1993 Apush Dbq Analysis

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Additionally, the American colonists felt that the implemented taxes and laws were unjust. There were many unjust laws and taxes forced upon the colonies. In document two, the author states that Great Britain has the “legal authority to regulate the trade of Great Britain and all her colonies”. He believes that the raising revenue from the trade was never intended, and that the British Parliament never had the intention of implementing duties - duties before the Stamp Act - for the sake of raising revenue. However, the author felt that the Stamp Act and Townshend Act and the other acts from the Stamp Act onwards were unconstitutional. The American colonists were already harboring ill feelings towards the British because of the Proclamation …show more content…

Most of the levied taxes and implemented laws are believed that they were unconstitutional and that Great Britain did not consider their opinions. As the tension between the British and the American colonists grows, the colonists become more fearful of the British’s rule. According to document five, the British has a huge advantage over the colonists because it states that they have the authority to make laws that the colonists must abide by at all costs. The colonists believe that there are only two choices to defend them - the colonists- from the enormous power: “choosing an unconditional submission to the tyranny of irritated [British officials], or resistance by force” (Document five). According to document four, the colonists were that they will become slaves to the British. They also fear that having their opinions and needs being disregarded, and be forced to abide by the British’s rule unfairly. As a result, they choose to rebel because they want to be independent and prevent further mistreatment from the British. According to documents five, six, and seven, the King of Britain is a tyrant and sullen-tempered. The colonists fear the tyranny they will be exposed to if they were still under the British’s rule. The colonists are expected to blindly comply to the laws

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