The Pros And Cons Of Robots

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Robots, are they good? Are they bad? Many Americans tend to think something like the film “I, Robot,” where robots try to enslave humans, is what the future may be like with automation advancements. Sweden, on the other hand, is developing new automated technology everyday. Why, you may ask? “Unions generally believe automation to be a competitive advancement that makes jobs more secure.” Also, robots are just another way to make companies more efficient and work alongside humans like “coworkers.” Some Americans tend to dwell on how many jobs robots are taking, rather than the new jobs being created because of the advancements. Many also believe humans will lose money or there will be a catastrophic effect on the economy. These possibilities may not be the case. If other countries were to change the social welfare system there could be a change on the focus of where government funds go. Robots, in the long run, will make humans more money and continue to be more efficient. Dr. Keith Ablow is concerned with automation like self checkout lines and how “No one was raising any red flags about the fact that machines had obviously put people out of work.” He asked “Why does our culture seem to applaud every technological advancement uncritically, without considering its impact on the employment of human beings?” (Should Trump Stop Robots from Stealing Jobs? Ablow Fox News Feb. 13, 2017). Many Americans would like the President Trump to decline the automations advancements, but
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