apocalypse? Imagine waking up in the morning, the house as quiet as can be, everyone is nowhere to be found and the front door is wide open, outside of the window there are so called “people” roaming the streets. The zombie apocalypse has occurred. It was fall of 2013 when this zombie epidemic started it is called the Solanum virus. Flesh-eating zombies would come crashing through the living room windows of family’s homes, causing people to go into a state

  • The Pros And Cons Of A Zombie Apocalypse

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    mankind as we know it? Well, that is exactly what would happen if we were to have a zombie apocalypse. For all we know, zombies only want one thing, and that is to wipe out the entire human race to take over the world as their own. Very scary concept I am aware, but what is even scarier is if a zombie apocalypse were to happen, there is not a 100% guarantee that we could fight the zombies off. A zombie apocalypse would be a very serious threat to mankind as we know it, and sadly there is not much

  • Zombie Apocalypse Interview Summary

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    Interview Summary How Would One Map the Outbreak? During a zombie apocalypse, a map of the outbreak, where you are, or places you want to go would be useful. For each outbreak, building maps would help to answer questions such as: Where are tools to fight against the zombies found? Where do the outbreaks start? Where are places safe? Where are they unsafe? One might also put maps in places that people could find them, showing some places for others to get away from the zombies. Creating maps

  • Zombie Apocalypse Research Paper

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    The best way to survive a zombie apocalypse during St. Labre hours is to try to get everyone in the school to the dorms. While everyone gets to the dorms the buses should be pulling up so, we could all load up on the buses to get to a safer place. If not stay in the dorms together and lock all the doors to be safe. We could all sleep in the dorms and cover all the doors and windows so, no one outside could see us. To watch the news we could watch T.V. so we could be ready for anything. All the teachers

  • Descriptive Essay On The Zombie Apocalypse

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    The Zombie Apocalypse Under the moonlight that strike passed through her transparent glass windows, Ellena sleeps on her medium-sized bed. Her stars and moon purple printed blanket covers half of her body as she sleeps on sideways with one knee bent position.The sound of her deep, but even breathing fills her violet-themed bedroom. Everything in her room is a shade of her favorite color. It was not soon when Ellena starts to hear sounds from afar that wakes her a little. Unable to properly distinguish

  • Personal Narrative: Zombie Apocalypse

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    Our Expiration Date About- Zombie Apocalypse from a childs perspective I expected it to just be another normal day. Wake up, eat, go to school, do my homework, then go to sleep again. Nope, this was as far from a normal day that you could get. People think I don’t understand much as a child, but I know more than what they think. I know it’s the end of the world. Everything is happening like it would in a movie, cannibals, blood, guts, tears, and in general, just chaos erupting everywhere

  • Allusions In The Walking Dead

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    the world and provides a sense of realism. The accurate and realistic use of the Biblical allusion provides reason in itself for why so many people look to the bible to get them through tough times. Hershel portrays how Christian would react to a zombie

  • Case Study: Zombie Apocalypse

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    Zombie Apocalypse By: Khaylin Doby The zombies are gone and now we must restart our civilization. In the event of a zombie apocalypse I would restart civilization as a monarchy with a traditional economy. In the event of a zombie apocalypse if I was responsible for restarting civilization, I would choose a traditional economic system. I believe the economic system is the most valuable because it goes with my monarchy type of government. I would choose a monarchy for organization so that people would

  • Zombie Apocalypse: A Short Story

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    and covered with the undead. It is a nightmare trying to roam around, anybody won’t last a minute out there. The Zombie wasteland was listed as one of the richest place in the world. There were three people traveling around the cities trying to survive the so called apocalypse. The three stopped in some small super market just to sleep the night away. “Can we really survive this apocalypse?” Marie asked her two companions. “I mean we are literally running from place to place without any assurance of

  • How To Write An Argumentative Essay On The Walking Dead

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    is not what you would expect. There are many twists and turns. I think once you start watching from the beginning, you will soon be drawn in. For many people who have never watched it before, may judge it too harshly. Some people may feel that the zombie world is over used, and

  • Zombie Apocalypse Rhetorical Analysis

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    Critical Thinking: 1) Is there a clear position/thesis statement? - Yes a. What is it? “Zombies are a reflection of their own narcissistic personality with poor education and lack of awareness of their own society/culture” b. How does it address the question asked. The author has sharply criticized the existence of the modern narcissistic personality and has repeatedly focused on their incapability to accept the reality and keep aside their big egos. According to the author zombies are

  • Talkative Man Summary

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    The World of Talkative Man in the Stories of R.K.Narayan Dr.A. Phaniraja Kumar The Old Man of the Temple: It deals with the supernatural element. The Talkative Man makes no attempt to fool his listeners. The Talkative Man has no burden of guilt on his conscience. He is interested in mere story-telling. As a seasoned narrator he can anticipate the likely reaction of his listeners to such improbable story. The narrator prefaces his story as “it was some years ago that this happened. It had always

  • Argumentative Essay On The Walking Dead

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    TV Show: The Walking Dead is a TV show that aired in 2010 and is still currently running. The show is based off the famous comic book serious. In the show, a zombie apocalypse has broke out and ordinary people must adapt in order to survive. The story focus; on a police officer Rick Grimes. Along the way, groups form and at some point suffer horrible losses. Throughout the show you meet a variety of characters and the worldviews they portray. Theology: The presence of God is very inconsistent

  • A Zombie Virus: A Short Story

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    At the turn of the 26th century, a zombie virus was created, and NYC was bombed because of the zombie invasion. All citizens had to live in “protected” zones. Timmy is a 13-year-old boy who is outspoken, loving, and brave. Timmy and his best friend of 7 years, Butters, were on their way back to zone 13. Butters tripped, and Timmy quickly ran to help his best bud. When Butters stood up, he noticed a shiny metal sticking up from the dirt. The two teen boys began to dig up the dirt and uncovered a time

  • Izombie And Zombie Comparison

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    genre of horror, Zombie is one of the popular themes for horror lovers. Zombie is the most known horror movie theme. Zombie itself means a dead person who can still move like an alive person. Here, I want to compare two movies about zombie, which are iZombie and Scout Guide to The Zombie Apocalypse. iZombie tells about a career lady who has been infected by a zombie virus and physically die, but she was still conscious and can live like usual. The story is focus on that zombie girl’s daily life