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Writing essays, research papers, and term papers is, without a doubt, an indispensable part of academic coursework. While students are expected to become acquainted with all of them quickly, writing any one is no easy task.

Academic essays, in particular, are focused pieces of writing that use evidence, analysis, and interpretation to elaborate on an idea or argument. Depending on their field of study, students are often required to write a host of different types of essays, including, but not limited to:

No matter what the topic, type of essay, or discipline of study, essay writing can be daunting without access to the right resources. Explore these well-researched sample research papers on any topic you need to write about so you can submit a piece worthy of a stellar grade.

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Research papers, much like essays, are an integral part of academia and often a cause for jitters among students. While the task of writing them involves several hours of brainstorming and painstaking research, the first and one of many important aspects that students often struggle with is choosing a suitable topic.

Although instructors sometimes provide a list of topics to choose from, several assignments require students to pick their own. This can be rather nerve wracking without access to suitable resources.

But with help from IPL’s comprehensive list, finding research paper topics is no longer the struggle it used to be. Explore a wide variety of topics ranging from Sociology ones like racism to ones in Literature like F. Scott Fitzgerald’s Great Gatsby to Biotechnology topics like genetically modified food, all in one place.

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