How Has Football Impacted Our Society

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American football has many different aspects that helped change America today. Football has earned millions of fans to the game every year. The sport has changed and helped various people strive through life. At the same time, football has caused many downsides that have changed people’s lives forever. Through the beginning to now, football has been filled with many impacts and injuries that have changed the game. American football originated from the sport, rugby, in Great Britain. Rugby was played with a spherical ball and did not allow players to run with it. Football was introduced to the United States around the 1860’s. At this time, the sport was not as popular in the United States and was played occasionally. In 1870, a football convention was held at the Rossin House Hotel in New York (Collins 4). The people in the football …show more content…

A great example is when the NFL Foundation raised millions of dollars for prominent organizations like the American Cancer Society, battle against breast cancer, and Mothers Against Drunk Driving. Since 1973, the foundation has also donated around 250 million dollars to youth football programs. (Easterbrook 178) The largest event that produces the most money in football is the Super Bowl. The Super Bowl generates 620 million dollars, and a quarter of this revenue goes towards organizations that support disabled veterans (Murphy 9). Another impact from football are the teams. NFL football teams bring in millions of fans, who bring millions of dollars in revenue to the cities. The NFL teams alone can make the city’s economy flourish. The NFL teams also offer millions of jobs to the people, from referees to maintenance workers (Easterbrook 256) Football also offers many scholarships and programs that helps many people go to colleges of their choice. In short, the introduction of football to America has greatly changed and impacted our lives for the

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