A Rhetorical Analysis Of The Robot Invasion

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Throughout history, the human has always envisioned living a lifestyle where chores were considered as a part of the past. With the development of humanoids and androids robots in the 1950’s, chores were really becoming part of the past.Therefore, because robots were able to adapt and meet the needs and wants of humans. As a result, we started to see an increase in both the use and production of robots in factories and households. In the article “The Robot Invasion” the author Charlie Gills, is really able to convey the relevance and effectiveness of a robot through the use of the tone, purpose, and credibility. The author's purpose in writing “Robot Invasion” was to represent the effectiveness and relevance of robots in today’s society. The author is able to persuade the reader that robots are beneficial to society by stating statements such as “the robots will be able to unleash a productive boom”.This statement from the author really exemplifies the positive impact that robots have on our everyday lives by making our everyday tasks easier and having robots be the productive …show more content…

This statement from the author represents an informative tone in the functionality of a robot. Another example from the text would be when it states that “real world robotics spend a lot of time grappling with the hypothesis known as the “uncanny valley”, which holds that people are revolted by robots that act like, but not perfectly like humans”. So with this statement, the author is being informative in informing the audience that although robots don’t hundred percent look like humans they are still, however, able to adapt and also presentable acceptable in providing service to the

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