"Hey, now it looks like we're in a weird jungle," said Johnny.

prehistoric jungle

"Wow! That's the biggest tree I've ever seen!" cried Steve.

"Oh yeah? If you think that's big, check out that lizard!" said Johnny.

"That's not a lizard, Johnny, that's a dinosaur! RUN!" yelled Steve.

"Say the words!"

"I don't remember them!"

"I'll say it then. Wait, I don't remember them either! Wait! Umm, umm. I think it's Vini, Vini, Voochy! No. Vini, Vini, Vaachy. No. Vini, Vini - LOOK OUT! - Veechi!"


"Whoa, that was crazy! I never want to do that again. I'm gald we're back at your house, Steve!" said Johnny.

"Yeah, me too!" said Steve.

"Wait a second. Your dad's car looks different. It never had rockets on the back before, did it? We must have traveled to the future again! AAHHHH!!"