Rule Changes In The NFL

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Generally people think that the NFL should adjust the game, and its rules to increase player safety, statistics clearly show that too much adjusting has been done and the NFL is suffering because of it. Too many rules have been changed for player safety and the current changes being discussed, like getting rid of the kickoff, are going to far and the game is not like it was. Players sign contracts and are aware of the risks they put themselves at when playing the game of football at a professional level. Referees are throwing more flags and the NFL commissioner, Roger Goodell, is handing out a record high of fines. These adjustments by the National Football League are going too far and some rule changes need to be reverted back to their previous rules. …show more content…

Kickoffs already received a few rules changes the last five offseasons. Five years ago the ball placement for kickoffs was changed from the twenty-five yard line to the thirty-five yard line. This increased the number of touchbacks and because of that, reduced the amount kickoff returns. Even more recently changed was the place of the ball after a touchback. After decades of touchbacks being placed at the twenty the NFL decided to change the spot of the ball to the twenty-five. This move was an attempt to increase touchbacks by giving players more yards for not returning the ball. Most defenders of this rule change say that “The kickoff is the most dangerous part of the game.” like Bleacher Report’s Shane Darrow. I do agree that the kickoff is the most dangerous part of football. More injuries occur on that play than any other, and just from watching anyone could understand the risks of the kickoff. However, the kickoff is a vital part to football and the changes being discussed are going too

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