Technology Essay: How Technology Affects Our Lives

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We depend too much on technology. There is no doubt about it. Many places of work are at a loss if their internet connection stops working. Many businesses and institutions are left high and dry if the internet or computer crashes. Every bit of information regarding business is entered into the computer. How are we supposed to conduct business without the facility of emails? How is anyone able to find information about a topic without the internet? This is how bad things have become. This is how greatly dependent we are on technology. We have forgotten about the ways people went about finding information before computers. We have forgotten how business was conducted before conference calling and emails. Now, technology has taken over our lives and it clearly affects the creativity and communication between us. First of foremost, creativity plays a very important role in the improvement of our society and of our living standard. New innovations make our lives easier, allow us to do things that we could not do before, as well as create workplaces and bust the economy .Everywhere we look creativity and innovations are there; from an art gallery displaying Van Gogh 's masterpieces, to our mobile phones that provide us with information and functionality that previous generations could only dream of, to the way we shop using the internet and the new digital economy we live it. Next, creativity is the driving force of the economy, usually in the form of digital and mobile

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