Essay On Robots Replace Jobs

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Many jobs have become easier by being replaced by robots. Robot are not just the idea of talking mechanical parts as we see in futuristic movies. There are a variety of different types of robotic machines, great majority of them appear in factories and in science technology work fields. Robots in factories help replace a dangerous parts of a job. However, there have been different perspective with robots replacing jobs. As technology and robotics progress, people continue to debate how jobs and careers could be affected. Robotic replacement might not have a negative effect , especially since it has helped our development to be able to survive. The process of the robotic development started in the industrial age. The industrial age is known for “a period in which fundamental changes …show more content…

When they start to replace our jobs, the jobs we have today will be gone. A major part of the question would be where are people going to find an income to provide to their families. Their argument would be that only owners of the different companies would be able to have an income. “And at Google, the biggest seller of online ads, software does much of the selling and placing of search ads, meaning there is much less need for salespeople”(Miller). Lower classes of people would not be able to obtain jobs untroublesome, due to the level of education they obtain. Even if jobs are recycled and robots have countless of other benefits. There will still be a large number of people who will have trouble finding a new job after losing their previous one. However there are different solution to improve robotic replacement. In conclusion, there are more advantages to robotic replacement. The only disadvantage would be for the lower level jobs. However people could look for partimes. The most principal jobs like specialists or lawyer would not be robotic replaced. Robo can handle different task better then most humans

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