Computer Inventions In The 20th Century

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The human race has got to see some of the top best inventions during the 20th century, for example- the radio, the airplane, nuclear power, automobile, and the one that has by far made human life easy and efficient is the computer. The invention of the computer has led to some of the most significant concepts, ideas, and inventions that eventually led to the evolution of human life. And the major ones are, the internet, long distance communication, easy and safe research and much more! The computer was invented by Charles Babbage, an English mechanical engineer, and polymath who is also titled as the “father of computers”. He invented the first fully operating computer in the early 19th century. ( A computer can be defined as “an electronic machine which helps in solving problems quickly and easily. It solves problems according to the instruction given to it. It is also a digital machine used in all fields” ( this is the working definition of a computer. Today imagining our world without computer and computer dependent devices is near to impossible. We find these almost everywhere. They have become a necessity and majority of the large-scale work happens by these. Computers are used for selling/buying shares, running a company, finances, writing books, act as a source of information and are now also replacing the television and radios as they can entertain people by music, movies and games and the list continue. But what makes all of this

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