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  • Medical Robotics

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    ROBOTICS CHAPTER 1 INTRODUCTION What is Robotics? It is a branch of science or technology that can be used for the construction, design, operation or application of robot. These technologies can take place of humans in dangerous environments or even resemble them in appearance or behavior. Robotics play a crucial role in Industrial, military or even medical applications today. The use of robotics in the field of medical applications and biology was started around 15 years ago and can

  • Proliferation Of Robotics

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    the machine in the factory and medical machine in the hospital not only the human like robots. It is called robots as long as it can perform complicated tasks. Nowadays, youngsters are encourages to invent robots that can perform various tasks. The robotics courses are offered in the university to interest youngsters, these marks on how important

  • Humanoid Robotics

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    Abstract Humanoid Robotics is a new and challenging research field which received significant attention since 1970s and will continue to play a central role in robotics research and in many applications of the 21 century. Regardless of the application area, one of the common problem tackled in humanoid robotics is the understanding of human like information processing and the underlying mechanism of the human brain in dealing with the real world. Considerable progress have been made in humanoid

  • Negatives Of Robotics

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    Have you ever considered losing your job to a robot? Or much more have you ever considered that migrant workers lose their jobs to robots? This is a question that we all need to start thinking about when considering a job. Robots are a very popular in technology advancements. They are quickly coming up and replacing people in their jobs anywhere from field work to warehouses to possibly even doctor and more. I believe with automation advancing, robots are likely to take over the jobs of agriculture

  • The History Of Robotics

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    ROBOTICS Introduction Robotics is the branch of mechanical, electrical engineering and computer science that deals with the pattern, construction, operation, and application of robots, as well as computer systems for their control, sensory feedback, and information processing. These technologies are very useful and deal with automated machines that can take the place of humans in dangerous environments or manufacturing processes, or resemble humans in appearance, behavior, and/or cognition. These

  • Characteristics Of Swarm Robotics

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    Main Characteristics of Swarm Robotics: ♣ The swarm robots must be autonomous, that can be able to act and sense independently within the real environment. ♣ The swarm robots must be homogeneous, which must exist different types of robots within the environment. ♣ Robots have only local communication and sensing capabilities and do not have access to global information. ♣ The robots must be collaborating to improve the performance. Comparing Swarm Robotics with Single Robots: To complete

  • Essay On Robotic Engineering

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    Robotics Engineering Robotics Engineering is a field that is rapidly growing, and is expanding into almost everything that we do. The definition of robotics is: the creation of a device that has mechanical moving parts that runs using a program. Robotics is primarily composed of : Mechanical Engineering and Software Engineering. Robotics is a promising field to enter, as it is well paying, and the future growth of the field will create ample opportunities for employment in a multitude of fields

  • Essay On Robotic Arm

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    better. This paper presents the hand gesture recognition system using leap motion controller to control the robotic arm. Iages of hand gestures are taken by camera which is in-built provided by motion sensor. Based on that pixel values, the corresponding gesture is identified and specific command is given to the Robotic system, which helps to increase human robot interaction. Index terms: Robotic arm, Hand gesture reognition, leap motion controller, servo motors I. INTRODUCTION Now a days, robots became

  • History Of Nano Robotics

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    Abstract—Robotics is a branch which relates to the manufacture of intelligence machines which are programmed for some specified activities which reduces the human effort. Nanotechnology is the study and design of synthesis of devices and systems at the nanometer scale.Nanorobotics is emerging of robotics with the nanotechnology. In other words nanorobotics is merging of microscopic scale with the nanometer. Nanorobotics can be merged with the nanosensors along with the artificial intelligence which

  • Robotic Technology In The Military

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    developed parts of the present-day technology is robotic technology and its existence in our modern society is an ordinary thing. Robot is a mechanical device programmable by computer that can make complex missions (Oxford Dictionary 2014), which can be useful and at the same time it is a destructive and hazardous machine. Therefore, robots have consumer demand and, of course, use in many different areas like medicine, manufacture and military. Military use robotic technology in order to make their army more

  • Pros And Cons Of Robotics

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    In recent years, we have recognized that as technology advances, many jobs that used to be done by the human hand are now replaced by industrial robots. As the technology advances, it is clearly seen that robots are smarter than the human, and are now capable of performing tasks at a greater efficiency than us. With this advantage of being more efficient, human jobs are slowly being replaced by robots, and it results in the increase in the unemployment rate. Though technological advances increases

  • Robotics In Manufacturing Industry

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    Robotics is the sphere of technology which deals with the projection and construction of robots capable of doing tasks executed by humans. Currently robotics is used widely in business, also because of the joining of robotized systems, industries are improved and it causes growth in performance, productivity and product quality (Urrea & Vega, 2014). Industrial robotics refers to the study and use of robots for manufacturing industries where modern robots are essential components in robotized manufacturing

  • Essay On Swarm Robotics

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    Gerardo Beni was in 1989 one of the first who used the term “swarm intelligence”, he used it to denote a class of cellular robotic systems (Beni, 2005). The term then was embraced more by the social insect studies and by optimisation studies that used the social insect metaphor, and was losing much of its original robotics context (Bonabeau et al., 1999). The term “swarm robotics” emerged in the recent years as the application of swarm intelligence to multi-robot systems, with emphases on physical embodiment

  • Robotic Path Planning

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    decision making. Path planning is an important issue in the field of robotics. It is a method to find collision free path from the start location to target location, given an environment consisting of obstacles. The path should be optimized using some reasonable algorithm where the optimization criteria can be time, distance or energy depending on the problem. This research will give an improved and efficient algorithm for robotic path planning that will generate an optimized path. Path planning in

  • Essay On Robotic Robots

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    others. Fractal robots can enable buildings to be built within a day, help perform sensitive medical operations and can assist in laboratory experiments. This technology is called Digital Matter Control and is implemented here with a machine called robotic cubes and the entire technology is called Fractal Robot Technology. Also Fractal Robots have built-in self repair which means they can continue without human intervention. Keywords: Fractal, Fractal Robots ,Fractal Bus --------------------------

  • Essay On Humanoid Robotics

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    Abstract Humanoid Robotics is a new and challenging research field which received significant attention since 1970s and will continue to play a vital role in robotics research and in many applications of the 21 century. Regardless of the application area, one of the common problem tackled in humanoid robotics is the understanding of human like information processing and the underlying mechanism of the human brain in dealing with the real world. Considerable progress have been made in humanoid research

  • Robotic Arm Analysis

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    ABSTRACT-- This paper presents a current technique the way to seek out a robotic arm’s position.It deals with construction and computing is additionally a technology that deals with style, construction and applications of robots. A robotic arm is Associate in Nursing automatic arm, which is typically programmed supported the necessity of the computer coder. The Graphene based mostly completely film is connected to the robotic arm so on observe and management correct movement of arm. Metal contacts

  • Advantages Of Swarm Robotics

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    Swarm robotics is a latest kind of approach to the amalgamation of multi robot systems .Multi robot systems consists vast number of relatively simple robots which are autonomous and are not controlled centrally .they are capable of communicating locally and they operate based on the same of biological inspiration which is taken from social insects.[1] The most remarkable characteristic of swarm robots are their ability to work cooperatively to achieve a common goal. Swarm robotic systems have become

  • Robotic Joint Essay

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    MODELING OF BLDC MOTOR FOR ROBOTIC LEG JOINT 1JAGATHEESWARI P 2RENISHA J 1Professor, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Ponjesly College of Engineering Nagercoil-3 2PG student, Department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering,Ponjesly College of Engineering Nagercoil-3 Abstract-The space robotics deals with different parameters and conditions of the planets. This robot is buildup of different type of components

  • Robots: Robotic Science

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    SQUISHY ROBOTS Robotic science all over the world is advancing with astounding speed. Efforts have been directed towards emulating biological systems, called bio-inspired robotics, to the best possible extent. Now, try to picture the most advanced robot that you’ve seen or read about. It must be brilliantly programmed to make complex movement, execute difficult algorithms etc. but they are all of a fixed shape; they are rigid, hard and non-deformable. In the future, we expect robots to do many