Understanding OpenAI’s ChatGPT Essay Writer

Since the release of ChatGPT, numerous students have taken to the AI chatbot and writing generator for help with their assignments. However, despite ChatGPT’s many capabilities, it is still prone to plagiarism, mechanical writing, inaccurate information, and a certain degree of bias. What students need is pointed and guided expertise to write essays while also finding relevant research topics, something they can find with ease at IPL.

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Impact of ChatGPT on Writing

Apart from the obvious concerns surrounding the rise of AI writing generators and chatbots, ChatGPT has made academicians, developers, and students reassess the effect AI can have on learning. OpenAI’s essay writer has the potential to result in a compromise on academic ethics and progress in a structured educational system. These effects are likely to have an impact on learning outcomes. Delve into the current and expected implications of using ChatGPT for writing with IPL’s detailed explorations.

OpenAI's GPT Store Is Online: The Growing Prospects for Custom GPTs

OpenAI's GPT Store Is Online: The Growing Prospects for Custom GPTs

OpenAI’s long-standing plan to introduce a dedicated app-store-like model for GPTs has finally come to fruition with the GPT store going online in January 2024. The store seeks to provide a platform for independent GPT developers to host useful bots that can be adopted into the ChatGPT interface by other users for highly specific use […]

ChatGPT and Risks to Data Privacy: Recent Developments in Europe

ChatGPT and Risks to Data Privacy: Recent Developments in Europe

The dawn of accessible AI chatbots and large language models has been fraught with concerns over data privacy and protection since the exact security measures and vulnerabilities of these tools have been rather complex to ascertain. More recently, Italy’s data protection authorities have indicated that ChatGPT violated the data privacy codes laid down in Europe […]

Bard’s Rebranding: Google’s Transition to Gemini

Bard’s Rebranding: Google’s Transition to Gemini

Google has recently rebranded its chatbot—Bard—to Gemini, in a move that reflects its prospects and highlights the fact that the tech giant’s primary AI chatbot now runs on cutting-edge technology. Google Gemini is among the world’s leading large language models, with some of the most extensive generative AI capabilities powered by a vast training dataset. […]

Comparing Google Gemini with OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo

Comparing Google Gemini with OpenAI's GPT-4 Turbo

Both OpenAI and Google have been locked in a stiff rivalry ever since the two tech giants launched their respective large language models and their associated chatbots. The competition between both firms will only grow further with the launch of Google Gemini and OpenAI’s GPT-4 Turbo, respectively. Both language models are purportedly some of the […]

Exploring Amazon's Olympus AI

Exploring Amazon's Olympus AI

Amazon, which has so far been only a minor player in the ongoing global AI revolution, is reportedly building an advanced language model that might allow it to better compete with rivals such as OpenAI and Google. Codenamed “Olympus” for the time being, Amazon’s latest under-development LLM might just be the firm’s trump card to […]

Chatbots and Personal Information: Implications for AI Safety

Chatbots and Personal Information: Implications for AI Safety

Chatbots have become an almost inalienable part of everyday human discourse since OpenAI launched its prized offering—ChatGPT. With the success OpenAI achieved with its flagship AI application, other companies also quickly joined the race and accelerated the development of their respective LLM-based interactive frameworks. Now that the world lies on the cusp of utilizing artificial […]

Essays Exploring ChatGPT and Automation

The key to decoding why ChatGPT functions the way it does lies in understanding how AI, machine learning, and large language models process information. Advancements in the field have propelled the mainstreaming of several AI essay generators, thanks to the machines’ better understanding of human language than ever before. While they might still fall short in numerous aspects that make written content readable and informative, regulating AI tools such as ChatGPT will only be possible with a widespread understanding of the technology. Enhance AI & ML knowledge with the below list of IPL’s well-researched and pointed essays.

Artificial Intelligence Personal Statement Examples

I, Maggi Elizabeth Sebastian is an aspiring Artificial Intelligence researcher and is planning on attending Australian National University’s Master of Computing course commencing in Feb, 2017.My desire to choose the field of Artificial Intelligence was not a singular straight forward childhood dream.

Essay On Robots Replace Jobs

Many jobs have become easier by being replaced by robots. Robot are not just the idea of talking mechanical parts as we see in futuristic movies. There are a variety of different types of robotic machines, great majority of them appear in factories and in science technology work fields.

Argumentative Essay About Technology In Education

"Technology is like art. It is a soaring exercise of the human imagination". Like everything in this world that has its good and bad effects on us, technology does too. How we use technology is important in determining what results it would bring us.

Reflection Paper On Machine Learning

I was still in school when I first experienced the excitement of coding in C++. My strong response to coding was something I sat up and took note of. Over the years with more exposure and understanding of the discipline, I decided to pursue Computer Science Engineering at the undergraduate level.

Essay On Data Visualization

Due to the manner in which our brains process information, using charts or graphs to visualize large amounts of complex data is easier than poring over voluminous documents.

Artificial Intelligence In Ex Machina's Science Fiction

“Science fiction are quasi-scientific, visionary and imaginative that include fantastic places, new technology, extraordinary monsters and futuristic elements and technologies that explore issues.

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Agriculture Automation System

Nowadays, agriculture had become one of the most important economic activities in the world. Around the world, agriculture activity can provide fibre, feed, fuel and food to support human’s life.

Information Technology Career Essay

Nothing is possible without technology these days. But, making it possible is a hard task. Information technology, one big asset to making technology possible, is the source of many of the apps we use today.

Artificial Intelligence In The Workplace Essay

rtificial Intelligence and its effect on the workforce. Artificial intelligence(AI) is a recent reality of technological advancement affecting human society.

Fascinating AI Research Paper Topics

While the world debates the relevance and the increasing influence of AI in education, the rise in interest makes AI and chatbots such as OpenAI’s ChatGPT perfect for research. Undertaking careful scrutiny and analyzing the mechanisms these tools use, alongside the significance of machine learning in the modern age is sure to have an impact at large. Explore interesting research prompts and paper topics that have the potential to improve the understanding of AI and essay generators.

Importance of ChatGPT and AI Awareness

With the influx of AI writing tools slowly growing by the day, it is imperative for both educators and students to truly understand how these tools work, alongside their effects on current models of education. Another matter of concern for most teachers remains the limited availability of AI plagiarism checkers and the inability of existing plagiarism detectors to single out AI-written essays. While ChatGPT plagiarism slowly turns into a burning topic, educating everyone affected by artificial intelligence’s increasing capacity to understand language is critical. Improving existing knowledge of machine learning, AI, and language processing is key to addressing the growing AI bubble and its widespread acceptance in the student community.

The unrestricted availability of text generators and language model AIs such as ChatGPT will only increase the prevalence of artificially generated text alongside increasing the incidence of AI plagiarism. Though their content does retain a mechanical tone, subtle tweaks can add a human touch to it. This being a major concern, increasing the amount of research done in both pedagogy and AI development will be necessary to address the sudden dismantling of traditional writing methods by AI text generators.

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