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The National Football League is an integral part of American culture, practically owning a day of the week. Though they do not release their annual financial data, they are valued upwards of $45 billion placing them tantamount with some of the world’s largest companies. However, the current corporate structure significantly limits its organizational effectiveness; recently, the organization’s culture and questionable practices have been largely scrutinized. Although the National Football League continues to generate high revenues due to favorable competitive forces, we recommend they provide a more sustainable product with a focus on public perception to address issues of misfit and centrality.

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Within the core periphery model of centrality, Roger Goodell is at the center as commissioner, with a direct connection to all members of the NFL, including the individual teams and players, as a highly centralized corporate figure. Goodell influences almost every aspect of the league’s tactical and strategic decision making. As seen in The Constitution and Bylaws of the National Football League, Goodell holds privileges such as arranging for broadcasting and TV rights, and holding power over the 32 member executive committee. If salary generation were the sole identifier of success for the commissioner role, Goodell would be considered an extremely successful centralized figure, making $34.1 million in 2016, a 14.3 % increase in earnings from the previous year. Some of Goodell's decision making on various key issues has resulted in increased scrutiny, and caused some to question whether its current corporate structure is benefiting the NFL. In an incident in 2014, Goodell was responsible for reviewing the appropriateness of Tom Brady's actions in the Deflate Gate case. Goodell was responsible for handing down Brady’s four game suspension, listening to Brady’s appeal, and additionally denying the appeal, which is most definitely in a conflict of interest. People …show more content…

There is a misfit between individual and organizational values, largely due to the wide gap of relative power between the two levels. A stronger union will improve the organization’s public perception by addressing this misfit and realigning player and owner interests with one another. Furthermore, a more powerful union would be able to mandate third party research thus reducing the conflict of interest surrounding current NFL brain research. This independent research would provide more accurate results and allow the organization to better address player safety. Additionally, the players would benefit from an improvement in the ability to negotiate contracts and benefits for players. Regarding the organization, an increased investment in players can be seen as an investment in the youth of the country as well. A prevalent issue has been the developmental effects of repeated physical trauma on younger athletes who play the game. However, if the NFL were to invest in player safety, player finances, and research to make the game safer, it would improve their public image, create more interest among the youth who want to play football, and make their product more sustainable in the long run. Another method to improve the public image of the NFL would be reducing its centrality because the

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