Court Case: The Murder Of Allen Ripley

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I and my fellow officers at JMPD(James Madison Police Department) were instructed to investigate the murder of Allen Ripley. From scouring the various articles of evidence and witness testimony we are of the firm belief that we have found the perpetrators. Mr. Ripley’s wife Autumn Ripley worked together with his business partner Matthew Piper and murdered Mr. Ripley on the night of July 10th, 2020, at approximately 11:00 P.M. We are sure of this from Witness statements, administered lie detector tests, and testimonies. According to Autumn’s own statement, she left the household at 5 P.M and visited both Mr. Piper’s office and her sister's home, before returning home at 3 A.M. However, this is directly contradicted by Jake O’Rourke’s confession of seeing Mrs. Ripley fleeing the scene moments before he found Mr. Ripley’s body. Now of course Jake could be lying, but another witness backs his claim. James Tyrell’s statement explains he was walking down the street when he watched a Woman and a Man exiting the house, driving off in a hurry. Now if Mrs. Ripley came back at 3 A.M. It is likely that she would have found the body, instead of Mrs. Vinson finding the body the following day. …show more content…

Jake O’Rourke was submitted to a Lie Detector test where he confirmed that he did not kill Allen Ripley. Jake O’Rourke was the only other person in the household at the time besides Mrs. Ripley and Matthew Piper. Not to mention the Financial Documents found by Allen’s body, the same documents Autumn herself claimed she reviewed with Mr. Piper. Jake had no access to these documents, nor did any of Ripley’s children. The only people who did have access to these papers are Mrs. Ripley and Mr. Piper. This coincides with our earlier witness accounts, only further putting Autumn Ripley and Matthew Piper under

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