How Has Technology Changed In The 50's

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The 1950s technology of sporting equipment and Nows Because of the way technology has evolutionize it change the way people play sports, threw the years sports has changed in the 1950s and now. Technology has had a big impacted on almost every aspect of society. Technology has entirely revolutionized the manner in which people are able to design apparel and equipment. From Shoes, uniforms, gloves, helmets and even pads sporting equipment is now more high tech and high functioning than ever. The main sports that have change because of technology are soccer, baseball, football etc… Things things that soccer technology has changed was the ball because in the 1950s soccer balls were a big leather round thing and it was super heavy causing injuries and in the 1980s, they changed the way a soccer ball was formed from a leather thing to a lighter and less dangerous around thing. In the 50s football was one of the most dangerous and worst sport to play because of the injuries they had more concussions and broken bones and bruises so on and so forth. The football helmets in the 1950s were a round leather thing on your head and with a thick piece of string connected the helmet. Then in the 70s they started to come out with a face mask, and a face mask is supposed to protect a person's nose mouth etc..In the late 70s they came out with a …show more content…

Some training tools have evolutionized to include the videos as well as technologies in the body measurements. In additional , athletes rely on computers software to help them do what they need to do. Computer software has developed in the field and have proven to be useful in helping the athletes or sports men connect with there bodys workings the best ways possible while also ensuring fitness and proper

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